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Ways to Take Charge of Your Diabetes Diagnosis

Receiving bad news from your healthcare provider is always shocking, especially if they let you know that you have a chronic condition like diabetes. However, the CDC states that there are over 34 million U.S citizens living with diabetes, and around 90 to 95 percent of these people have type 2 diabetes. So, whether you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes, you are safe in the knowledge that you are not alone with your diagnosis. Fortunately, this common health condition is reversible for many people, so it is essential that you approach your condition head-on. Here are 4 effective ways to take charge of your diabetes diagnosis.

  • Get to Know Your Condition

In short, type 1 diabetes is likely caused by an autoimmune reaction. In turn, your body stops producing insulin. There is no way to prevent this type of diabetes, and you will have to take insulin daily to manage your condition. Type 2 diabetes arises when your body can make insulin, but it isn’t able to use it well, which leads to abnormal blood sugar levels. For some, this type of diabetes is reversible with changes to their lifestyle. Whichever type you have, make sure you know the difference between the two and read up on your condition so that you can manage it efficiently.

  • Monitor Your Blood Sugar Levels Daily

Tracking your blood sugar levels regularly is key to good diabetes management. Using a specially designed, smart blood sugar monitor device, such as the one designed by Dario, you can check your blood glucose levels at any time of the day. This way, you will know how your body is responding to various factors, such as stress, food, and exercise. These glucose monitoring devices can be paired with a smartphone so that you, and your healthcare provider, get almost instantaneous results.

  • Develop Stress Management Techniques

Developing good stress management techniques can help you in all aspects of your life. Feelings of anxiety can overcome anyone, whether they are affected by diabetes or not. Unfortunately, those with this chronic condition who experience high levels of stress might find that they struggle to manage their diabetes well. There are numerous methods people use to reduce stress levels, including socially connecting with others, guided meditation practice, finding a hobby they enjoy, being physically active, and maintaining good nutrition.

  • Download Apps to Combat Diabetes

People with a knack for technology can tackle diabetes by incorporating digital tools into their management plans. There are a variety of apps you can download that can help you keep on top of your progress. For example, there are apps that allow you to maintain your glucose levels, you can track your fitness goals with a fitness tracker, and there are plenty of food and nutrition apps that allow you to log your meals and keep track of what you are eating. Logging different aspects of your life give you an easy way to monitor your condition and stay healthy every day.

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