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7 Specialties Nurses Can Choose to Level Up

Nursing is a vast field that offers you plenty of choices to pick your area of interest. It is one of those professions that are constantly evolving, so you need to have a clear idea of what type of nurse you want to be. As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for nurses is increasing worldwide.

So, you can explore plenty of opportunities as per your interests that also offer a lot of perks in the form of solid salaries and long-lasting job security.

Every nursing specialty covers different aspects of healthcare, so you should know what you are getting into. From cardiac nurse to critical care nurse, you can pick any specialty you want to establish your career.

Before making any decision, figure out what you find most interesting, whether you like to work in hospitals and surgical centers or do you want to offer in-home healthcare services. You have to be clear to make the right nursing career choice. Here are some nursing specialties that will help you build a promising career and accomplish your goals.

#1. Nurse Practitioner 

If you want to excel in a nursing career to offer in-depth care services like doctor’s care, opt to become a nurse practitioner. You will serve as a specialty and primary care provider nurse, offering advanced services. You have to earn the doctor of nursing program (DNP) degree to start your career as a nurse practitioner.

Considering the COVID-19 pandemic situation, you can leverage a learning opportunity on the internet. So, you can consider online DNP programs to pursue your education safely, as it will also give you the flexibility to manage your schedule. 

The duties of nurse practitioners include physical examinations, prescribing medications, and recommending testing. As a nurse practitioner, you will mainly fulfill your duties in the doctor’s office and hospitals. The annual salary of nurse practitioners is around $103,000, and you can always opt for relevant certifications that will help you land better job opportunities. 

#2. Registered Nurse

Another nursing specialty is registered nurses (RN), in which you have to deal with patient care primarily. You have to educate the general public and patients about different health conditions and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Registered nurses offer primary patient care and work as emotional healers to help patients recover from any trauma or tragedy. 

Most registered nurses work as a team and coordinate with healthcare specialists and physicians in different healthcare settings. You should opt for a Bachelor of Science degree to start your career as a registered nurse. You can explore different career opportunities as RN.

The annual salary range of registered nurses is $75,000, and you get the chance to work in residential care facilities and hospitals. 

Whether you are an experienced nurse looking for a new position or a different type of medical facility, a fresh graduate seeking a nursing job opportunity to start a career, make sure you do plenty of research so you can choose the most appropriate nursing role for you based on your certificate and qualifications. By simply searching for phrases such as nursing careers near me online, you will explore various available vacancies that will allow you to learn more about the requirements and salary ranges.

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#3. Clinical Nurse Specialist 

If you want to opt for a nursing leadership role, becoming a Clinical nurse specialist will be the right choice. It allows you to lead a team of nurses and guide them according to the situation’s demand. So, you have to provide patient care by collaborating with other nurses to enhance the quality of care for patients. 

To fulfill your duties efficiently as a clinical nurse specialist, you need to develop leadership skills. It improves your decision-making, such as assigning duties to the right individual, keeping track of patients’ conditions, and monitoring the performance of other nurses. 

#4. Cardiac Nurse

Heart diseases are the most common causes of death worldwide. If you want to become a cardiac nurse, you will be serving the noble cause of saving heart patients. You should opt for a bachelor’s of science or associate’s degree if you want to be a cardiac nurse. 

The demand for cardiac nurses increases daily due to the rise in the number of patients dealing with heart issues. As a cardiac nurse, huge responsibility lies on you as you have to assist heart surgeries like bypass, pacemaker implant, and angioplasty. The annual salary of a cardiac nurse is $67,000. 

#5. Family Nurse Practitioner

If you want to offer medical care to patients from all age groups, then a family nurse practitioner is the correct position for you. As a family nurse practitioner, you have to be trained in primary healthcare for all ages. Your duties will include treating illnesses, prescribing medications, and treating illnesses. 

You should choose a master’s degree in nursing to start your career as a family nurse practitioner. You also have to get a registered nursing license to work in hospitals and healthcare facilities.

#6. Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist 

If you want to help patients deal with the complications caused due to surgeries, then you should opt to become a certified registered nurse anesthetist (CRNA). Nurses fulfilling duties as CRNA have to get foolproof training to execute their tasks flawlessly. It is also one of the highest-paying nursing specialties due to the great demand for nurses in surgical settings. So, if you want to work in such type of healthcare facility, then you have to earn a master’s degree in nursing. It will make you eligible for the relevant positions. As a CRNA, you must mostly work in surgical centers and hospitals. You also have to work in an acute care setting for at least one year and get a registered nursing license. 

#7. Critical Care Nurse

If you want to serve patients suffering from life-threatening diseases, then going into critical care nursing would be the right career choice. The responsibilities of critical care nursing are similar to some extent. But critical care nurses are trained to deal with emergencies to provide necessary treatment to patients suffering from severe wounds. You need to acquire a bachelor’s of science degree to establish your career as a critical care nurse. 

Nursing has a huge demand in the healthcare sector, but it also requires your complete dedication and focus. You can make an immense contribution to society by fulfilling your duties efficiently as a nurse. But it is essential to pick the right nursing specialty as per your skills and interests to deliver your best performance.

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