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How To Remove Black Magic From Your House Guide

Remove Black Magic

There are various types of black magic like the Aghori black magic, lemon black magic, black magic with hair i.e black magic using hair, camphor black magic, black candle magic, black magic voodoo, black salt magic, evil eye, and so on.

Here are some simple black magic removal spells that can help you detecting black magic and providing protection from black magic.

However, there’s no such a specific black magic removal puja but Black Magic Mantra & remove black magic by Lemon are what you can perform at home.

The spell caster uses the liquid magic spells where the spell caster by pouring the liquid over some land performs the black magic.

Being a true black magic removal specialist, I’ve been practicing the best way to remove black magic from 39 years since my childhood.

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When the severity of black magic reaches 100 %, the individual gets suicidal thoughts and commits suicide immediately after getting the thought.

A person might be willing to use this evil practice to see you committing suicide and end up your life on your own.

I just recommend that you tell the truth all the time and treat people in the same way you would wish they could treat you.

This is extremely dangerous and not recommended unless there’s no other way of healing, you know the person very well, and you are surrounded by people who know what to do in case things get out of control.

#jinns #Allah #protection #days

If a person consistently practices this he will always be in the protection and care of Allah and in this way, no magic, jinns, or any magician will be able to harm him.

This should be recited with intentions of complete and permanent cure as well as for protection from all magic, spells, jinns, all evil and sickness.

It has been reported from Abu Sa`id that the Messenger of Allah used to seek protection against the evil eyes of the Jinns and mankind.

This can be played once or twice daily consistently without any gaps for about 11 days, 21 days, or 40 days depending of the condition and effects of evil influences.

Make constant dua and ask Allah ( SWT ) for His protection, for only He has the power to save you from the harm brought about by black magic.

#jealousy #feelings #anger #hatred

In addition to this, it also helps in avoiding feelings of anger, depression, anxiety, and hatred caused due to black magic.

Most of the time, the intent of people behind doing black magic is to harm someone either due to jealousy or revengeful feelings.

The people casting black magic might do it because of anger, hate, or jealousy towards the person against whom they are casting the spell.

But the sad part is that most of the people use it to harm or hurt someone to take revenge or in jealousy.

In addition to this, you should try to avoid feelings of grudge, revenge, and hatred, and should focus on spiritual, and pure thoughts.

#person #amal #post #victims #behalf

The affected person or any pious person on the behalf of the affected person should do anyone amal in the following post-https://islamicexorcism.wordpress.com/2010/09/13/general-amal-for-treating-all-kinds-of-sihir-and-jinns/ as per the given instructions on the post.

Victims who are too weak and can not do the amal themselves should ask any pious relative or friend to do the amals on their behalf and then use the recited items.
While doing any kind of tantric remedy, consult an experienced person and if you want to find out the identity of the person doing black magic, then contact a proven person.

This amal is extremely powerful bi iznillaah and can be used when a victim has tried out many different healers / amals with no benefits or when sihir is very old and very strong.

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Astrologer Agnivesh is a kind and renowned astrologer who has immense knowledge of various fields of astrology like vashikaran, black magic, Vedic, etc.

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#house #plant #grow #feel

One of the best ways to identify whether you have black magic in your house is to grow a tulsi plant in your house.

If the tulsi plant grows easily in a pot then that means you do not have any black magic problems in your house.

By having a tulsi plant in your house you can easily check whether the black magic is chanted on you or in your house.

If there is black magic in your house, then you might feel restless and feel like you never want to relax in your home.

If there is black magic, then the tulsi plant will detect it and struggle to grow, and it will not survive for a longer time.

If the tulsi plant grows easily and smoothly flourishes in the pot, then relax, you do not have any problem of black magic in your home.

#lives #life #energy

People who envy other people’s success, well – being and happy lives tend to generate powerful negative energy which includes the energy of being jealous, envious, and thinking ill of another individual.

People who cast their evil eyes concentrate more on the lives of other people and cast negative energies to them rather than focusing on uplifting and taking measures to uplift their own lives.

These days in the times of Kalyug, people have become much arrogant, egoistic, short-tempered, and jealous of the other people who have been successful in their lives.

Yet, most people who are mostly concerned about carrying on their lives and earning a living, would not have much information and knowledge about the effects of such Negative Spiritual practices.

#coconut #eye #Deity #Maruti #individual

The individual who is casting off the evil eye should pay obeisance to Deity Maruti and pray thus – ‘O Deity Maruti, draw all the distressing vibrations within and outside the body of the individual afflicted by evil eye into this coconut and destroy them from their root.

The individual afflicted by evil eye should pay obeisance to Deity Maruti and pray thus – ‘O Maruti, draw all the distressing vibrations within me ( Pronounce own name ) into this coconut and destroy them ‘.

An individual who is casting off the evil eye should hold the coconut in his cupped hands and stand in front of the afflicted individual.

In case the distress of the afflicted individual is severe, the coconut used for casting off the evil eye should be broken in a Maruti temple.

#angel #Satan #disbelieved #prefer

Satan is a fallen angel is total nonsense, Satan is not any kind of angel, Satan is a Jinni, he and all the Jinn are created from fire, angels are created from light.

It was not Solomon who disbelieved, but the devils disbelieved, teaching people magic and that which was revealed to the two angels at Babylon, Harut and Marut.

