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Vaping vs. Smoking Weed: Understanding the Key Differences

Vaping products are taking over the market. In fact, the vape market was estimated at 15.04 billion in the past year. Shops, gas stations, and even online stores are selling vape products.

However, a lot of weed smokers are still on the fence. If you’re a smoker and wondering what’s the difference between vaping vs. smoking weed, keep reading to learn more.

Vaping vs. Smoking Weed

Vaping has gotten popular because cigarette users and weed smokers are trying to find better smoking alternatives. Whether you smoke weed or cigarettes, you’re probably familiar with “smokers lungs.”

Smokers’ lungs can make it hard to breathe sometimes and cause chest pain when smoking. However, with vaping, instead of inhaling smoke particles, the substance is vaporized and condensed.

So is vaping better than smoking? The truthful answer is we don’t know yet. There still isn’t enough research to prove that vaping is healthier. However, what we do know is that vaping has fewer chemicals than cigarettes.

Most vape juices only contain propylene glycol, nicotine, water, food coloring, and sometimes vegetable glycerin. Lastly, cigarette products, rolling papers, and de-gutted blunt raps all link to cancer and lung diseases.

Can a Vape Give Me a Good Buzz?

Vapes are pretty potent and can deliver a fast buzz in seconds. One key takeaway between vaping vs. weed is that vaping contains more THC per hit than a regular joint or blunt. Therefore, vaping marijuana will get you higher.

Furthermore, when vaping nicotine, you also experience a better and cleaner buzz when compared to regular cigarettes. So overall, vaping definitely can get you buzzed and feeling good!

Is Vaping Less Expensive? 

Many smokers are always wondering, “should I vape or smoke weed” and “is vaping cheaper than smoking weed.”

First of all, vaping vs. marijuana is very different. As mentioned earlier, vaping gets you higher than smoking weed. Therefore, you are less likely to run out of weed because you don’t have to smoke as much to get high!

So if you’re constantly running out of weed and you’re stuck between a vape or smoke, you should consider vaping! For cigarette users, the same rule applies.

Many cig users run through multiple packs a day. However, with vaping, a whole pod can last you a week!

What All Do I Need to Buy?

Vape starter kits are relatively cheap and come with everything you’ll need! Before you start buying anything, you should know the two kinds of vape pens. There are disposable and rechargeable vapes.

It’s important to mention that disposable vapes can be very wasteful and are bad for the environment. Fortunately, rechargeable vape pens save you money over time and are of better quality. They are also less wasteful because instead of replacing the whole vape, all you need is a new pod.

Once you’ve chosen your style, make, and design of vape pen, all you need to do is buy a vape pod. Your brand new vape will come with charging cables and all of the required components for a vape!

The Best Alternative

In conclusion, vaping vs. smoking weed should have no debate. Vaping weed and nicotine is better for you and cheaper!

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