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7 Lead Capture Apps You Need To Know About

Name a company that is successful despite a lack of lead generating. I’m guessing there aren’t any. Web marketing is one of the most vital tactics for generating leads for a company’s success. It creates leads for successful email marketing campaigns, resulting in speedy sales conversion. Trade shows and events are terrific ways to generate leads, but they’re useless without the right lead collection tools. It is impossible to expect your business to succeed unless you get new leads regularly. Your marketing efforts, along with an effective set of lead generation tools, can help your company survive and thrive.

Lead generating tools organize and make lead information accessible so you may start discussions later if necessary. Furthermore, these apps assist you in quickly qualifying leads so that you can begin significant discussions.

Due to a limited budget, are you seeking cost-effective lead generation tools? Are you also the one having trouble making sales due to a lack of quality leads in your business? Discover the best mobile app for lead generation on this blog with me.

The top lead generation apps are listed below.

#1. OnSpot Social

OnSpot Social is at the top of our list of lead-generating applications for various reasons. The first thing to note about this lead generation software is that it’s perfect for people who aren’t very familiar with the technology. Another reason for the app’s popularity among entrepreneurs is its user interface, which is exceptionally user-friendly. Its real-time reporting dashboard allows users to spend more time interacting with leads during events and trade exhibitions.

OnSpot Social works incredibly well offline, allowing you to utilize the app during events in remote locations and then update your database later when you’re online.

This lead creation software collects client feedback automatically, allowing you to precisely describe the influence of your products or services on your target market. It is possible to connect OnSpot Social to any CRM, including MailChimp. It is a fantastic tool that is beneficial to every organization in some way.

With this app, you may collect an endless number of social media signups. You may convert your leads into social media followers this way. OnSpot is available as a one-time purchase or as an annual subscription. Whatever route you choose, be sure the app is pocket-friendly.

#2. Camcad

Camcad is a one-of-a-kind lead generation app. The system is perfect for companies that would like to use client cards. The software has a great card scanner that can read and understand cards in 16 different languages.

You can also add remarks to the customer information in the app. You can make notes on what you talked about with the consumer so you can contact them again later. The app also has a reminder option that you can utilize if you need to get back on track. All of the data collected by the app may be synchronized across all of your digital devices, allowing you to operate from a single location. This also makes the contact information for your leads visible. You can also send the cards via email or social media using the app.

Camcad is a low-cost lead generation mobile application that is highly recommended for a company looking for budget-friendly solutions that get the job done.

#3. Zuant

Zuant is another fantastic lead capturing app that works well offline. The leads’ information is automatically updated when you go online. The app’s live reporting feature allows you to keep track of your prospects at all times. If that weren’t enough, the app also displays an hourly graph of the number of leads you’ve collected.

You may create as many questions as you want in a lead qualifying questionnaire using Zuant. The software then provides you with a variety of answer options from which to choose. Your leads can then be accessed from anywhere in the world without the need for additional software.

#4. HubSpot CRM 

HubSpot might be the best lead nurturing product on the market. HubSpot is a customer relationship management (CRM) platform that combines cutting-edge technology to provide sales and marketing teams with detailed information on their leads.

You acquire insight into, and a deeper understanding of each stage of your lead’s buying journey with HubSpot. The software may provide you with valuable information about a lead’s interaction with your website, such as which bits of material they’ve eaten, which pages they’ve visited the most frequently, and so on.

All of this information is critical in determining your lead’s pain areas, hesitations, and, eventually, how to treat them. HubSpot cost varies depending on how much functionality you require and is ideal for organizations of all sizes.

#5. QuickTap Survey

This lead generation app allows you to capture as many leads as you want, complete with phone numbers, addresses, and email addresses. This app will enable you to gather leads offline, making it useful in distant places and as a kiosk. QuickTap survey allows you to choose from a variety of customizable designs. The software comes with a variety of backdrop colors, logos, and themes so you can be started in under a minute.

QuickTap allows you to quickly qualify your leads by using the 15 qualifying questions included in the application. You can focus on other things while using the app but not on your leads’ information security. It provides for encryptions to keep all of your data safe and secure on your devices.

The QuickTap Survey effortlessly transfers lead data to the CRM of your choosing using connectors or an API. The app is inexpensive, and if you want to generate leads regularly during trade shows, you may upgrade to the pro subscription.

#6. iCapture 

iCapture is another fantastic lead generation app that will eliminate most of your lead generation marketing strategies. The software allows you to personalize your design based on your brand’s visions and other factors.

ICapture offers industry-leading badge scanning technology to let you gather leads quickly and easily at any conference or trade exhibition. You can use an Android or iPad tablet to use the application to generate leads. This tool works well offline and allows you to send your leads’ contact information to your preferred CRM as soon as they are captured.

The app allows you to construct an unlimited number of survey questions to qualify leads quickly. Anyone who completes the survey receives an automatic email with a promotion and a thank you note.

#7. Woorise

Look no further than Woorise if you’re seeking the best platform for lead generation campaigns. Users can simply create viral giveaways, contests, landing sites, engaging forms, polls, quizzes, and more with Woorise.

Woorise’s capabilities can assist your marketing and sales teams in collaborating to engage with a target audience, generate quality leads, and close more transactions. It can also help you in expanding your audience and reaching new target markets. Check it out if you’re seeking a simple solution to combine your marketing efforts, insights, and analytics into one streamlined platform. Many organizations are now using worries to generate well-qualified leads.


Which of the various lead generation tools or apps do you use? 

Ultimately, it entirely depends on your budget and the scope of your contact management requirements. While small businesses can use the completely free lead generation and management platform, larger companies require a solution that provides extensive contact and sales assistance. Everyone, on the other hand, needs something to keep themselves organized and their teams productive. Consider the above apps & compare the benefits and limitations to find your best match for the lead generation on fingertips.

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