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Top 20 Websites to Watch and Download Movies

Bored at home with nothing to do? Are you a movie buff but hate spending on tickets? Or does the crowd upset you now that the pandemic has driven everyone out of their mind? Then I have just the antidote for you. I keep getting asked for good websites to download movies from. Some aren’t safe, some aren’t reliable and some are just a waste of time. So today, I have compiled and brought to you my very own favorite list of top 20 websites to watch and download free movies online. NO stepping out and no extra payment. Just sit back and enjoy the time with your favorite movies. Without much ado, let’s dive straight into the list

What is Tormenting?

Torrenting is essentially downloading or uploading movies through the BitTorrent network. There are many arguments about it not being safe, however, it all depends on the trusted network that you are using and your VPN. Viruses and malware are everywhere on the internet today, but you can stay safe by keeping a good anti-virus and anti-malware program on your computer or laptop.

Types of sites to watch movies

So basically, you can either stream a movie directly from the internet or download it or use a torrent. I will be segregating them on these lines to make it easier for you. Another difference is that some platforms are free, while some are paid. Make sure you know which ones you want to go for if you plan on saving money. So let us get started.

How to identify if a site is safe to download from?

Too many ads

If the site has way too many flashing ads and popups that make it hard to even browse through it, then rest assured it is merely for advertising than offering real content.

Peer to peer site

Make sure it’s a peer-to-peer site where you are sharing with and to millions of people over the world. Although this can also mean that sometimes viruses or malware can be passed through, but in the end, we can never be too safe, right?

The site name

Is the name unusually long? Does the URL sound wrong or has the extensions in the wrong place? All these are signs that the site may not be as safe as you may think and it’s best that you choose another one, as it may pose a risk to your device and your files.

Browser safety

Modern browsers warn you before entering a malicious site, and I suggest you take their warnings seriously. So if a threat pops up, you know that’s not where you should be.

Top 20 websites to watch and download movies

Sr.No. Name of the Website Free/Paid/Subscription Stream/Download
1 YouTube Free Stream
2 Netflix Subscription Stream
3 Hotstar Free/Premium Stream
4 Toxicwap Free Download
5 CinemaHD Free Stream
6 YTS Free Download
7 Hulu Subscription Stream
8 Vimeo Free/Paid Download
9 MovieFlixter Free Download
10 Retrovision Free Download
11 IMDb TV Free Download
12 The Roku Channel Free Download
13 Sony Crackle Subscription Stream
14 AntMoviesTv Free Download
15 Amazon Prime Subscription Stream
16 PopcornFlic Free Download
17 Kanopy Free Download
18 Yidio Free Download
19 Movie Night Free Download
20 Putlockerbox Free Download



This goes without saying, YouTube definitely tops the list of sites as it is safe and has a huge collection of movies. It is indeed the largest platform for movies, videos, and music and is used globally by people. The reason why I put it as the number one option is that now they have also launched the ad-free version. All you need to do is pay for a subscription and then enjoy your movies ad-free. There are so many best free tv streaming sites available same as youtube.

Some full-length movies are free on the platform, while some need to be rented or bought at very reasonable rates. Overall, it is mine and should definitely be your first choice for a wonderful movie-watching experience as well.


Honestly, who doesn’t know about Netflix? Everyone has simply been ‘Netflix and chilling’ during this lockdown situation. Netflix has movies and tv shows sorted in genres and languages making it an easy experience for you to browse through and select one of your choices. It has a monthly or annual subscription which gives access to all the content. The best part is that this subscription can be shared between multiple users and so one family can enjoy one Netflix subscription over different devices.


If you’re unaware of Hotstar, let me tell you, it is also a popular app with a large collection of Bollywood and Hollywood movies. It is a hub for Indian moves and tv shows. It has a premium version that is paid and a free version as well. Hotstar has a simple and easy-to-understand interface that works well to suit your needs.


This is a website for downloading movies. It has a hassle-free interface and lets you download free movies and television shows in High Definition (HD). Similar to other sites, this one too does have ads but in comparison, they are fewer than others. It is sure to give you a good experience.


This one is my personal favorite. It has all, and I mean ALL the movies and television shows, mostly in English though. They are sorted genre-wise such as Mystery, adventure, horror, comedy, romance, action, fantasy, sci-fi, animation, etc. The collection is vast and you get to choose among streams and their sizes. The videos are available in various sizes and formats and downloading is easy.

The best part is that they all have subtitle streams as well. So you can select the subtitles anytime you want.


