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The 4 Keys to Success When Selling Items On Etsy

If you have a certain talent for making crafts or are an artist that has a growing portfolio then you are likely looking to make money from these talents. One of the best ways to make money from your art these days is to open an Etsy store and sell your goods there.

Millions of people shop there looking for handmade and original items. You can take advantage of this ready-made traffic by setting up a store. However, it isn’t as easy as posting a few photos. There are some things to make sure to do to be successful as a seller on Etsy. In this article, we will go over some of the things you need to do to ensure your success.

1 – Fast shipping

Amazon has gotten people used to getting things the next day after ordering. While you may not be able to get things out quite that quickly, fast and reliable shipping is important if you want to build a business on Etsy. Choose a reliable Florida delivery service if that’s where you live so you can get things out as soon as you can.

It is tempting to do bulk orders by waiting for enough orders to then ship them all out the same day. However, this causes delays for people who expect things to arrive in a timely manner.

If they wait longer than they’d like then chances are slim that they will choose your store the next time they are looking to make a purchase.

2 – Give accurate descriptions

Customers should know exactly what they are ordering so make the descriptions as accurate as possible. There should be sizes and specifications but don’t stop there. Even though somebody may be able to visualize what something that is six inches would be, give it something for scale in the picture so it is clear what the size of the product is.

If it’s clothing then put something in the description that will help them understand the sizing and if it will fit them. Accurate descriptions also help to reduce returns since customers get exactly what they expect. And since returns eat into your profit margins it is very important to keep them to a minimum.

3 – Run ads

Ads on Etsy are very cheap and easy to set up. Running ads on your products will give them greater exposure over waiting for the algorithm to get them in front of the right people.

The ROI is very good when you have some higher-priced items so it makes sense to have a few ads running all the time. When you consider the cost of goods sold you can add your ad spend into the price of the products and essentially break even when you have a winning ad campaign running.

4 – Take great pictures

 The pictures need to show your product in great detail but also in a very enticing way. It should show the product in a setting in which a customer can envision them using it or hanging it on their wall.

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