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Coronavirus (Covid 19) Impact on SEO!

if there’s one thing that’s certain in business, it’s uncertainty”. – Stephen Covey


Coronavirus has brought the global world to a halt. This is an uncertain time when individuals are going in self-isolation and social-distancing that is practicing. Technology is the only dot that is connecting people who are confined to their homes and waiting for time to pass.

However, this is not the right time to give up and go with the flow. Our present shall decide on our future. This period could be an opportunity to up the game if your business isn’t getting revenue and leads because of an economic slowdown. It’s time to make your presence felt in the market.

Businesses need something robust that strengthens their brand’s market position at present and generates revenue in the long run. And SEO fits well in the whole equation.

That said, let’s look for more reasons to vouch for SEO amidst the coronavirus crisis and slowdown that is economic. But how do it is done by us? The answer is SEO.

Since a sale is difficult because of the Coronavirus crisis, spending money on print advertising, lead generation, and other forms of ads doesn’t seem to be a promising idea.

Why SEO that is SEO making mistakes during the Coronavirus crisis

  1. To stay ahead of the competition
    Many businesses are thinking of either pausing their SEO campaigns or lowering the budget. This is the time to stand out on the contrary. Stay connected with your audience, and they will love you more than your competitors. This is the time that is right to go aggressive with your SEO strategies.
  2. For better brand positioning
    Businesses can ramp their SEO efforts up to position their brand in a better way. Though the economy is global going through a phase of slowdown, people are spending a lot of time on the web. Look at this as an opportunity to build rapport with potential customers and penetrate new markets. Think of different ways to reach out to the target audience. You can run ad campaigns or come up with interesting posts to engage consumers. All these efforts will add to your branding strategy.

  3. You can save more on paid campaigns
    As a lot of businesses are keeping their SEO activities on hold, there’s a possibility that you might not get stiff market competition. Additionally, you may get a lower cost per link click on PPC and Facebook campaigns. This means you can reach out to a broader audience with more marketing spend that is economical.

  4. To implement your future SEO initiatives
    The world economy has crashed. It shall take at least a couple of months for the market to show signs of improvement. But, when it does, expect to be rewarded; provided you have done your deed. Therefore, now is the time to work on an SEO strategy that will deliver expected ROI in the third quarters and the fourth when consumer spendings improve.

  5. Identification of future hurdles
    Some tools can give you an idea of what to expect in search per se for the weeks that are coming. The impressions in Google Search Console, for instance, can help in finding out the right time during which your business might get more or fewer sales. This way, you get time to identify the loopholes and work on them to avoid any loss.

  6. People will search for products/services that aren’t readily available
    With many cities across the globe going on complete lockdown, there’s already a scarcity of products. People have no option other than to buy these products online. And when these goods aren’t available online, buyers will look for alternatives. Being on search results that people are searching for can mean a complete lot to your business. It’s time to leverage the scarcity of specific items, work on ranking for those items and their alternatives, and build link-building campaigns around them. And if you happen to sell any of the items that are in demand and not readily available, it’s time to make more profit.

To-dos for your SEO Campaign

  1. Pay attention to relevancy and timeliness
    We know what our audience wants to read about right? Leverage the opportunity to come up with all sorts of communication material that can give insights that are helping the situation. Don’t sound like you are promoting your business. Instead, come up with content that is a mix of business and what’s happening in the world. You need to say that you are mindful of the surroundings and want to contribute genuinely.

  2. Optimize the content
    All your efforts in creating a post around Coronavirus will go to waste if your content cannot be found in search results. So, make sure that whatever you write is optimized for better rankings. This is where you need to focus on all the aspects of SEO.

  3. Follow search trends
    You know what’s trending these days if you are focusing on SEO and PPC campaigns on a short-term basis, make sure. For instance, many people nowadays are looking for ways to boost their immunity. You a real boost if you are a retailer of the immunity-boosting product, that running SEM campaigns can bring. Also, even if you don’t sell related products or services, having content that is relevant to search queries can help.

  4. Prepare for the future
    We know that SEO is a long-term strategy. Do not cut down on your SEO budget, unless highly required. Create new landing pages, update the website, and improve the server, there’s a lot you can do in a time of crisis, and this will be beneficial in the long run.

  5. Beware of cheap SEO
    We know that cost-cutting is everywhere. Businesses are already on a budget that is tight which makes them naturally attracted to cheap SEO services. However, this is the time to seek the help of experts who will work to strengthen your SEO for tomorrow and today. Reaching out to an SEO that is a cheap company means no rankings, no traffic, or maybe Google penalties, once the world gets over the Coronavirus pandemic.

What role does SEO play in the current scenario?

No business can predict the impact of COVID-19 on the economy and the duration of the slowdown in a realistic scenario. However, expect them to be careful about spending and results when the market recovers from Coronavirus. This is the right time when SEO can help in the long run. We know that SEO is never a short-term strategy but whatever efforts we put in today will impact the business in later months. Include paid SEO that is organic to your marketing plans.

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