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The Benefits of VPS China for Your Website SEO

In today’s time, SEO is the only way to improve your website’s organic reach. By using relevant keywords, you can easily rank your website in the no. 1 position in the search engine. But its dynamic nature keeps the webmasters on their toes therefore they have to stay updated with Google’s new algorithm as well. 

The SEO won’t give you desired results till you choose the right hosting plan. If you think that your shared hosting will do some magic then you are wrong. Shared Hosting is best till you don’t receive high traffic but once your website starts gaining visitors then you will not be left with any other choice rather than opting for VPS China.

In this article, I have discussed What is VPS Hosting, the Benefits of VPS Hosting China over Shared Hosting for your website’s SEO, and finally why Serverwala is the best to buy cheap VPS China Plans from. 

What is VPS Hosting?

VPS Hosting refers to creating multiple virtual environments to serve many users on one physical server. In simple words, one physical machine is divided into multiple small virtual machines where each machine is allotted to users with dedicated resources, configurations, and space. Here no website could interfere with the working environment of another website. Since no website on VPS Server has direct contact with each other, therefore it offers ultra-fast speed, performance, and security to each website.

Significance of VPS Hosting China For Your Website’s SEO

1. Improved uptime score

Normally the uptime score of a server is measured in terms of percentage. The highest uptime score provided by almost all web hosting companies is 99.9% which means a site will face a downtime of 1.44 minutes a day and a total of 8.8 hours a year. From the SEO point of view, if your site faces frequent downtime then there are most chances for it to fall in ranking too. VPS Hosting China stands on top in providing the highest uptime in comparison to other types of web hosting. Since VPS Hosting, no website could interfere with each other’s work environment therefore VPS Hosting China is the most reliable hosting solution. 

2. Better loading time

If you are already running a business website online then you must know that websites with slow loading times drive away your potential customers and also hamper the image of your business. 

In shared hosting, if one site consumes a lot of resources then it will directly impact the speed of other websites too. However, with VPS China, you won’t face such issues as every user under VPS Hosting China will get a unique IP address and other resources dedicatedly allotted to them only. Therefore, China VPS Hosting Plans offer the best loading time for all types of websites along with SSD storage in place of HDD storage.

3. Robust security features

With Shared Hosting, you will see all the sites hosted on this server share the same IP address thus if one site gets hacked then it will put all the remaining sites at the risk of security. On the other hand, VPS China divides one physical server into many compartments and provides each site with a unique IP address. Under the China VPS Hosting plan, you will also get full root access to your server using which you can install any security features to make your site threat-free. Therefore, with VPS China, your site will face an issue of cybercrime. 

4. Greater control over the server

With a VPS server in China, one gets full control over the root access of the server. Taking it as an advantage, you can easily install various applications to optimize the functionalities of the server. VPS China also gives you the benefit of installing the operating system of your choice. 

5. Easy Upgradation

With increasing traffic, every site needs updating. VPS China allows one to scale up the resources anytime as per the requirements. Therefore, with China VPS, you can play on the front foot in improvising the SEO of your website. 

6. Managed VPS Hosting

If you see it from an SEO point of view, then you will realize that managed VPS Hosting is the best ladder to climb on. Under Managed VPS Hosting plans, the hosting provider takes care of all the management and configuration of the server. 

Why Choose Serverwala?

Server Wala is one of the industry-leading VPS Hosting providers in all prime locations of china such as Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Jiangsu, Guangdong, Zhejiang, and many more. The company is best known for providing 24/7 customer support, the highest uptime, Monthly 20 TB data transfer, 1 GBPS Network speed, DDoS Protection, Full root access, and much more. With the cheap VPS China of Serverwala, you will get all your business requirements fulfilled in one place only. 


With the above points, it is clearly visible that VPS Hosting China is well suitable for websites that want to get visibility in search engines. The VPS China is not only cost-friendly but offers all the resources of a dedicated server on a budget. If you also want to see your business website in the first position in search engines then first assess your requirements and choose the right VPS HOsting China package of Serverwala to give a boost to the growth of your business.


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