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7 Simple Way To Get More Google Reviews For You Law Firm

Three out of four internet users are tired of viewing advertisements. It’s no surprise that the same people go to great lengths to avoid all forms of online advertising.

Do you have any idea where the focus is now? Reviews on the internet.

Friend and family recommendations are our favorites. Reviews from peers and dear ones are more valuable to us than marketing messages from firms.

So, what happens if you get a lot of positive Google reviews?

Make a guess.

You know what’s up if you said greater awareness, trustworthiness, and conversions.

Many legal firms compete in competitive markets. Everyone wants to hire an attorney who has a track record of success. Client reviews are an absolute must-have for every law firm’s marketing strategy. When potential clients look for a law firm, they investigate your firm and your competitors. They study customer testimonials to help them make a decision. It’s no secret that Google reviews play a significant role in promoting the reputation of your company. A law firm’s local SEO strategy must also consider Google reviews, as they influence the ranking in Google’s local pack.

A lot of attorneys get this wrong. Even if your legal company delivers excellent service, you are unlikely to acquire many positive evaluations unless you specifically request them.

It necessitates a proactive approach to obtaining and showcasing client testimonials on Google, your law firm’s website, Facebook, and legal websites like Avvo. While encouraging clients to leave reviews is often effective, it’s probably the last thing on your mind when you’re working with them. But you just don’t have the time to go out and find them or generate a large number of them. 

Here are some simple yet innovative strategies by 247 Legal Assist to generate more google reviews for your law firm:

#1. Add a Hyperlink To Your Email Signature

Put a link in your email signature. The downside of asking for Google reviews in person is that it requires the client to do extra work; they need to search for its listing on Google and navigate to the “Write a Review” section. It’s easy for people to leave a review after clicking the link in your email signature.

Additionally, it functions as a subliminal reminder. Suppose you asked a client to write a review, and they agreed, but they didn’t finish it. Seeing the URL again in your email signature might help them remember it.

#2. Make a URL For Your Review

Getting up and reaching out to others is necessary for the next two suggestions. For the best results, you have to optimize the process. It is far more likely that your clients will leave a Google review if your URL is easy to remember and easy to write.

 You can start by using our review link generator to create a link that leads users to a review box. You just have to type in your business name and select the appropriate option. There are a few options to choose from when it comes to reviewing boxes, so select the one you like. For websites not using WordPress or 301 redirect services such as Simple 301, use the short version of the URL.

#3. Make Accounts on the Most Important Review Websites

You will not receive recommendations from your clients if your firm does not have a presence on the major review sites. It’s essential to focus on at least four of the dozens of sites that have consumer reviews. Check out:

Google My Business: Most consumers turn to Google for everything they need, including legal services. Getting more positive reviews for your Google My Business listing will not only make your business appear more trustworthy and attractive to potential customers, but it will also positively affect the ranking of your business in local search results.

Facebook: Facebook’s user base of billions is so vast that you cannot overlook it, especially with your Facebook page appearing in Google search results for your business.

Avvo: You can find “Avvo ratings” for any lawyer on the site, even if they haven’t set up their profiles. Avvo’s ratings may appear to be an indication of a client’s satisfaction. Still, when analyzed further, they indicate how much information the lawyer has provided. No matter what you think about it, Avvo has dominated attorney reviews for quite some time, and it’s not going anywhere.

Yelp: Yelp isn’t devoted exclusively to legal services like Avvo, but it’s a leading website that many people look up when seeking a local business. Yelp offers advanced advertising options for businesses who pay, but creating a listing for your business is free and well worth your time.

#4. Request Reviews On Google My Business

You should ask your customers to understand their perspective on their experience on review platforms at every point in their journey. Until you ask, you will not get it. When asked, 77 out of 100 customers will leave a review, so you need to approach your clients relentlessly with gentle reminders to earn more and more reviews. Please see below for ways to request reviews.

Why not give it a shot?

In-house: Client service representatives should be trained to ask for reviews during the checkout process. A second excellent idea would be to receive a card that directs them to where they can provide feedback. 

Email: Getting Google reviews using email is easy. Review platforms such as Reviews.io, which automates your review requests, can make this process much more effective.

On Your Website: Don’t forget you can request reviews there too! Making things even easier for your clients, consider adding a post-checkout popup that links to your Google My Business listing to post reviews.

Social Media: People who follow you on social media do so because they like you! To capitalize on their loyalty, post a message asking them to leave a Google review.

#5. Incentivize your Attorneys

In the case of legal practice, it is vital to inform your attorneys about the value of Google reviews. Acknowledging those who receive positive thoughts will make lawyers more likely to ask for them.

You can encourage attorneys to request reviews by simply recognizing them, or you can devise an incentive program. Take steps to avoid any unintended consequences. 

An inflow of 5-star Google reviews from people who don’t make any comments, for example, could be construed as spam and result in your legal practice being removed from local results.

Client evaluations on Google should be truthful and detailed, with an explanation. While you can’t pay clients to submit reviews, nothing stops you from rewarding your law firm’s attorneys if they can effectively collect positive, authentic ratings from their clients.

#6. Advertise Your Reviews

Would you consider it possible that your customers are unaware you are collecting feedback? Wouldn’t it be better to put them on display so that the message will be clear and concise?

There are several ways to use user-generated content, including offline marketing (billboards and posters), advertisements, and even social media posts. The display of your reviews implies that you value and are concerned about all the comments you receive, which is likely to encourage more consumers to leave reviews.

#7. Retargeting Campaign

For something like getting reviews, retargeting is beneficial.

What exactly is retargeting? It’s sending a message to someone who has already visited your website or seen your ad campaign. This occurs afterwards, usually on a different website, to keep your brand in front of them. These ads are pretty effective at bringing customers back to your website to purchase goods or services.

Do you see where this is going? Run a retargeting campaign, to be precise.

You might use individuals who have seen the order confirmation page as a target audience. This places “please review” requests in front of the folks who have done business with you!

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In this article, we’ve covered nearly everything there is to know about getting reviews. It’s now up to you to make these strategies work. If you’re serious about seeing your business prosper, try one, or all, of the ways to earn more google reviews.

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