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What is NBA Bite? Top 6 NBA Bite Alternatives

Live streaming of sports is on the rise, especially, in the wake of COVID-19. There are many streaming platforms that allow users to watch their favorite sports matches live, may it be basketball, football, cricket, or badminton. For live streaming NBA matches, one of the best places is NBA Bite.

In this article, we are going to discuss NBA Bite. Moreover, we’ll detail the 6 best alternatives to NBA Bite to watch live NBA games.

What is NBA Bite?

Before emerging out as a popular place to catch live NBA matches, NBA Bite was a subreddit flaunting over 400k subscribers, during its peak. It offers live NBA matches in HD.

Dedicated to NBA matches, there are a galore of other things that you can enjoy at NBA Bite other than watching your favorite NBA games. This includes tracking scores and keeping up with NBA news. Also, you can filter content based on your favorite team.

Unlike most free sports streaming websites, NBA Bite has a clean and organized design. NBA Streams XYZ provides free streaming. The interface is intuitive and minimalist. The mobile site, however, could be improved to match up with its desktop site. It would be great if they could offer a mobile app.

Top 6 NBA Bite Alternatives

As you can see, NBA Bite is a great place to catch everything NBA. However, if you are looking for some great alternatives to the free sports streaming site, here are the best 6 NBA Bite alternatives that you can try:

  • SportSurge

URL – sportsurge.net

SportSurge is among the top-rated sports streaming websites for several reasons, including excellent user interface, a good range of sports, and offering an ad-free experience.

The sports streaming platform works as a directory that offers high-quality links to watch live streams of 6 sports:

  • Basketball (NBA)
  • Boxing
  • Football
  • Hockey
  • MMA
  • Motor Sports
  • VIPLeague

URL – vipleague.lc

VIPLeague is a legit sports streaming website that can be a worthy replacement to NBA Bite for watching live NBA games. The website delivers a captivating combination of quality content and a clutter-free interface.

You get to access 25+ sports with VIPLeague that includes Basketball, Football, Cycling, Motor Sports, and even Darts and Handball.

  • LiveTv

URL – livetv.sx

Another best alternative to NBA Bite is LiveTV. Although it doesn’t catch up to NBA Bite’s design aesthetics, it certainly gets the job done decently.

LiveTv has been operational since 2006. It offers a good range of sports streaming options, may it be popular sports like NBA and FIFA or less-popular sports like volleyball and winter sports.

  • VIPRow

URL – viprow.net

VIPRow shares many similarities to 2 other popular streaming websites, namely VIPbox and VIProw. The free content streaming website lets you watch NBA and other sports in HD.

It has an even broader range of sports than VIPLeague. Moreover, VIPRow offers trivia content in the form of short questions and answers that makes the platform ideal for sports nerds.

  • 720pStream

URL – 720pstream.me

720pStream is among the free sports streaming platforms that have stood the test of time. It offers quality links that deliver top-quality streams.

Although an HD option is available for a few sports streams, all streams are available at 720p, which is good quality considering you have to pay nothing for them.

  • SportStream

URL – sportstream.tv

You can enjoy watching your favorite NBA, NFL, Motor Sports, etc. matches on SportStream with ease. In addition to web streaming, SportStream is also available for desktop and iPad.

SportStream offers a wide range of sports, including Boxing, MMA, Tennis, Cycling, American Football, Gymnastics, Football, and Ice Hockey.


That sums up all about NBA Bite and its top 6 alternatives. Now, you won’t miss out on watching your favorite NBA matches. Moreover, you can also enjoy watching other sports matches on these top NBA alternatives.

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