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The Best Tool to Convert PDF to PNG

Are you a student, a teacher, or an office employee? If so, creating tons of presentations every single day is a part of your routine. Considering your hectic schedule, you always want to do things in less time. You don’t want to spend eight hours of a day doing a single project.

What if your teacher or employer asked you to convert a PDF document into PNG or images? You cannot do it by clicking on your mouse. Although there are applications that would help you do the task, downloading the software might be time-consuming.

Worry no more! There is a website that could help you turn a PDF file into a PNG image.

Remember that PNG could give you the highest resolution image compared to other image formats, such as JPEG. This is mainly because of its deflate compression feature.

Another good thing that you will love about PNG is that they can compress digital pictures that JPEG cannot. If you convert a PDF file into PNG format, you can modify its background by placing designs and illustrations of your choice.

By doing so, you can create an ideal web graphic seamlessly and effortlessly. A PDF to PNG is a great tool for individuals who need to create images out of a PDF file. This tool can convert a PDF file into an image in just a few seconds. With that, you can maximize your time in making presentations for school or work.

How to Use PDF to PNG Converter Tool

Now that you know a tool that helps in PDF to PNG conversion, you may ask how to use it.

Well, there are only four easy steps you need to follow to get the result that you want.

Here are the steps:

  1. The first thing you should do is to visit the website of GogoPDF. From the website, you will see a converter box where you will drop the PDF file you want to convert.
  2. After that, the website will start the process by scanning and extracting the file.
  3. While the tool is doing its work, all you have to do is to sit back, relax, and wait. Usually, the tool only takes less than five minutes to convert the PDF file into an image.
  4. After the tool has given you the converted file, all you have to do is to download it to your computer. Aside from that, you can also send the PNG image to your Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms.

What are its Key Features?

You already know the steps to use PDF to PNG converter. The next thing you should know is its key features. This PDF to PNG Converter is a simple tool packed with beneficial features. Some of its notable specifications are:

Secure and Safe Cloud

As we have mentioned earlier, this PDF to PNG converter allows you to turn your PDF files into a set of images without the need to install new software.

One of the good things about this tool is that you can access it online. We can store all the things we do by using this tool in the Cloud. All you need is a strong internet, your PDF file, and a PC or mobile device.

Accurate and Precise

This web-based tool is well-known for converting PDF files to PNG images in the highest quality resolution. This means that your PDF’s orientation, layout, and font will remain the same once it is converted to PNG.

Customer Data Privacy Policy

Only a few web-based tools know the importance of personal data protection. But, when you use this PDF to PNG converter, you can ensure that your personal information is protected and kept private. Another good thing about this tool is that it deletes all the data and files you uploaded after one hour.

Fast and Easy Conversion

What you will surely love about this tool is that it converts your PDF files to PNG images easily and quickly. Although it processes the files fast, it does not compromise the quality, resolution, and sharpness of the converted PNG image.

With that being said, you can have lots of time to become more productive and do other important things in school or at your workplace. All you need is to drop your file and wait until it is done working.

Works in Different Operating Systems

This web-based PDF to PNG converter is compatible with Linux-based OS, Macintosh OS, and Windows PC-based OS. Aside from that, it also works pretty well in a wide range of web browsers, such as Opera, Apple Safari, Firefox, Google, and a lot more.

Take Away

You don’t have to install different applications or software on your device to convert PDF files into PNG. There is an online tool that can help you do the job seamlessly. With this web-based tool, converting a PDF file to PNG could be as easy as 1-2-3. Nothing to worry about because it is easy to understand the process and simple to follow. Within minutes, you can convert a PDF file to a PNG.

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