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Ways QuickBooks Can Help Run Small Businesses

Businesses of all scales have been using QuickBooks as their accounting software for more than a decade now. In the US alone more than 30 million businesses have been using QuickBooks as their accounting software. Being a popular choice among most bookkeepers, accountants, and other finance experts, it becomes easier to implement QuickBooks in businesses. Many businesses are also using QuickBooks Cloud Hosting to keep up with the cloud computing trend and implement the power of the cloud in their businesses. QuickBooks has a lot of potentials that business owners don’t know about. Below are some of the ways QuickBooks can help run small businesses with ease:

Manage Bills and Accounts Payable 

It is important for businesses to keep their vendors and suppliers happy. Many businesses fall behind on their outstanding bills with the vendors, which affects business relations negatively. With the enter bills and pay bills, functionalities in QuickBooks businesses can avoid this problem as businesses can enter the bills provided by the vendors with the correct due dates and terms. Businesses can then later pay the bills directly through the online bill pay service provided in QuickBooks. This way they can easily pay the vendors before the due date arrives.

Accept Online Payments 

Businesses can use the Intuit payment network services which enables them to take online payments against the invoices from their customers. With competitive pricing, Inuit charges the businesses only $0.50 per transaction irrespective of the transaction amount. When compared to other payment merchants the processing fee is low. 

Manage Employee Time 

Businesses have an option to record the employee shift time from the employee section on the dashboard. They can input a single-entry event or utilize the weekly timesheet. By doing this, businesses can easily measure employee productivity and use this data during the job costing process to evaluate employee work value and ethics.


Business can host their QuickBooks through Hosted Virtual Desktop Provider and attain easy accessibility to the software and business files. This means that businesses would not be bound to their office location, as work can be carried out from any time, anywhere on any device with just an internet connection. This has been the lifeline of business during the pandemic, as all the offices were closed, and the work had come to a pause. But with virtual solutions businesses resumed the work and other business processes from their houses.

Email Invoices and Statements 

Businesses can set up send all the invoices and statements directly from QuickBooks. This helps the business to reduce the time taken by the customers to make the payment. In return, this makes sure that the cash flow in the business is always steady and on time. Merged this with Inuit’s online payment option, QuickBooks becomes a very powerful tool.

As you see, QuickBooks is great accounting software for running all the business processes in a small business. Apps4Rent offers QuickBooks Hosting services with 24/7 maintenance, support, and security. They also offer other products such as Microsoft Government Cloud with secured end-user support.

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