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Ways to Decorate Your Home With Throw Pillows

Who doesn’t love snuggling with the small, soft throw pillows! Be it while sleeping or simply reading a good book, throw pillows are companions that provide warmth and comfort. And, the degree of these emotions is higher when there are custom made pillows

These pillows might be soft, but not fluff as they do much more than adding comfort. Throw or toss pillows look like a tiny part of your home design, but they play a huge role in uplifting the aesthetics.

Adding the right kind of throw pillows gives your house a stylish look. Whether you want a stylish, rugged or a more personalized home, throw pillows fit in every taste.

For instance, a bright colored pillow can add to the vogue of your home, while a custom printed pillow will exude a warm feel. 

While this stands true, most people often struggle with choosing the perfect throw pillows for their home. To help you use this home decor element in an optimal way, we’ve listed down some tips. Read on to find out how to elevate your home design with throw pillows: 

Pick a Color from Your Room’s Shade Palette

Color is the first thing that comes to mind when picking cushions or throws pillows. 

Whether you’re looking for a pillow for your living room sofa or your bedroom, understand the color palette of the space. 

Look around and take in the furnishings, curtains, chairs, art pieces, and any other accessories that decorate the room. Now identify two or three main colors, which become your color palette.

When deciding on your throw pillows, make sure you have one of these main colors in them. If there’s a single element that adds a dash of color to the room, let it be the highlight and pick that color for one of your throw pillows. Mix it up with patterns and other shades to give your room’s decor a flawless, modern tone. 

Say No to Matching Colors, Prints & Patterns

Imagine a couch or chair with scatter pillows of the same color! It might not be a design disaster always, but it is hard to digest in a world full of contrast of beautiful shades. 

The days of matching cushions with the couch are gone. Contrast is the name of the decor game today! While it doesn’t have to be poles apart, avoid picking the same colors, patterns, and prints. Matching throw pillows simply merge and add no aesthetic appeal to the space. They will simply act as an extra, futile piece of furnishings in the room. 

Add some contrast with custom-made pillows if you’d like that to go well with the color palette of your room and also stand out. 

Pick a Number – Odd or Even

Another important aspect that you need to decide upon is the number of scatter pillows you want. It seems like an easy task, but the art of home decor and design isn’t as simple as picking any number.

Let the style of your room dictate the number of toss pillows in the space. 

If yours is a traditional-looking room, opt for an even number. One way to get this right is to pick two matching solid colors and two matching patterned pillows.

Place them on each corner of your couch to elevate that piece of furniture. 

For a more eclectic look, pick an odd number. Place three different scatter pillows on each corner of the sofa or five on a three-seater couch for that perfectly balanced look.

This step is crucial as the arrangement of these pillows can make a huge difference to the design of your setting. 

Mix it Up with Prints and Patterns

Nowadays, a vast variety of prints and patterns are available to choose from in home decor items ranging from curtains to rugs.

The same holds true for throw pillows. From neutral to striped to floral you can find a wide array of prints and patterns when shopping for them. 

The key is to pick a mix of colors, prints, and patterns to add visual interest to your home’s decor. Bold colors like pink or floral patterns can add a punch of visual appeal to a neutral room. 

At the same time, plain, pastels blend in well with a room overwhelmed with prints and textures. If you have an area painted in bright color, pick patterns in dark shades like red, mustard, plum, navy blue, or maroon. 

Don’t forget to look for unique textures for spaces where you want to highlight a decor piece. 

Play With the Size and Shape

Different elements in terms of size, shapes, patterns, textures, prints, come together to form a modern space. These items bring in their own distinctiveness and functionality to the room’s decor. For instance, a quirky-shaped chair or a round center table. 

When selecting throw cushions, experiment with different sizes and shapes. See how it accentuates the space’s decor by contributing a unique design aspect. 

Let’s say, a dark-colored pillow with a pattern in gold or a custom-printed pillow with a single art figure on it will stand out in a neutral room filled with quirky-shaped furniture pieces. 

Tell a Tale with Personalized Pillows

Every home tells a story; the story of its inhabitants. Every decor element, the color of the furnishings, the texture of the floor, or the shape of the table gives you a sneak peek into the personality of the occupants. 

Apart from letting colors, shapes, and patterns convey your story, tell it through custom-made, personalized pillows. They are an easy, budget-friendly way to add a hint of personal touch to the decor of the space. Not only that, but custom-printed pillows can also be a stand-alone element to elevate the visual appeal of your space. 

Get your family, travel, wedding, or any other memories close to your heart printed on throw pillows and place them in a way that contributes in a distinctive way to the design of your space.

For instance, the living room is an ideal space for a throw pillow with a family photo on it. It is a great addition to the space when placed on an armchair!

You can also add a fun element to your home’s decor by customizing a pillow with quotes, names, dates, or art. Place it aesthetically in your bedroom, living room, or study room, depending on the text and picture on it, and see how it works wonders on your decor. 

Final Words

Throw pillows are an underestimated aspect of design that has immense potential to enhance the vogue of your home. Whether you opt for custom-printed pillows or plain cushions, let them blend in with your decor to create a vibe that’s unique to your home. Remember these tips while doing so!

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