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5 Types of Video Production to Elevate Your Company

Is video content important? 100% 

Can you shoot just any type of video and put it out to the public? Absolutely not. 

Video marketing is an essential tool that every business should implement in their marketing strategy. Together with other marketing techniques like SEO and email marketing, video marketing can exponentially boost sales and increase your business ROI. 

While it’s undeniable how effective video marketing is, it pays to know what kind of videos to share, when to share them, and where to share them. You could spend a lot of money on creating a professional video that aligns with your brand values, but if you market it the wrong way, your quality video could go to waste. 

Videos capture and hold the audience’s attention much longer than any other type of content. And while producing quality videos can be a lot of work, the value that it brings is incomparable. 

Types of Marketing Videos 

While people describe videos by a lot of terms today, there are ultimately three main types of videos

Educational videos 

These videos aim to instruct on how to use a product/service, and how to achieve maximum results from the product/service. At the end of these videos, viewers are left with new information. 

Awareness videos 

These videos are mostly made with the sole purpose of providing entertainment to the viewers. Videos that raise awareness are often made to be memorable so that the audience remembers what the video was promoting. 

Engaging videos 

These videos aim to encourage customer engagement. The videos usually encourage the viewers to comment, discuss, or share some form of input on the videos. 

Types of Video Content 

Before you dive into your next video production, consider one or more of these different styles of video to maximize benefits. 

1. Corporate Films 

A professionally produced branding/corporate film will go far in instilling your company values and ideology in your audience. These types of videos should be taken seriously as they will heavily influence the customer’s perception of your brand. 

The message that your corporate film passes must speak to your target audience, and helps them develop an emotional connection with your company. For maximum effect, corporate videos should be displayed on your company website, but you can share them on other social media platforms such as your company’s LinkedIn page.

2. Testimonial Videos 

Testimonial videos are essentially the best customer feedback you could ever receive. These types of videos tell stories about how your product or service helped real people to solve their real problems. 

The market is highly competitive, and every strategy comes in handy for marketing. You want to distinguish your business, its products, and services from other brands, and there is little more that does that than real people gushing about your business. 

Testimonial videos can be the final thing that convinces potential customers to patronize your business. To make the videos as clear and helpful as possible, ask your clients to make quality videos that have them saying what problem they were having, why and how they chose your business, and how your product helped them solve their problem. 

To offer your customers motivation to make these videos, you can offer discounts and other incentives in payment for these videos. 

3. Social Media Videos 

Social media videos are a sure bet to skyrocket brand visibility, sales, and ROI. Social media platforms are where everything is happening, and chances are that your target audience is going to engage your brand’s social media posts. 

Over 90% of brands say that social media has attracted new customers to their business. This is because social media platforms host all kinds of people, and the right kind of video production can capture and hold people’s attention; even prompting them to take further action. 

Use your social media platforms to create and share engaging and entertaining videos that showcase what your brand is about. The possibilities of what you can create with social media videos are almost endless; you can create a series of video ad campaigns, or you can get creative with your videos. 

Social media videos offer several benefits, none of which are limited to raising brand awareness, engaging your audience, and cost-effectiveness. 

4. Webinar Videos 

Webinars are the virtual versions of seminars. 

These types of videos can be a great tool for driving traffic to your site and increasing ROI. Webinars can be Q&A sessions, online presentations, or conferences with the hosts and audiences joining virtually. Webinars are a great way to share helpful and genuine information with the audience and also spread brand recognition. 

To boost brand credibility, you can employ the services of a professional to host a webinar and talk about a beneficial topic. Webinar videos typically last between 30 minutes to 1 hour, and webinar platforms can host between 50 to thousands of attendees. 

5. Behind-the-scenes Videos 

Today, social media platforms are allowing brands to connect more with their audience, and customer relations are often more personal. 

Behind-the-scenes videos are entertaining videos that give viewers a deeper insight into how their favorite products are made, the faces behind their favorite brand, and what the work culture there may be like. 

A good idea for your behind-the-scenes video should include employees talking about what your work culture is like, how they enjoy working at the company, and what work experiences stand out to them the most. 

Viewers love feeling like they are a part of the community and getting to know at least an aspect of your business would instill this feeling further. 

If you don’t find the video types above as necessary for your business, there are more types like Sales Videos and Product Review Videos for you to explore. 

However, since the main objective of your videos is reach and engagement, there’s no reason why you can’t use two or more video types in your advertising strategy. The important thing is that you produce quality videos that make your business stand out from competitors

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