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Benefits and Risks of Artificial Intelligence

Whatever we love about our civilization is the product of intelligence. In the present world, most of the things are due to the contribution of artificial intelligence. Every day the concept of artificial intelligence is growing and spreading rapidly.

It is with the help of science that everything is portrayed in a different world. Robots are found in the form of human characters. Artificial intelligence can do anything. It may start to help the users to find algorithms in Google to get autonomous weapons easily.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is designed in such a manner so that it can perform any type of narrow task. Most of the researchers are mainly aiming to create strong and powerful artificial intelligence. It is seen that there is much misinformation about artificial intelligence. It is important to clear such misconceptions.

Artificial intelligence is nothing but the stimulation of human intelligence that is mainly conducted through machines.  Take, for example, Amazon’s Alexa is a good example of Artificial intelligence.  It is also presumed to be a great discovery in the present world. Artificial intelligence helps the normal life of every people by improving the pain points. This is a great job.

Why is it said that Artificial Intelligence is dangerous?

It is believed by many that Artificial Intelligence is risky. It is mainly believed by scientists that two scenarios of Artificial intelligence may prove to be dangerous. Let us discuss some of them.

  • Artificial intelligence can be designed to do something disastrous. Autonomous weapons are always an example of artificial intelligence that can be used to kill masses. If it comes under the wrong hands, it can prove to be dangerous. Sometimes artificial intelligence races can also lead to artificial intelligence war at any point.
  • The weapons made with the help of AI may prove extremely difficult to turn off. Thus in such a situation, the whole matter may go out of control.
  • It can do anything severe to achieve its goal. It mostly happens if we fail to align artificial intelligence goals with that of ours. Thus alignment plays a crucial role in this case. To be specific, if anyone asks the intelligent car to drop him to the airport and it is performed so that the car starts chasing a helicopter, it can be dangerous in that case. It may create a good problem and embarrassment to the people.
  • These are just examples, but the fact is that the whole thing depends upon the alignment. If there is no such proper alignment, it can create a lot of issues. So, one should be very cautious while making the alignment. Rather it should be made properly.


Benefits of using Artificial Intelligence:

Benefits of using Artificial Intelligence

Here come the top benefits of using this type of advanced technology. Let us discuss some of the vital ones.

  • It is very tough to presume and calculate the exact temperature and weather. It is only possible with the help of good and proper artificial intelligence. Thanks to artificial intelligence, which has made a perfect solution to this problem by analyzing data and making possible future predictions? According to the Meteorological Society, AI is the game-changer that helps make real-time decisions about the weather.
    It will also help us to assess the severe climatic conditions like earthquakes, hurricanes, and other types of natural disasters.
  • It can also be used in the case of sustainable agriculture. By utilizing such techniques, one can yield good crops. It can also help to reduce crops to a great extent.
  • AI also has a good impact on various types of engineering projects. Commencing from micro-architecture to heavy industries works successfully with artificial intelligence. Starting from tiny buildings to big projects all require energy-efficient processes and devices.  In the present time, data science and AI help to design green buildings and green energy nicely.
  • I will be glad to know that artificial intelligence has also stepped into the healthcare sector. With the advent of advanced machines, it is easy to understand and manipulate the problems. The whole works become much easier and smoother for the physicians.
  • With the help of this technique the whole work, including the medical images and reports, can come within a short time. It has benefitted the health workers, and they are highly satisfied. It helps the healthcare workers to treat the patients in a better manner.
  • The main problem that may often arise among tourists while visiting other countries is the language. If they are not aware of the language, they may face issues. But with the help of language translators, half of the problem can be solved. It is the contribution of artificial intelligence.
  • The Neural Machine Translation provides high-quality translation of both the written and text words. It helps in easy communication with people. It also helps in a better understanding of the problems and issues. The NMT device has made traveling to other countries easier.

Why do most of the people prefer artificial intelligence?

The only question to this answer is that modern people always look for advanced and fast technologies that can reduce their effort and energy to some extent.

The birth of artificial intelligence is only possible because of the enormous research work and studies. It has helped people in various sectors. Past developments and technologies would not work properly in the present time.


As time is changing, it is important to have much advanced and better tools that can help to uplift their work and lifestyle. People can easily conquer the whole world. Why is it possible? It is not because of the strongest or fastest people but because of the smartest technologies.

The advanced form of artificial intelligence can assist people and the human race to win any war.  Even modern people have great myths about AI. Common people think that robots need a human body. But the actual fact is that it does not require a human body. It only requires a strong and valid internet connection. This was a myth that was present in the mind of people.

People also think that AI cannot control or hold humans. But it is totally wrong. Artificial intelligence can control not only humans but, it can also control tigers.  Even people believe that machines do not have goals.  No, the fact is that a missile always has a goal, and it works accordingly. Many believe that superintelligence is in its way, and it will come soon. 

The actual fact is that it will nearly take a decade to come. These are some of the most important myths. However, there is much more that needs to be cleared.

People should be rationale. They should always rely upon the facts and existing things and not upon those things that are yet to come. One of the most popular myths that exist in the mind of many people is superman exists and will come soon. But is it even possible? These are mere predictions. There was no existence of superhumans, nor be there any such personalities in the future. One can say that it is the artificial intelligence that can come in a much more advanced form. This will make the work of modern people faster and better than the existing ones.


Well, misconceptions will always focus on irrelevant facts. It will draw the mind of the people to a different world. It is important to get rid of all these bullshit subjects and rely on those presently exist. This will help people to lead a smoother and good life. If there are any such misconceptions, that should be made clear.  A lot of misconceptions have emerged with the introduction of AI.

Is it ever possible to lead a jobless life? Or is it possible to sustain in a jobless society where everyone is leading a luxurious life? No, we all have to work and earn money to lead our life. 


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