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Basic Facts to Getting Your solar energy Installation Right

The sun is the most valuable resource on the planet and it is only recently that human beings discovered how to turn it into electric energy for use in homes and devices.

Since its early use in the mid-1960s, solar energy has grown from a preserve of the rich to something that most homes can now afford.

At a minimum price of about $40000, solar energy systems are slowly bringing sanity to an energy system that was slowly growing derelict and expensive. 

How Do Solar Panels Work?

Solar panels are the most crucial components of the solar energy system. The solar panel has photovoltaic cells which convert solar energy into electric energy for use.

The science may be complex for this article, but the radical electrons flow as Direct current and have to be harnessed through inverters, which convert it into alternating current.

Your home devices use alternating current since it’s the safer choice, and once it’s converted, you can freely use solar energy as electricity for your devices. 

However, since sunlight is not always available, you don’t want to risk staying in darkness, when all you can do is install batteries to store the excess energy.

Batteries have been there longer than solar panels and therefore battery technology has grown exponentially to offer more output.

For 6 hours of sunlight, you can now get as much as 12 hours of electricity and this is due to better solar panels and better batteries. 

How to Find the Best Solar Company

Finding a reputable solar company near me is not always easy. The best place to start is by finding out from neighbors and friends who have installed solar what steps they took to get the right fit.

You can combine this insight with information you get online, and then start making those rounds to check out the companies that stand out. 

You will likely find a trusted solar panel company in your area from reviews, and from there make sure you check their credentials to ascertain whether they have the right paperwork to work on your property.

Don’t be fooled by the many DIY projects online, because solar energy, just like grid energy is dangerous and requires installation by certified professionals. 

How to Mitigate Cost and Improve Efficiency

One thing you will notice about reputable solar companies is that they will go as far as recommending the best products even if some of these products are not on their shelves.

A trusted solar company is willing to recommend the best inverters or even the best batteries that are compatible with their panels and your needs. 

Another trick is to slowly integrate solar energy into your home by using a combination of grid and solar. The grid network can power your devices as and when you need them while solar energy can power your security, lighting, and other crucial components that need to always be on.

Once you find the right balance, you can simply add more panels, racks, and batteries to fully phase out the grid network, leaving you with the best solution for your energy needs.

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