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9 Budget-Friendly Tips To Prepare Your Home Before Storm Season

The storm season can wreak havoc on your house, yard, and trees. You should prepare in advance to reduce the damage and save lives. You should ensure that your home is ready for the hurricane season. Here, in this article, we are going to discuss various tips and tricks that will let you prepare your home for the major storm:

1. Invest In Surge Protector

During the storm season, power surges can take place instantly. A huge storm can lead to damage to your appliances. Therefore, it is recommended to install the power surge protectors. Also, you can use the power strips that have in-built surge protectors. The surge protectors will ensure that your gadgets and devices are safe from the power surge.

The big appliances in your house such as the heating unit and air conditioning system need a special protection system. The power surge for a few seconds can lead to big destruction. Various electrical and electronic devices at your home will destroy due to the power surge. Thus, installing the surge protector can prevent you from a big loss.   

2. Cover Outdoor Part Of Air Conditioner

You should properly cover the outdoor part of your air conditioning system to prevent it from the airborne debris. Dust and debris can accumulate inside the outdoor unit of your AC and can lead to big damage. You should purchase a good quality protective cover for your air conditioning unit.

3. Accumulate Top-Notch Quality Plywood

You should also use good techniques to prevent your windows from the airborne projectiles. Plywood is the perfect and cost-friendly solution to protect your windows from damage. Therefore, it is recommended to stock-up plywood for the next storm season.

Before starting accumulating the plywood, you should make sure that you are not breaking any rules of your government. Once you have collected the required plywood then start covering the windows before the arrival of hurricane season.  

4. Properly Seal Doors And Windows

The leaky doors and windows will let the water come inside your house. Therefore, you should double-check that your doors and windows are properly sealed. It will help in making your home energy-efficient and prevent leakage as well.

5. Get Rid Of Debris

Heavy winds during the storm will lead to airborne projectiles that can damage your house. Therefore, it is recommended to clear your outer space and get rid of the debris. Well, you cannot clear the debris in your neighborhood. But, you should at least keep your yard clean and free from debris.

Also, you should examine the tree in your yard. Weakened, diseased, or damaged trees are extremely harmful during the hurricane season. Heavy winds lead to the falling of the tree, therefore, you should call the tree professionals before the storm season arrives.

An arborist will thoroughly examine the trees in your yard and cut down the low hanging or damaged branches of the tree. If any tree is completely damaged, then he will suggest removing the complete tree from the yard.

6. Unplug Rain Gutters & Drain

It is important to keep your rain gutters clean and clear. The rain gutters and downpipes are required to take the rainwater away from the roof. Therefore, you should always keep your rain gutters clean. In the situation of the severe storm, you should clear the gutter and prevent your basement from flooding. You should visually inspect your rain gutters and drainage pipes.

7. Inspect Sump Pump

The good sump pump helps in preventing your basement from the accumulation of water. If you want to keep your basement in good condition then your sump pump should be in proper working condition. Before the arrival of a major storm, you should make sure that your sump pump is working properly. Otherwise, call the technician and immediately fix the problems.

You can also DIY and again start your sump pump. You should clean the debris accumulated inside the sump pump, especially near the suction area. Even after clearing the debris, your sump pump is not working properly, call the professionals or arborist tree services contractor.

8. Determine The Foundation Cracks

Some cracks in the foundation of your house are not visible. But, these cracks can be the main cause of the flooding inside your house. You should take a walk around your house and start checking for the signs of damage or stress. Patchy and blemishes at the bottom of your house are some of the signs of foundation cracks.

9. Review Your Insurance Policies

It is recommended that you should review your existing insurance policies. Also, you should make sure that various valuable items in your house are properly covered for damage. Also, ensure that your insurance policies also cover the flood damage.


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