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Rental real estate, what are the new trends in Belgium

Want to get started in a real estate investment? Whether it is to diversify your wealth or it is the first investment you intend to make, exit simple homeownership. Instead, rental property. In Belgium, this type of investment has been on the rise for several years. In the market, you have several alternatives available.


Renting commercial premises: a more expensive and safer lease

The first alternative to rental property offered on the Belgian market is the rental of commercial premises. It can be sales windows, commercial goods, or industrial buildings. In addition to offering higher rent, the lease for this type of rental generally lasts longer. Which is safer.

But beware, for this kind of project, you must choose your placement wisely: location in the foreground, ease of access, visibility, shopping district, and street, etc. You must also choose goods of some importance and therefore the configuration is suitable for professional use: storage space, specific premises, etc. The opinions of real estate brokers will be of great help to you to be sure that you are making the right choice.

Rental of apartments or private residences: focus on the conditions of the Pinel law

Renting apartments or private residences has also been a big trend in Belgium for some time. In addition to offering you long-term and fixed-term rents, this type of investment can allow you to benefit from tax advantages. To do this, you must meet certain conditions. According to the latest news, the Pinel law, which provides an abatement of 30,000 euros over 9 to 12 years, has zoning conditions. Since this year, according to the accountant in Saint-Gilles and Forest in Belgium, the eligibility conditions for the latter have tightened.

In addition to respecting the location of the property in question, you must also take into account the rent ceiling and the conditions for selecting tenants.

Vacation rentals: what are the advantages?

In Belgium, the number of seasonal rentals has also increased significantly in recent years. And for good reason, this kind of investment has financial interests according to the accountant in Forest, Uccle, Saint-Gilles, or Ixelles, but also practical according to experts.

Seasonal rental means a furnished rental of immovable property for a few weeks a year. You don’t need to declare yourself as a real estate professional to get started. The profile of a “non-professional furnished rental company” will do the trick. What also impact your social contributions.
The advantage is that via this kind of investment, you could optimize your income significantly. In Belgium as elsewhere, vacationers and travelers are no longer so keen on 5-star hotels but prefer private goods of this kind.

In addition, you can stop renting for a few days to take advantage of your second home. The key is to find the right location for your investment.


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