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What Are the Different Types of Housekeeping in the Hotel Industry?

Housekeeping can be described as a tidy, cozy, healthy, and aesthetically pleasing environment.

Housekeeping is the operational department of the hotel, which is responsible for the cleanliness, maintenance of rooms, public area cleaning, back-office, and other surroundings.

The housekeeping team provides various housekeeping facilities such as home care, laundry, shopping, bill payments, etc.


  • Quote- When you come to a hotel room, you want it to be grand, functional and beautiful.”


Hotel Housekeeping


Types of Housekeeping in Hotels

It is very important to have a clean and hygienic place for visitors/guests to feel comfortable staying in the hotel.

There are different types of cleaning services performed by the housekeeping service team.

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Exteriors, Entryway, and Lobby

The lobby, entryway, and exteriors make the first impression.

Keep exterior windows and landing free of litter and empty outdoor garbage cans. Sweep or vacuum the entrance surfaces, wipe down the door handles, and check the doorstep plates for smudges and scratches.

The packed lobby should be cleaned, vacuumed, or mopped at least once a day as people walk in and out throughout the day. Use a microfiber dust mop on carpet or floors. Ensure healthier indoor air quality by using Filter vacuum bags.


The public areas strengthen your brand value with regular hotel housekeeping and maintenance to show visitors the level of cleanliness they would experience in your hotel.


Guest Rooms and Rest Rooms

restrooms hotel

Guest rooms are a significant source of income, and they must stay spotless whether the housekeepers in hotels are cleaning rooms for current guests or preparing rooms for occupation.

Carry out regular cleaning activities and maintenance of types of hotel rooms and room service. Housekeeping & Room Service Assistant encourages a good impression of the hotel to visitors and its cleanliness the Housekeeping services in hotels must be polite, trustworthy, helpful and willing to respond to inquiries and complaints from guests.

The role of Housekeeping in hotels should be shining clean all visible hotel floor and corners, housekeepers must store supplies and ensure that the appliances in the room are operating properly.

The restrooms in your guest room or for employees or public areas can get dirty easily.

hotel cleaners must Pay extra attention to washing and sanitizing the rooms. From ceiling tiles to sink basins to floor the whole surface needs to be perfect.

Toilet paper, soap, and paper towel dispensers should be stocked regularly throughout the day and spills should be immediately washed.

Expert housekeeping facilities should conduct these simple cleaning functions, sanitizing, and deep-cleaning toilets at regular intervals.


Amenities, Employee rooms, Restaurants

Various amenities such as spa, gym, bar, swimming pool, mini-fridge, laundry room, elevators, or escalators are provided by the hotel.

To improve the experience of the guests, keep these amenities clean and functional at all times. Scrubbing the pool grout, sanitizing the laundry room, stocking up the fridge, offering clean spa services, etc. makes guests feel confident and relaxed as they can spend time enjoying their stay at the hotel.

Your team is working tirelessly to take care of the hotel and clients. Their workspaces, break-rooms, and supply areas should be cleaned and maintained as every other space in the hotel.

It is important to clean and sanitize the employees’ space to make them feel safe and secure to work in the hotel.

Build impressive restaurant atmospheres that make customers feel safe and enjoy their food and drinks without any hindrance.

Housekeeping in hospitality includes cleaning and maintenance of both dining and hotel kitchen surfaces, from tables and chairs or booth to grease traps and refrigerators each nook and corner should be cleaned and sanitized. This ensures the safety of every guest who dines in and is assured that their food and drinks are served in a clean and safer atmosphere.


Carpets, Marble, and Granite

Hotels use luxurious, flattering, and expensive carpets on the hotel floors. Hence, these need special treatment and should be vacuumed regularly and remove water properly. With this, the carpets can look clean and fresh and can be used for the long run.

The floor of your hotel, which may be made of oak, vinyl, tile, limestone, and marble, should glow and shine.

Ensure that the housekeepers use the right solutions and treatments for each floor surface.

Your employees should also know how to clean up small spills, provide deep cleaning facilities, and strip, coat or refurbish hard surface floors if required.


Morning and Evening Housekeeping Services

The busiest hours for the housekeeping department in the hotel industry would be the morning shift. As they have to prep the place before the working hours starts, all public spaces and back-office spaces must be cleaned up, guest rooms must be cleaned and departure rooms should be prepped for new visitors.

The pressure of work for the housekeeping staff is relatively lower at night than that of the morning shift. Basically, turn down services are offered to customers such as turning down the bed linen, preparing the bed, serving chocolates or cocktails, maintaining key control, Clean maintenance and storage of cleaning equipment Document and report outstanding issues, Track the cleanliness and orderliness of the carts, linen closets, power closets, stairways, and landings.


Coordinating with different housekeeping departments


There are various departments in the hotel management housekeeping such as laundry department, lost and found, linen room, uniform room, tailor room, control desk, etc. all these departments need to coordinate with each other in order to run the day-to-day activities easier and faster.


How to Clean Hotel Room Fast

The hotel housekeeping team should have time management skills to clean the hotel rooms quicker. You need to follow certain steps to make things easier and quicker once you get accustomed to it, it will be easy.

Here are 20 step-by-step procedure to make room cleaning easier:

  1. Have a schedule.
  2. Ensure that you have stocked up your trolley with what you need before you go to the room.
  3. Be polite, knock on the door before you get in.
  4. Open the drapes.
  5. Check lost and found and the maintenance.
  6. Remove the garbage.
  7. Apply the cleaner.
  8. Collect all the cutlery and glassware, rinse it in the sanitizer.
  9. Remove the linen of the bed.

10.Prep the bed.

  1. clean the cutlery, dry it, and put it back in place.
  2. Wash and clean the washbasin, bathroom floor, and bathtub.
  3. Cleaned the toilet.
  4. Mop the floor.
  5. Refill the bathroom supplies.
  6. clean the glass surface.
  7. remove the debris by dusting the room
  8. refill the room supplies
  9. vacuum clean the room
  10. report the room ready



Having a clean place is always an assurance to the guests for their stay in the hotel.

Hence, Hiring housekeeping services in Delhi  is highly essential for the hotel industry to keep the place shiny, tidy, and safe

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