Battle of the Beds: Top Reasons to Stay in Serviced Apartments Over Hotels

What factors do you consider when choosing your holiday accommodation? It can be very difficult to find accommodation that’s not only suitable but affordable and flexible enough to accommodate your family or friends comfortably. When choosing where to stay in Bristol, consider the benefits of staying in a serviced apartment over a traditional hotel. 

Before you book, here are some hotel vs serviced apartment benefits you may want to consider.


The most obvious difference between a hotel and a serviced apartment is the space available. Hotel rooms usually consist of a bedroom and a bathroom and no matter how luxurious either is, the space is still limited. Hotel rooms are also restricted to two or three guests, all sharing the same small bedroom. When you choose serviced apartments in Bristol, not only do you have the option of a one or two-bed suite, you also have a kitchen & dining area, hallway & storage and most importantly a shared living space with a TV, comfortable sofas and plenty of space to enjoy socialising. 


One of the main factors in the hotel vs serviced apartments debate are the facilities available in both. The facilities in a hotel are usually a bathroom, possibly a restaurant or a spa and the reception area. When you stay in a serviced apartment the facilities are different but equally as useful, depending on the nature of your stay. 

We don’t offer restaurant facilities as each of our suites has a fully functional, private kitchen and dining area so you can not only cook what you like when you like it, you can also store food and drinks. Our friendly staff are always on-site to help with any difficulties you encounter or advice you may need about local amenities. Think of us as your home from home.

Value for Money

Accommodation can often be the most expensive part of a trip and can restrict where we choose to visit. This is especially true when travelling as a family or a group as multiple hotel rooms mean double or triple the cost. We’re all looking for value for money when we travel but aren’t willing to compromise on safety, location or security. 

When you choose a serviced apartment stay especially one in one of our PREMIER SUITES locations, we offer fantastic value for money when compared to a traditional hotel. You still get the extra luxuries that are usually found in hotels, such as toiletries, fresh linen and room cleaning.

Longer-term Stays

While hotels may be ideal for short stays and weekend breaks, being cooped up in the same room for more than a couple of nights can feel claustrophobic and restrictive.  If you’re visiting for work, you’ll need some space to work comfortably, to dine when you feel like it and to unwind when you need a much-needed break from business.  

If you’re travelling with a family or small children, we all know the amount of space they require! A serviced apartment means you have the privacy, space and flexibility to accommodate your entire family comfortably for as long as you need. Cooking for yourself also gives you an element of freedom when dining and budget-wise as you don’t have to eat out for every meal.

Author Bio: Sarah Corcoran is a full-time travel blogger, which means writing adventures, travel spots, and accommodation reviews is her bread and butter. She currently writes for PREMIER SUITES Bristol Redcliffe, one of the leading serviced apartments in the city.