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Top RPG Games You Should Play In 2024

Role-playing games are fun and exciting. After all, they make you feel like you’re the main protagonist of the game – bludgeoning through obstacles to save your princess.

But, which game does it in the best possible manner?

In this article, we’re going to talk about five RPG games that serve this genre and the lovers of the same perfectly. If you want to download and play them, just visit proxy-rarbg.

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The RPG Titles To Explore In 2022

In this section, we’ll discuss our favorite RPGs of all time. However, if you feel like we have chosen the wrong ones, don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comment section.

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Option – 1: Disco Elysium.

Dark, gritty, yet funny – Disco Elysium has everything to become the best modern classic in the 21st Century. And, there’s more than one reason behind it.

The game follows an unidentified detective (your character) who’s trying to solve a gruesome murder case with Kim Kitsuragi. It would’ve been fine if the game’s quirkiness ended here.

But, no, there’s more.

While playing the game, you’ll often find your character talking with the different parts of his body. And, they’re literally helping him solve the case through unparalleled deductions.

There’s not much fighting available in the game. However, the plotline will keep you hooked with the title till the end. It’s that well-written.

Option – 2: Divinity: Original Sin 2

A CRPG masterpiece, Divinity: Original Sin 2 is a must-play title for you if you’re an avid lover of the computer role-playing genre. And, there’s a reason or two why we love it.

The gameplay isn’t unique at all, though. It comes with the same classic turn-based fighting or battling system. However, what makes it unique is the class system.

Depending on your class, you can learn new moves, deal more damage, and change the tide of the battle accordingly. In addition to these…

It starts with five different origin characters with each of them following their plot, unique to their own. However, you can also create your hero and rewrite their future.

Option – 3: Dark Souls III

The brainchild of the same studio that made Elden Ring, Dark Souls 3 is a continuation of the popular Souls series. And, it was a massive hit upon release too. Let us tell you why.

So, to begin with, the storyline of the game is amazing. The whole environment is very dark yet gorgeous to its own accord. The flavor of the game is more action-focused, though.

But, if you want, you can also explore the world however you want.

However, be warned! The game isn’t for the faint-hearted, for you might have to pay more than ten times to complete even the easiest boss fight. So, if you’re not a cutthroat gamer, it’s better to stay away from this title.

Option – 4: The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

Hands down; the best open-world, role-playing game of all time. And, by a mile from anyone else, I dare say. Before you get too excited, let us share why we think it to be this way.

For starters, the main storyline of Skyrim is unparalleled, to say the least. We’ve played this game for more than once and yet, we didn’t find a single issue with it.

Secondly, the number of side-quests this game has is quite compelling.

Even if you feel like you’re done with everything, you’ll always find a beggar sitting beside the road, waiting for you to throw a new quest on your tired face.

The world of Skyrim also hides loads of secrets as a whole. And, finding them all isn’t going to be an easy task at all. But, if you find something on your own, it’ll surely feel worthwhile.

Option – 5: Tales Of Arise

The Tales series was quite popular in the JRPG segment from the beginning. But, the launch of Arise has made it even more popular amongst the mainstream audience.

The graphics of the game is, indeed, the primary aspect of concern. It’s colorful, vivacious, and can give almost any mid-term gaming rig a run for its money.

Besides, the storyline of the same seems decent enough. But, what amazed us the most is the side stories of the game. Each of them is different and well-defined.

Although they don’t affect your main story much, playing them is pretty fun. And, you’ll also get more than one excellent piece of equipment from them. So, it’s a win-win for you.

The Bottom Line!

In any case, that’ll mark the end of our article.   If you have any suggestions or want to share a thought or two, comment below. We’ll surely give them a look!

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