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MissQGemini: What’s behind Twitcher MissQGemini’s Evanescence

MissQGemini Twitch would be a known name for Esports lovers. Sports is not just about playing on the ground. Video games now come under sports, specifically, if we say, Esports. Esports has taken all the traits of sports, including cheating. Various platforms like Twitch, YouNow, Vimeo, and others can be used to live stream, broadcast esports competitions, and much more.

The prominence of online gaming tournaments and the desire to win and earn more have made gamers vulnerable to the exploitation of cheat codes. But these hackers and cheaters, knowing that it’s just one click and their whole career will be destroyed, still dare to play with the system and get caught on camera.

Once famous twitcher – MissQGemini:

MissQGemini, the once-famous twitcher, has fallen into a deep pit. Found cheating while live streaming, her life as a gamer has turned upside down. It will not be surprising if she apologizes to her viewers after facing immense hatred on various social media platforms, from Twitter to the Instagram account MissQGemini Instagram. Gamers commented on the reasons for her cheating. One of the most unreasonable reasons was that it was because of her gender.

What did she do?

MissQGemini, Haley Germaine was playing Counter-Strike, and as usual, her fans kept their eye on her every movement. But soon she realized that the glitches while playing were visible to the viewers. To cover it up, she said, “Do you guys also face these weird glitches in CS: GO where it shows your rank, it shows everyone’s rank? ” Little did she know that her loyal viewers could easily sense her uncertain and stumbling choice of words. The next thing she said was that her friend, “Rock,” got similar glitches and extended her words that he got that, and now she has it too. The live stream was already getting awkward, and she suddenly stopped playing and started making excuses that she wanted to message “Clara,” who was playing on her computer during the day, insisting that she trusted this unknown girl on her system.

On the other hand, her profile showed a cheat profile. But you know the constant viewers can’t be fooled. She received a lot of backlash.

Post – Backlash:

We cannot say if MissQGemini was prohibited from using Twitch or not but based on the entertainment website Ebaumsworld, she was VAC banned. MQG deleted her account voluntarily following the surge in hatred. On her side, MissQGemini switched her Twitter from a public to a private account. After facing all the hatred from her once followers and setting her social media accounts like MissQGemini Instagram to private, she disappeared like she never existed. But who knew that would reincarnate within a week with a new identity as “Djinnnn.”

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The Reincarnation:

According to the news and data collected, the MissQGemini Twitch account got banned or prohibited from using for just one day. What she did after that was renaming her account to “Djinnnn.” The basic reason could be that in this way, she will be able to retain her subscribers and continue live streaming, and her live streaming would not come up when people search for her using her old name MissQGemini. But this did not work for her. Her career as a gamer is facing downfall with no hope of rising. Her counterparts, on the other hand, are facing the skies. Notwithstanding, she deleted this newly born account. The account named Djinnnn can no longer be seen.

Disappearance, again:

The life of a gamer, as seen in MissQGemini’s case, is not as cheerful and exciting as it looks. A small mistake has ruined her dream career. She might be feeling depressed and sad for making such a dumb mistake of cheating when she knew that cheaters never remain uncaught. She has entirely disappeared from the internet and feels like she has given up on all other social media accounts. Her YouTube subscribers are left just only twenty-four. Thus, YouTube will not earn her to soothe her wounded soul. Not much hope is left for her.

Final thoughts about MissQGemini – The Only Hope of Survival:

Now, what we can see from the situation is that she cannot return to the gaming world unless and until she finds a place in people’s hearts again. Apology matters because it is the only thing that can make people sure that the other person is serious or non-serious about what they are saying. MissQGemini, aka Hailey, should write a combined apology letter to all her streamers and other people in the gaming community via Twitter or Instagram instead of making further excuses and blurting out anyone’s name. An apology is the only way for her to come back. If she has love and respect for her viewers, the day when she finally apologizes sincerely and returns to the live streaming platform, Twitch, is not far away. We hope that by this time, she must have realized her mistakes and looked up to correct them.

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