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Top 5 Carnivals You Must See Once If You Love To Travel

Last Sunday, I downloaded Mardi Gras: Spring Break from 1337x proxy, and as I was watching it, I fell in love.

Well, not with the movie per se but with the concept, the festival, the colorful costumes all around, and whatnot.

Yes, we are talking about the Mardi Gras.

As I was watching the film, I realized there is so much left in the world for me to see, and I haven’t finished even half of it. So, I made a bucket list immediately, where I outlined the most popular carnivals in the world.

Today, I’d like to share that list with you. So, my fellow mavericks, if you truly want to see why we have been given the life we have, visit these carnivals once.

1: Beads And Bling: It’s A Mardi Gras Thing

This holiday takes place before Ash Wednesday, but the celebration starts weeks before that.

According to the Catholic faith, Mardi Gras is the day when people celebrate the culmination of 40 days of fasting and eating unhealthy foods accompanying the season of Lent.

This carnival is held in New Orleans, and people all over the world take part in it.

Several Crews arrange the parades, and they toss colorful beads, plastic toys, and cookies from the floats.

People wear green, gold, and purple-colored costumes to represent faith, power, and justice.

The cake-eating tradition is also fun. If you happen to have a tiny plastic baby in your slice, you’ll be called ‘King’ for the day and will have to host the next party.

2: Follow Your Heart, Even If It Takes You All The Way To Rio

The Rio De Janeiro Carnival is possibly the most popular in the world because 2 million people parade on the streets of Brazil.

But why?

Well, this celebration starts around mid-February and continues till Ash Wednesday, so in a way, the theme of the carnival is similar to Mardi Gras!

The best attraction of the Rio Carnival is the parade of Samba Schools.

More than 200 schools participate in this event, and each of them plans a theme and designs their costumes accordingly.

Even if you are not a Brazilian, you can participate in the carnival. All you’ll need is the right costume and permission from the organizers to take care of the rest.

3: Where’s The Party Tonight? It’s At St.Mark’s Square. Happy Venice Carnival!

This is a 12 days long carnival, and people don their exquisite masks on the St. Mark’s Square to celebrate Serenissima Repubblica over the Patriarch of Aquileia.

Well, at least that was the motto when the carnival started initially.

Today, the Venice Carnival is celebrated to cherish the culture and people of Venice.

Each year, plenty of masquerade balls are organized, and there is even a competition for the ‘most beautiful mask’ of the event.

Apart from the mask competition, there are plenty of other events organized throughout the festival. You can immerse yourself in cruise parties, pub crawls, classical music concerts, parades, and fireworks spread all over the city.

4: May You Dance All Your Worries Away At Notting Hill Carnival!

The Notting Hill Carnival is held in London to celebrate the cultural unity between the British and the West Indian communities.

If you plan to visit this carnival in August, you must buy your tickets now because the city attracts more than 1 million people during this time.

For music lovers, this carnival will be the HEAVEN!

There are heavy sound systems installed on every corner of the street, and bands organize live performances to cheer you up.

The parades go on for 2 days, but the celebration’s spirit remains for a whole year until the next Notting Hill Carnival is held.

5: Carnival In Cologne: Costume On — Hysteria Off?

This is one carnival that has been in the world for almost 200 years.

The Germanic tribes pay their respect to Gods and celebrate the Winter solstice on Rosenmontagszug. It is also known as Shrove Monday, and three participants parade around the city as a symbolic representation of the carnival’s spirit.

There is one prince, one farmer, and one virgin, and they pay loads of money to be the most significant part of the carnival.

The bars and pubs don’t close during this time, so you can spend the carnival week drinking your happiness away!

Get Ready

As I have shared my list of the top 5 carnivals in the world, I hope you’ll honor these traditions and visit these destinations once.

You can always find people to accompany you in this event, and once you land among these locales, you’ll find yourself partying all day and night!

So, pack your bags now and book the tickets to see the best carnivals in the world.

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