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7 Big Problems To Avoid In Subscription Box Fulfillment Process

The subscription box fulfillment is quickly rising in demand. More and more people have started using the subscription box. The subscription box fulfillment offers the customers to get their products and services with ease. The biggest problem faced by the subscription box service providers is order fulfillment.

There are some common pain points in the subscription box fulfillment such as processing enormous orders during the peak time, varying growth pattern, high cost for shipping the products. If you want to stay at the top of the various competitors in the market, then you need to consider the different techniques to overcome the pain points.

1.Failing To Balance Service With Cost

An optimum fulfillment service plays a vital role in the subscription box fulfillment. When it comes to ordering fulfillment, then it is recommended that you should balance the service with the cost. All subscription box service providers should put in a lot of effort to delight their subscribers. It is recommended that you should maintain the balance between various processes. It is a good idea to avoid extra engineering.

This idea is highly implacable on the automation fulfillment services. You should look out for the simple solutions that can be efficient. For instance, you should consider the barcode scanning technique rather than using voice-driven technology. The barcode scanning is one of the best and simplest ways to improve subscription box fulfillment.

2. Insufficient Scalability

When it comes to the batch subscription model, then all orders are processed during the peak time of the month. It ultimately results in significant fluctuations in the order volumes. It is recommended that you should be prepared with flexible space for storage and flexible workers.

It is recommended to add the temporary staff and additional conveyor belts to manage the increase in the volume of orders. Another good way to manage the varying volume of the order is to take the help of the third-party logistics service provider.

3. Inefficient Inventory Management

The business owners who use the same inventory for different channels may find it very difficult to properly manage their inventory. The inventory management in the subscription box fulfillment is quite challenging. Usually, it is important to allocate certain SKUs in each channel.

If you want to accommodate this level of complexity, then you need to consider the Order Management System (OMS). This system will help in improving the visibility in all the channels. It will increase your ability to determine the right units to stock to fulfill the demands of your customers.

4. Inadequate Presentation

“Unboxing” is something in the field of eCommerce. All business owners are looking for new techniques to improve the customer experience. A good presentation and optimum packaging of products can help in improving the customer experience. Make sure that your customers enjoy the “unboxing” experience. Therefore, it is imperative to pay special attention to the subscription box packaging.

You can also use good product packaging to spread brand-related information. You can take the help of the order fulfillment service provider who can provide cost-efficient product packaging services. The third-party order fulfillment service providers can help in reducing the cost of the supply chain. 

5. Unrealistic Expectations

Though it is imperative to ensure high accuracy in your work, it is not realistic to ensure 100% accuracy. If you deploy some employees for checking every single order, then it will add more cist in order fulfillment. Moreover, it is a time-consuming process.

The best way to ensure the high accuracy in your system is by implementing the Acceptable Quality Limit (AQL) technique. This technique will set the maximum limit for allowable defects in the shipments. If you will take the help of the third-party order fulfillment service provider, then you can set the expectation for good quality.

6. Failing to Communicate With Consumers

As we have already mentioned that it is not possible to maintain 100% accuracy in order fulfillment technique, therefore, you should provide customer support. Your customers want to talk to you if they face any problem with your services.

Setting up the 24/7 customer support will help in gaining the trust of your customers. If your customers face problems in the quality and quantity of the delivered product, then you can provide compensation in any form. This compensation will help you retain your customers.

7. Failing To Manage Transportation

One of the biggest problems in the subscription fox fulfillment is shipping products safely and quickly. Also, it is very important to consider various options that are good for the shipping of products. Before loading products on trailers, you should consider the cost of shipping the products. In addition to this, you should also consider the cost of pallets and dunnage. It is imperative to make sure that products ship safely without any damage. 

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