8 Amazing Flowers That Can Grow Without Sunlight

Flowers are one of a kind beauties. Types of flowers that grow without light range from orange to blue, to red, to violets, and basically every color of the rainbow.

earliest winter flowers to bloom are the Irises and the Peony and a few others. These are indicated to be perennial flowers because they usually bloom way before summer begins, and they are guaranteed to grow back every year.

Summers in India can be merciless. There are times when you prefer staying at home to avoid the excessive heat. Summer heat can affect outdoor plants too. The sun’s rays can strain a plant’s leaves and flowers to the point of dehydration, causing the plant to dry up. But living in apartments with no plants or flowers can hurt your state of mind. If you can’t go gardening outside, that doesn’t mean your garden can’t be moved indoors.

There are flower plants that do great without sunlight. Not only do these add a touch of green to your home decor but also or have airpurifying qualities. You don’t need a large area or balcony for these types of gardening plans. You can always order flowers and send flowers to Delhi at midnight from online flower delivery in Mumbai if you’re not a very big fan of gardening.

For all the gardening lovers, here’s a list of some flowering plants that are supereasy to grow and require no sunlight.


No sun, no problem! Wax begonia, is a fitting choice for an annual flower plant that grows easily in any shady spot. It’s an easy bloomer with colorful red, white, or pink flowers and waxy bronze or green foliage. Be careful while watering your begonias, don’t overwater them. The plants can grow both in containers and borders. Just make sure it has ample air circulation.


The Iris comes in a variety of colors; however, the most common colors are yellow and purple. These flowers are amazing to observe and they can grow up to thirty flowers per stem. The bearded Iris, which also comes in a variety of colors, gets its name from the blooming petals that shape themselves to depict a beard like an image.


Peony flowers are another wonder within the types of summer flowers. They too, much like the Iris, bloom before summer and are guaranteed to grow back next year. The peonies also vary in color depending on how they are planted. The most common Peony flower, Sarah Bernhardt, is hot pink. The Peony flowers are very easy to take care of, thus causing them to have a long life span. You can order flowers online from an online service to have these types of flowers. 

Peace Lily

Talk about easy! Peace lily makes it the best grown flowering houseplant indoors as it grows well in the absence of sunlight. Direct sunlight may damage the leaves. Keep it hydrated, but they also grow in welldrained soil. These low care houseplant flowers flourish in low lighting conditions. It also purifies the air, which is an added benefit.


Bromeliads can easily thrive in a container, making it an ideal plant to grow indoors. These colorful flowering plants bring color and texture to your indoor garden. It can even survive in artificial lighting, so it will do well in rooms without windows. The foliage of this plant has a cuplike structure that helps retain water, which makes them adaptive to various climatic conditions.

Flamingo Flowers

Flamingo flowers, also called Anthuriums, is a unique looking plant that blooms nearly yearround grows well without sunlight and can be perfect for covering the space by the windows. Moderate watering is a must for this flowering plant. Nurturing them indoors is easier than you might think, and it can quickly become the center point in your home decor. It bears several colorful small flowers.

Indian Azalea

The Indian Azalea is a beautiful hybrid dwarf shrub, mostly of good shape with a slightly domed top. The entire plant is covered in very colorful blooms (when in flower) available in a variety of shades of red or pink, white, and sometimes they are attractively bicolored. Providing a brilliant splash of color. Apart from enhancing your home decor, it also cancels out the formaldehyde released from plywood and foam insulation. Blooming plants can add a welcoming touch of color to inside spaces.


The birdofparadise may be a very fashionable flower and sometimes utilized in arrangements. It’s deserving of this popularity because it is eyecatching with its vivid colors. Because it may be a tropical plant it’s solely kept indoors to keep it safe from excessive warmth winds.

You can get all the benefits in your homes by keeping these indoor blooming plants! Time to Get Serious about your gardening hobby. Oh and yes do check out online services and get online order flower delivery the same day.


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