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Games Inspired By Movies & Series

We all know that gaming is a source of entertainment for us. With PlayStations, PCs, and even mobile devices, we try to find our enthusiasm through gaming. Video gaming has no era, and it will continue to entertain the young generation.

This article will be interesting for you because you will get the best results if you are finding a movie-feel in games. As entertainment lovers, we all watch movies and also play games.

Now is the time to merge these into one station to fulfill your desires. Find your best game with your favorite movie from here.

Best Games Inspired By Movies

Can you imagine playing stunning games that are based on your favorite movies? Here you will get that amazing list of games that you can play with the experience of movies.

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1. L.A. Noire

Inspired from: L.A. Confidential

Rockstar Games had developed a promising action-adventure game in 2011. Well, the 1997 movie L.A. Confidential was the prominent inspiration behind this game.

Both of the stories are related to corruption and case solving by detectives. The greed and corruption part of charming Los Angeles is delivered in the movie and in the game as well.

2. Uncharted

Inspired from: Indiana Jones

Naughty Dog developed Unchartered to deliver an adventure game through treasure hunters who discover historical mysteries all over the world.

Indiana Jones was the source of inspiration for this game and for the gaming character Nathan Drake. If you love to find hidden treasures, you will love this game as well.

3. Grand Theft Auto

Inspired by: Scarface

Scarface is a famous gangster movie released in 1983. Inspired by this movie  Rockstar Games developed a series of action-adventure games named the famous Grand Theft Auto (GTA).

GTA is a series of games that many teens and adult players largely accepted. If you have ever used a computer, you have probably played GTA once in your life.

You know the game, you love the game, and now you understand the source of inspiration that might rejoin your interest in this game.

4. Dead Space

Inspired from: Event Horizon

Event Horizon is a sci-fi horror movie based on a spaceship. In this movie, a team of astronauts was sent to investigate the reappearance of a spaceship near Neptune.

Dead Space is inspired by this movie to provide the same kind of horror and sci-fi atmosphere to the gamers. The terrifying unknowns of the space you can experience with this game. The creator of Dead Space had also accepted the influence of this classic movie, Event Horizon.

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5. Payday: The Heist

Inspired from: Heat

Heat is a movie representing a detective and a highly intelligent criminal and his heist. Similarly, Payday: The heist is also related to four members and their criminal heists.

Moreover, the characters here in the game mirror the characters in the movie. The influence of missions is also there related to the movie.

6. Medal Of Honor: Allied Assault

Inspired from: Saving Private Ryan

One of the best war movies of all time is Saving Private Ryan. The inspirational character of Tom Hanks in the military during the World War 2 was promising enough to blow the mind of the audience.

Medal of Honor is a first-person shooting game that was expected to show the impacts of war on the world. To meet the expectation, a few of the memorable scenes from the movie are also depicted in the game.

If you already have watched the movie, we know you are a fan of Private Ryan, but if you have not played the game yet, it is a back throw to your gaming experience.

To Conclude

Do you feel excitement while watching movies and their memorable characters? You can feel the first-hand experience through the above-mentioned games.

Travel through difficult places, attack the enemies, solves the cases as a detective, be a gangster in the city, all these you can experience through these amazing games.

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