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A brief guide on Durham University

Durham University also known as the University of Durham, is situated in England. It was established in the year 1832 and thus counts as one of the oldest universities after Oxford and Cambridge. It has two basic functions or divisions the first is the college that works for the welfare, and the other is the university that conducts research and teaches students.

Students from all over the world or more than 130 countries choose to study at Durham University. The number of international students studying here is more than 4000, and you could be one of those lucky students if you make the right decisions. One of the right decisions you have to make is in the application process and then proceed with important activities for your arrival in England. Students from Pakistan can take expert advice and help to proceed with the application and visa processes, so they are never too late for the admission procedures.

Keep reading this article to know more about Durham University and get familiar with the subject you will be able to study.

Undergraduate degree information at Durham University

The undergraduate studies at Durham are modular. By modular system, we mean that the student has to study at least 6 modules every year. If your degree consists of three years, then you must study 18 modules. There are certain rules for studying the modules; One of the most important is that you must have studied a pre-requisite of that module in your previous modules.

Following are some course details about undergraduate studies that you must look into before applying for any course at Durham.

1.    Faculty of arts and humanities

At Durham, you can study a wide range of arts subjects. Students that take much interest in arts and learn about history in detail can choose this Durham university. Selection of the subject according to your interests is a difficult task and to make it easier you may need the experts. You can also consult the education consultants in Islamabad to help you with guidance regarding the course selection and details of the subjects you will be studying once you get admission.

Below are the arts and humanities subjects that you can choose according to your interest.

  • History and classics
  • English studies
  • Liberal arts
  • Modern languages and cultures
  • Music
  • philosophy

2.    Faculty of science

The UK has been one of the best countries for international students to pursue their educational careers in the field of science and engineering. At Durham, international students can study a wide range of science subjects from computer science to physics and earth sciences.

The following are the subjects you will be able to enroll in the faculty of the science department.

  • Biosciences
  • Chemistry
  • Computer science
  • Earth science
  • Engineering
  • Mathematical sciences
  • Natural sciences
  • Physics

3.    Faculty of science and health

Dealing with human and animal health has been one of the most significant tasks in the past and will continue to be in the future. The methods of resolving human and animal health issues are evolving and changing with each passing day, and the University of Durham is making sure to teach the students these new ways and methods. By the end of the degree, students will be able to deal with a lot of factors associated with humans and animals.

Below are some of the subjects you will get to study at Durham’s science and health department.

  • Anthropology
  • Archeology
  • Education
  • Geography
  • Social science
  • Law
  • Sociology
  • Sports and exercise sciences
  • Government and international affairs

Eligibility requirements to study at Durham University

The eligibility requirements to study at Durham are much more similar to other universities for international students. But the most important requirements that the university asks international students to secure admission are as follows.

1.    Academic qualification

To get admission at Durham, the student must be academically good and have scored a second division from a Uk university or equivalent grade from an international university. You must provide your academic records in your application.

2.    Language requirements

Students whose native language is not English must appear in an English language test. The tests may either be TOEFL, IELTS, or others suitable for international students. Submit your test score in your application form; you can also submit a request for late submission of the score if you have not appeared yet.

3.    Reference letters

Submission of two reference letters from your past academic institution is a must. You can ask for reference letters from your professor who knows you well and with whom you have studied your courses. Providing such documents is very crucial to strengthen your application form. You can consult the education consultants in Islamabad to get further details and requirements for your admission and proceed with your application to ensure your admission.

Secure your admission at Durham today!

To make sure you secure a seat for your educational career at Durham, put in all your effort and hard work. Your efforts in your application processes will be deciding whether you will get admission or not. Try to reach the best experts who know how to make your applications stronger and help you reach your destination well on time without letting you worry about any single thing.



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