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Virtual Fair and Trade Show Engagement Ideas

It is no secret that virtual events are taking over the world, considering the current situation. A situation in which you can barely step out of the house or gather a few people. So, it is not a staggering thing to know that every event that hasn’t been canceled is happening virtually. These events are virtual Fest, virtual Fair, virtual trade show, virtual award shows, virtual AGMs and virtual town hall, etc.

In fact, it would be strange if these events wouldn’t happen online. Since virtual events are the most appropriate option. So, the whole world is attending events online. But people often get confused between different events. And one such example is the virtual fair and virtual trade show. So let’s have a look.

Virtual Fair and Virtual Trade Show

A virtual fair and a virtual trade show is a digital versions of a physical event. This version relies on a 3-D and interactive environment. It aims to replicate the feel of a physical event.

Since the event is virtual, you don’t need to present physically. And you can attend the event anytime and from anywhere. Also, virtual events are cost-effective because you can save money on the venue, traveling, and accommodation. So you should consider trying virtual events.

Now that you know the benefits of virtual events, you must be wondering how you can engage your audience in a virtual event. So, let’s look at some ideas.

Audience engagement ideas at virtual Fair and Virtual Trade show

Live Chats

It is one of the most effective methods to engage the audience at your virtual event. Also, this feature enables attendees to communicate among themselves and with speakers, guests, and exhibitors. Also, it helps in networking.

So, you must be wondering how you can provide this feature to the audience. You have two options. First, you can either directly provide this option. Or you can provide support for third-party platforms like WhatsApp and Zoom calls.


Conducting polls can have multiple advantages. You can know about your audience’s preferences while engaging them. Usually, in polls, there are 1-2 questions with 3 or 4 options. And the attendee has to select one option. This helps you to get the audience’s favorite choice.

Since attendees’ opinion is crucial. So, you must include the option of polling.


Surveys work in similar ways to polls. The only difference is the number of questions. Here the number is higher than in polls. And just like polls, surveys also serve multiple purposes. They also engage the audience and keep them busy.

Surveys give you detailed information about the audience’s opinion. But you get an individual’s view, rather than an audience’s opinion. However, you can learn your audience’s opinion by calculating individual replies. Also, it makes the audience feel valued. Simultaneously you get to know what the audience is thinking about your event.


What can be better than playing a game while waiting for the event to begin? Or before joining another session. But you must be thinking about why you should provide games in your event? The answer is simple. It helps your attendee to get busy or relax while switching from one session to another session.

Now I know what is your next question, which game you should keep at your event? Again a simple answer. It depends on your preference. You can either add games to your platform or can link online games with your virtual platform.


Networking is a great way to engage the audience. Also, networking is vital. Because many times it can be the only reason for attending any event. This extends to virtual events also. So, you wouldn’t want to lose a set of the audience looking for building new connections. And especially in a virtual fair and Trade show, where the chances of getting new contacts are high.

After realizing the importance of networking in a virtual event, you must be questioning which networking tools and features you should use? Here is the list of some of these features and tools – AI matchmaking, Networking lounges, 2-way communication, and Live Chats (1:1 or group) to begin with. These features will let your attendees connect with the other attendees, guests, speakers, and exhibitors in your hybrid event.

Live Q&A

Live Q&A lets you communicate with your audience directly. Also, it helps your attendees to clear their confusion. And get information that is either not available in your event or is not visible clearly.

If your content is compelling, then you can expect some questions. In fact, the more queries you get, means more the attendees are interested in your event. Apart from answering questions yourself, you can assign a team for the same for more convenience.

Also, you can provide the option of Q&A at an in-person meeting. Alternatively, you can also keep time for Q&A in a live session. This will keep the spirit and craze high in your virtual event.


The leaderboard displays the score earned by the audience. But you must be wondering how a leaderboard can help engage the audience in a virtual event?

You can ask your audience to visit the various places on your platforms like photobooths, exhibition halls, networking lounges, or sponsor booths to earn a score. Those who will tour all the locations will be the winner. This will not only keep the audience interested but also encourage them to visit the sponsor’s booths. In other words, we can say one solution for two challenges.

Push Notification

Another great way to engage your audience is to keep them notified about the events. Push notification not only maintains the excitement in the event. But also prevents attendees from missing sessions for which they are waiting. So you must be wondering how push notification works? The answer is, that an attendee can enable notifications for a session. This will work as a reminder. So, before the session begins, the attendee will get notified about that session.

Also, this feature will make attendees feel valuable. And he/she will not leave the event without attending that session. Even if they are thinking of going away from the event.

We hope this article will help you in engaging the audience. Tell us about some of your favorite ideas to engage the audience. And what are your plans for organizing virtual events?

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