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Does the Slot RTP Change over time?

The RTP stands for return to player and is a percentage that informs the player how much return they can expect to see from a slot over a period of time. Every slot at Lion Wins has an RTP, it can usually be found in the paytable of a slot game. 

Can the RTP Change 

The most common RTP for a slot game is 95%, however, this can vary depending on which slot you are using. Some have an RTP which is as low as 92% whilst others have an RTP which is as high as 99%. What some players don’t know about the RTP is that it can actually change, sometimes a slot’s RTP is dependent on how much a player bets. These variable RTP’s can affect the overall payout a player receives. 


One thing that can influence the RTP of a slot game is its volatility. This is a common concept that refers to how much risk is involved with slot gaming. 

  1. Generally, there are three main types of slot volatility. Highly volatile slots are games that are much riskier for players, due to their infrequent payouts resulting in long periods without a win.
  2. Slots with low volatility will offer a much lower amount of risk for players. There will be much more frequent wins, leading to a more continuous rate of payout to enjoy. However, these payouts will typically be much smaller than payouts from slots with low volatility.
  3. Slots that have an average amount of volatility will be known as medium volatile slots, this is the most common amount of volatility for slot games.
  4. The volatility of a slot can lead to its RTP becoming a variable percentage. Highly volatile slots will usually have two RTP percentages which indicate how much return players can expect to see when they max bet or minimum bet.

Slots with variable RTP 

Slots will sometimes have an RTP which changes, this is not due to the time but rather the bet that the player has made. The following are some slots with a variable RTP. 

  •     Mega Joker is a popular slot release that was developed by NetEnt. Its RTP is heavily influenced by how much a player bet, if a player places a minimum bet they will find that the slot’s RTP is as low as 76.9%. However, when the player places a max bet they will find that the RTP reaches as high as 99%!
  •     Jackpot 6000 is another slot that was developed by NetEnt, this slot is particularly well-liked thanks to its retro design. The slot is highly volatile, the RTP ranges from 74.9% to 79.2% when the player places a minimum bet. Max bets yield a much higher RTP, with the total being up to 98.8%. 


The slot RTP can change but it doesn’t change due to the amount of time being spent on a slot game. The RTP doesn’t change on every slot game either, it mainly changes on games with high volatility.

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