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How are online casinos profiting over the players?

Online casinos are becoming one of the go-to spots for people all over the UK. Online gambling has accounted for 38.6% of the total gambling market in the UK, making an approximate £5.52 billion over the course of a year! These figures are set to increase even more – play at Pay by Mobile Casino.

There are success stories from all over the world of people winning large amounts of money from online casinos. It would seem that online casinos are having a hard time business-wise. But this is far from the truth. Online casinos make decent profits and never struggle to stay afloat. How do they do it? What is the secret to their profits? We answer these questions in this article. 


One of the ways a casino would profit from the players is through bonus offers. There is a whole range of the – different types of bonuses that a player can get, but what is mutual across all the types of offers is the presence of wagering requirements!

Wagering requirements mean that a player will need to play through a set amount of money before they can withdraw winnings. These limitations often require you to play through 30 times the amount you deposited or above. Many players will gamble off their funds before they reach this threshold, thus leaving their money with the casino! It is not uncommon for players to make additional deposits in an attempt to surpass the wagering requirements, paying the casino furthermore. 

Ease of playing 

Once you have created an account in the online casino, you will quite literally be only a couple of clicks away from playing! The casino will save your card details and send you offers in an attempt to bring you back to play. This is effective, as online casinos see very large amounts of returning players. They say that gambling is highly addictive for a reason! 

House Edge 

Online casinos employ a technique called the house edge. It is self-explanatory – the casino will have a slight edge over the player in the long term. Some casinos will do that by adjusting the RTP of slot games, others might decrease the chance of good hands coming up in card games such as poker.

Some lucky players will hit the jackpot, that is the very rare case where the casino might be losing. For most of the time, players enjoy small wins that do not fully satisfy them, hence why they end up chasing the jackpot and draining their bankroll meanwhile. 


Another method that some casinos use is collecting commissions from the players. An entry to a poker table might cost you 20p, or a certain slot might be guaranteed to take 5% of your bankroll. These are not big figures, but considering the number of players that online casinos have, it really adds up! 


Online casinos make a lot of money, so do not worry about being scammed – respectable casinos will never do that or have the interest to do that. The house edge and money earned through bonuses will be enough to guarantee profits for the casino. The chance to win big, however, is always there, no matter how slim!

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