This is a site to download torrents for free. A unique feature of this site is that it lets you downsize your HD movies specifically for your mobile. So you can watch movies on the go. It does have a lot of ads, though, but since you are not paying anything for it, a little patience through the ads isn’t a big deal, right?


Hulu is also similar to Netflix and requires a subscription. The free version only gives you access to limited content. This is a streaming app where you do not require downloads. Directly watch from the internet. Even for the free version, you get more than 100 movies as well as a few television series episodes. This app is available for Android and Apple.


You are going to be baffled by the humongous collection of videos that Vimeo has. Not just mainstream movies but art films and online documentaries as well as short films too. It offers both free and paid content. My suggestion is you should definitely check this one out.

Movie Flixter

Not many have heard about this site but it’s good, take my word for it. It has easy groupings of movie genres to make the selection a simple experience for you. Movie Flixter is free of cost and compatible with computers, laptops as well as mobile phones.


If you’re a fan of old classics but don’t know where to look for them, here’s your answer. This is practically the only website to have a large collection of old classics. It is free of cost and allows easy and hassle-free download at a single click. It basically is Gold for Old.


You have most likely heard of and used IMDB to check the rating or the plot of a movie. But they recently announced a streaming website called IMDb TV by IMDb Freedive. As of now they have a limited collection but will soon expand as you, the viewers show them a little love.

The best part is that this site is connected to Alexa, you can command Alexa to directly start online streaming. Easy peasy, isn’t it?

The Roku Channel

Although this streaming channel isn’t available in India as of now, it is worth a mention because of its vast expanse. The content is arranged according to genres making it easy for viewers to look up for a particular movie or tv show. If you really are keen on getting this in India, you can always use a VPN.

Sony Crackle

What makes this platform stand apart from the others is the availability of content in several global languages. All you need to do is to sign up and then create a Watch list in order to get suggestions from the site based on your interests


Usually, platforms offer either a streaming service or downloading option, however, this platform has both. So depending on your convenience, you can either choose to stream or download movies from here. It has hundreds of movies and television shows for free.

Amazon Prime Video

This platform is on par with Netflix if you consider its popularity globally. It is free but also offers a subscription plan if you wish to view more than the limited content that the free version has to offer. There are movies, shows, cartoons, documentaries, short films, shows and so much more to keep you entertained throughout. It is available in India and has many Bollywood and other movies in Indian languages as well.


This is another one of my favorites if you’re not up for paying a single penny for your entertainment at home. PopcornFlic has a variety of content with not just mainstream released movies but a lot of its own original content as well.


Kanopy is slightly different from another platform such that it caters to not just a casual viewing audience but also film specialists or scholars. There is a lot of profound and thoughtful content without any payment or ads. Can you believe that? It’s Candyland for true movie lovers.

This platform has collaborated with public libraries and universities making sure that it is available to you absolutely free of cost.


Yidio is like having the best of all worlds. It is hell-bent on giving you a good experience.  It has a collection of content from other video-streaming apps or sites that are accessible to you for free. How cool is it that, content from paid websites brought to you for free! So the platforms that Yidio takes its content from are Netflix, Hulu, iTunes, Crackle, Crunchyroll, etc. You also get to download TV series from here. So once you know of this site, you just won’t have to subscribe to other OTT platforms ever again. Searching for a movie or TV show is easy here as well since they are sorted in a very structured manner on the basis of genre or the source from where they were downloaded.

Movie Night

Searching to watch a movie shouldn’t be a hard task when you’re trying to unwind after a long day at work. Movie Night makes it very for you. The interface is absolutely user-friendly and in case you’re struggling to decide what to watch, it also gives you a list of recommended and latest movies to make the task easier. Everything on the site is categorized perfectly. You can search for a movie by its name or genre or even year. There are special sidebars for all these options so it becomes a smoother experience. There are a few ads on the site as it is hosted on third-party servers.

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This is quite a familiar and commonly used site globally. You can download movies from all genres. Plus, Putlocker also shows you the IMDb rating for the movies. It is an easy option to go for if you’re looking for a good website to download and watch movies.

So guys here is my list of the top 20 websites to watch and download movies for free. It surely isn’t an exhaustive one, there are many more but I have shortlisted these few to make it easier for you. If you know of any more, then feel free to add to our list through the comments.

Also remember that although the list of websites given here is safe and free, it is only up to a limit. After all, nothing on the internet can be for absolutely no cost at all. So you might have to either pay or subscribe to some later on but that still remains a choice that you may want to make. About safety, the sites mentioned here are absolutely safe and do not promote or engage in any piracy or illegal practices. So you can be sure and enjoy the content.

Happy binge-watching everyone!

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