Many people prefer to follow the voice of their evil beings and prefer to go in dwell of darkness.

This is a secret that Satan and his helpers in Hollywood do not want people to know, in fact they tell people the opposite in some movies, and unfortunately, many good men and women in the movie industry are fooled and might be possessed and do not know it.

#Demonic #possessed #Targeting #women

Demonic Possession could be caused by demonic love, demonic revenge, untreated Demonic Targeting “black magic” or even untreated envy of the evil eye.

If the case is diagnosed as Demonic Possession, or Demonic Targeting with Demonic Possession, a patient must get Ruqia performed by a Raqi in person, no exceptions.

Demonic Possession, In the case of Demonic Possession, the demon targets a human to affect ANY and/or ALL behavior, this targeting occurs by entering the human body.

Method 3 – You might get possessed for lust and sex; mainly young women are affected, although some cases reported possessions of men by Jenn women.

Men and Women who walk and or sleep naked are also candidates for this possession; in fact, some are possessed without knowing it.

#lamp #garden #light #shut #hour

In order to allow this spell to work effectively, you need to shut the windows and doors shut for one hour after lighting the lamp.

Just make sure to keep the doors and windows of your house shut at least 1 hour after you light the lamp.

Light a lamp with neem oil every day after sunset and place it by facing its front side to the East or Northside.

All you need to do is light a lamp using neem oil and place it facing either North or East every day after sunset.

I saw that I was in a green garden, ‘and he described the garden’s plants and spaciousness, ` and there was an iron pole in the middle of the garden affixed in the earth and its tip reached the sky.

#hand #protected #seeking

Therefore, He commands whoever is seeking protection to seek refuge with the One Who has these attributes from the evil of the whisperer who withdraws.

Then if his pain became severe, Hazrat ` A’ishah said that she would recite the Mu`awwidhatayn over him and take his hand and wipe it over himself seeking the blessing of those Surahs.

Kingship will then be given to him in his right hand, eternal life in his left hand and the crown of grace will be placed on his head.

The woman during their unclean periods can recite this provided they recite the verses from their memory and after making wadhu considering them as a dua and source of healing.

This means that he feared for the people that they would be tested and deceived by their magic before he could even have a chance to throw what was in his right hand.

#amal #night #units #sleeping

Once you wake up during the tahajjud time and every night before doing this amal, offer 2 units of salaatul tawbah, 2 + 2 units of Salaatul Tahajjud and 2 units of salaatul Hajaat, and then begin this amal ..

After this amal don’t talk to any one but directly go to sleep following the sunnah of sleeping and keep reciting darood till you fall asleep, you should also apply traces of the recited attar over your clothes before sleeping.

On the first night of the amal before you go to sleep during the night offer salaatul tasbi once and sincerely repent and ask for forgiveness from Allah.

We recommend this amal to be done just before sleeping and after the amal avoid talking and keep reciting -Ya Fattaahu, this you fall asleep, inshaallah, by this you will get guidance on your condition through some dreams.

#bath #lime #salt #head

During bathing, after soaping and shampooing, this recited mixture of ( recited water, recited vinegar, salt, lime/lemon) should be massaged at least 3 times all over the body from head to toe properly, after massaging wash yourself with normal water.

The sweeping of the recited lime should be done 3x on the front side from head to toe and 3x on the backside from head to toe.

Another person reciting “Ya Shaafi” continuously should sweep the clothed lime vertically from head to toe of the victim 3x times, while sweeping also imagine all the pain and sickness is being absorbed into the recited lime.

Bathing: Once the recited mixture is ready to use, every night preferably after salaatul Majrib, bath with one container of a mixture of sandalwood and musk for the next 5 nights without any gaps.

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#oil #massaging #victims #drinking

The victims should therefore take one sip of olive oil daily and a massage some of the recited oil over his body.

We have noticed many people forget to massage their bodies with recited vinegar or olive oil and also forget to take bath with recited water, its is very very essential that the affected victims use the recited items as per the instruction for drinking, spraying, bathing, massaging .. etc.

Its also observed that the victim at times don’t follow instructions correctly, it is very essential to use the recited items for drinking, massaging, bathing and spraying, all these things are very essential and necessary for the treatment.

Therefore, it’s highly recommended that during the treatment the victim should drink juice extracted out of one whole pomegranate about 30 to 45 mins before breakfast daily for about 7 to 12 days or at his convenience.

#Al #said #bin #Prophet

The same has been reported from Mujahid, Sa`id bin Jubayr, ` Abdullah bin Muhammad bin ` Aqil, Al – Hasan, Qatadah, Muhammad bin Ka`b Al – Qurazi and Ibn Zayd.

The same was said by Ibn ` Abbas, Muhammad bin Ka`b Al – Qurazi, Ad – Dahhak, Khusayf, Al – Hasan and Qatadah.

Al – Mu`tamir bin Sulayman reported that his father said, “It has been mentioned to me that Shaytan is Al – Waswas.

The Prophet said, “How did he come to know that it ( Al – Fatiha ) could be used for treatment?

Imam Ahmad recorded that Ibn ` Abbas said, “A man came to the Prophet and said, ` O Messenger of Allah!

An – Nawwas said, “The Prophet set three examples for these two Surahs and I did not forget these examples ever since.

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