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Website Designing and Development Trends for 2024

As we are already in the middle of this year, it is still quite interesting to pause for some time and think how drastically everything, particularly website designing trends has changed in the past few years. As technology has continued to evolve faster so, it is more than important for website designers to brush up on their skills and styles to keep up with this change.

Just think about it – 10-15 years ago, mobile-friendly websites were barely in existence. But, today, not having a mobile-friendly website means you are missing out on something extremely useful for your business. So, thinking about giving a modern makeover to your business website but do not know HOW?

Do not worry! Just check out the following modern website designing and development trends we have listed here to get some inspiration for your website:

6 Best Website Designing and Development Trends for 2024

  1. Dark Mode
  2. Hand-Drawn Graphics and Elements
  3. Above the Fold ‘Call-to-Actions’
  4. Clear and Visible Grids
  5. Bigger Typography
  6. Geometric Designs

Dark Mode

Thanks to the latest technology, this dark mode feature is quite popular among users for different reasons. It is not only easier on your eyes but visually it is quite clean and simple. When a dark or black background is paired with bright color ‘Call-to-Action’ buttons, the design stands out and provides visitors with a visually smooth experience. So, you need to try this one out to ensure a smooth experience for your users.

Hand-Drawn Graphics and Elements

Hand-drawn elements are now bringing back the ‘old-fashioned’ designs but with a modern twist. Whether it is hand-lettered iconography, static cartoons, or animations, website designs are now bringing those warm, cozy, and positive emotions back through customized designs. It is because manually drawn designs remind all of the ‘humans’ behind every work – that is something we often miss in the present tech-dominated world. So, it is yet another trend that you will see more and more in 2024.

Above the Fold ‘Call-to-Actions’

Presently, businesses want to convert every visitor into their customer as soon as possible. It means you will need an impressive ‘Call-to-Action’ button above the fold of your website because it will be the area noticed by most of your visitors. In a world of fast bounce rates and short attention spans, having a CTA button on the top will help your business significantly. This is one of the reasons why you are now seeing more and more websites having headers, sub-headers, and CTA. However, your CTA should have the most appealing iconography along with the right header banner or photo to increase conversions.

Clear and Visible Grids

As the name suggests, these grids are nothing but a series of vertical and horizontal lines that intersect together several times, serving as a well-designed structure for your designers to work within instead of a chaotic free space. However, visible grids are a new trend. You might have noticed on several websites that they have more dominant and softer grid lines, making things clear to help your websites look structured and professional.

Bigger Typography

Bigger is better. Well, it is quite relevant and true when it comes to website trends for 2024. Now, UX designers are using bigger fonts to grab the attention of their targeted audience without putting a lot of content or text. They are just using a few catchy words in a splashy way to command the eyes of the readers even from afar. If you think that large typography is not suitable for your business ‘type’, then you are wrong. It is something that can easily be used for any website.

Geometric Designs

For many, geometric designs are boring and dull. Well! They are not. Instead, they are quite versatile as you can use them in a ton of ‘creative’ ways to draw attention to the right spot. Whether it is squared, triangles, circles, stripes, or any other out-of-the-box shape, these are the sure-fire ways to create a minimalist as well as a modern feel for your website.

Summing Up

So, these are a few trends you will see in website design. However, one thing is clear – 2024 will bring more designs that certainly won’t leave any of your visitors bored. Whether website designs are charging headfirst into futuristic visions or capitalizing on nostalgia, a leading website designing and development company will help you create a visually appealing and engaging website to grab the attention of your audience and bring success to your business.

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