Prolongation of physical intercourse

Longer contact due to the correct position of intercourse 

The length of intercourse increases with age. Some gentlemen suffer from reduced erection quality, which can cause a longer but not very intense experience. The second group of couples is again discouraged by a weak erection and love ends prematurely. There are also men suffering from premature ejaculation, which is also not twice as pleasing. How to have longer and more intense physical intercourse?

The right position helps

If you need to prolong and improve intercourse, you must choose a suitable position. Each pair suits something different, so it is necessary to try, try, and try. It is best to take Kamasutra in your hand, go position by position, and you will figure out what suits you best. Since every person has erogenous zones in different places, everyone has a different speed of lovemaking and not everyone is willing to try even more stubborn positions, for example, to find a compromise in a loving partnership. If you are longing for a longer love, it is recommended to practice “body to body” positions, ie very close, intimate. In these positions, you can look at your partner directly in the eye and feel the incoming orgasm together. If you have little time and long for a fast but intense orgasm, the best position is for hobbies. Whether the partner is lying down and the partner is on top of the partner is on all fours and the partner is formed into her from behind, an intense orgasm is certain. Conversely, if you have enough time, do not hesitate to try Fildena 100 at Himsedpills or vigora. While maintaining the proper progression of tantric love, you will experience a really strong and long-lasting orgasm, but this technique requires enough patience and following certain rules. Not like that Do you think that you will prevent premature ejaculation if you think of something non-erotic? Do you think about the meaning of life, a mess in the apartment, work problems, or cooking during love? You are making a huge mistake! When having love, only engage in s*x, even thoughts! There is nothing worse than letting go of thinking while having love. In addition to not concentrating on what you do at all and thus robs you of pleasant feelings, you can confuse your partner. She will very quickly feel that you are thinking outside and you will make her enjoy the love. The recommendation used to be:  Fildena 120 or Fildena 150mg to delay ejaculation when you think of something a s**ually, but this advice is not very correct. Intermittent contact Intermittent intercourse sometimes helps to prolong physical enjoyment, but not in all couples. The principle sounds simple – to stop stimulating as soon as the partner feels that the climax is coming, but it is not always as easy. Many men simply cannot control their instincts, and even though they feel the ejaculations coming, they cannot stop. It just needs practice and a strong will. Those who do not have a problem with intermittent contact have won. Well, even here you need to be careful – it often happens of health that if an orgasm came to your partner before the love was interrupted, you don’t have to work on it after the interruption.


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