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6 Tricks Casinos Use to Keep You Spending Your Money

You enter the casino intending to play one or two games to see what it’s all about. You choose the first game and start carefully with small bets. In the meantime, you’re offered a complimentary glass of champagne by a scantily clad hostess, and you sip it while observing the game. You decide on one more game; it can’t hurt, right? You play more and then drink more. Suddenly you realize that you’ve spent an awfully long time in the casino, and you lost half of your savings.

What you don’t know is that the moment you cross the threshold of that establishment, you are entangled in the web of tricks that casinos use to confuse their clients. They have many tricks up their sleeves – from using chips instead of money, loyalty programs, and free alcohol to lack of windows, clocks, and sufficient clothing on the servers. Moreover, in this day and age, land-based casinos need to look even more attractive, as they have to compete with the convenience of online casinos. It’s enough to take a look at one website – e.g., SlotsOnlineCanada – to see how much you can do from the comfort of your home.

As such, brick-and-mortar casinos need to offer an unforgettable experience, but they are also designed to make you keep spending your money. In this article, you will learn about different ways casinos manipulate your behavior so the next time you party in Vegas, you will know what to watch out for.

Loyalty Programs

These days, casinos use loyalty programs to attract more clients and provide them with incentives for staying with the casino longer. Whether it is the points earned, free meals, or discounted hotel rooms, loyalty programs provide benefits to both the casino and its loyal customers. The program works because it keeps clients coming back over and over again while they try to earn more points or rewards.

Player Reward Cards are one example of loyalty programs. These are cards given to players so they can earn points or rewards based on the amount they spend or play. The player can then redeem the points or rewards for free stuff in the casino, such as drinks, food, or merchandise. 

The cards work because they give players a sense of accomplishment when they earn something (not necessarily money, which is in the casino’s interest). It gives them a sense of purpose – something to work towards. They might even spend more money in order to get more points or rewards from their loyalty programs!

Free Alcohol

Alcohol makes people do some pretty unreasonable things – such as spending more and more money on games. Casinos offer free alcohol to their clients to keep them gambling longer and more recklessly than they normally would.

Alcohol makes it hard for people to think clearly and logically, leading them to impulsive decisions, such as betting large sums of money, when they wouldn’t normally do so sober. Since alcohol reduces inhibitions, drunk gamblers may become more agreeable to various requests, such as making larger bets or leaving their credit cards behind when they play. 


You are used to seeing poker chips; they are small, light-weight objects that you can easily carry in your hands. The casino uses them to make it easier for you to carry and move money around. When you start playing, the casinos give you stacks of chips of different colors and sizes. They don’t use actual cash since it would be very easy to steal.

However, casinos also use chips instead of money to confuse clients further. Clients cannot see how much they are actually spending and can’t tell whether the chips are worth more or less than a dollar in actual money, which makes them spend more recklessly.

Lack of Clocks

What would you do if you were playing a game and suddenly realized that it’s 4:30 in the afternoon and you have a meeting scheduled for 5 o’clock? You would probably stop playing and go to your meeting, right? Clocks are easy to spot, although they can be avoided by placing them in high places where players are less likely to look. Casinos know the power of the clock, and they make sure their games do not have them, so players lose track of time.

No Windows

Just like with the lack of clocks, casinos are designed so that their clients don’t realize how much time has actually passed while they are inside. To achieve this, casinos have no windows. Without knowing what time it is outside, clients become unaware of how long they have been gambling. This helps them lose track of time and continue gambling recklessly for longer periods of time than usual.

Scantily Dressed Servers

The next time you visit a casino, you will notice that servers dress very differently from most other workers. They wear outfits that emphasize their curves and attributes. They wear dresses with low necklines, short skirts, high heels, and heavy makeup.

Casinos also use servers to serve complimentary alcoholic beverages to clients. Clients may feel more comfortable drinking in the presence of beautiful women wearing skimpy outfits. Moreover, the attractive sight might goad the clients to make larger bets.


You’re still welcome to go to the casino in Vegas, as it might be fun, but you should know what is going on. Casinos have a lot of tricks up their sleeves to confuse you and make it difficult for you to spend your money wisely. Whether it is loyalty programs, free alcohol, or chips instead of money, casinos are designed to keep you spending recklessly. All they want you to do is keep losing money in their casino so they can rake in millions of dollars. Casinos don’t want you to leave, but they don’t want you to win either.

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