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3 Killer Ways To Promote YouTube Videos For More Views

Will you take interest in becoming a famous YouTuber and getting so many views on YouTube? There is a possibility that for putting out quality videos, the necessary talent and very good content ideas are present in your mind. In spite of all this, your videos may not be able to attract a large number of people towards them. The views may come at a slow rate. The social media handles may be helping you. You can use these social media handles so as to share your videos. For getting more popularity you will take interest in increasing the audience base who will watch your videos. But what are the ways of doing this? Now I am going to describe 3 killer ways to promote YouTube videos for more views.

ways to promote YouTube videos for more views

1 . Your video title needs to be very good

It will be good to use an attention-grabbing video title. You will find similarities in the video titles of channels that are most popular. For catching the attention of the audience, they write some words of the title in capital letters like ‘BEAUTIFUL flowers in the world’ or ‘WILD animals in India’. The titles of most of the videos that are popular are written in this form. In order to create a video title, it will be good for you to adopt a number of strategies:

  • People may be looking for certain words on the internet. Use the keyword planner of Google Ads for finding these words.
  • Your title needs to include video if you want to target the audience who do not use YouTube.
  • In the title including the main keyword will be a good idea. When the people will search for that main keyword then it will help in improving your rankings.
  • Shocking, amazing, and insane are some emotional keywords. Using these will be good for you.
  • Don’t use clickbait titles. Your video can get dislikes because of this.

 2 . Use eye-catchy thumbnails

Thumbnails play a very good role in this visual platform. For making a wide group of the audience sees your videos, a great thumbnail will help you a lot. If you take interest in uploading a customized thumbnail then there is an option for this on YouTube. Instead of selecting a thumbnail from the video, go for a custom thumbnail. A 1280 * 720 resolution of the thumbnail is considered very good. On the cover of your thumbnail, adding text will be very good. If it is a bold text then it will attract the viewers. If your thumbnail uses an interesting phrase then add a nice image to it.

3 . Do SEO of your YouTube

The number of ways to Promote YouTube Videos :

  • Perform keyword research – Go to the search bar and type the keywords of your interest. Some related search terms will also appear along with your search term in YouTube’s search bar. This will help you in identifying the keywords that the audience mostly searches for. You can use these keywords by adding these to your list of keywords. Use these in the description or title of your video.
  • Make videos that can retain more and more viewers – If the viewers take interest in watching your complete video then it will be good for you. With this, they may also take interest in clicking on the ads that come in between your video. If the viewers do this then your videos will get a higher ranking on YouTube. For increasing viewer retention, you can do the following things:

(i)Provide a quick summary.

(ii)Short intros are always good. These can be 3 to 5 seconds. Don’t include loud music in these because the viewers can get annoyed with this. To download music for your videos from Youtube you can use Softorino YouTube Converter

(iii)For engaging your viewers, tell them that after some time or in the video’s end you will share a secret.

  • Pronounce your keywords in between the videos – You have to repeat the keywords in your video again and again. It will help in providing a higher rank to your videos.
  • Make the appropriate use of video tags – People can easily discover your videos if you will use video tags appropriately.

(i)The tags can be your keywords.

(ii)You can also use the keyword variations.

(iii)The tags can also include those things which you mention in your video again and again.

If you take interest in running digital campaigns and driving conversions in these then it will be good for you to contact a Digital marketing company.

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