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8 Simple Steps to Style Your Home in A Mid-Century Modern Way

Nowadays, homeowners are bored living in a mass-built society where every structure looks the same. Many of you may also get lost finding your houses in it.

It sounds crazy, but many are thus running after custom-made and uniquely-designed homes. If you are one amongst them, then turn your home into a mid-century modern style.

The mid-century modern style had made its re-appearance more than a decade ago. But the popular TV show ‘Mad Men’ put this style in the spotlight again.

Its incorporation of natural materials, seamless flow, and timeless design influences every homeowner. It also bridges the gap between the organic and man-made elements with one foot in the natural world and another in the emerging skills.

Listening so much about the mid-century modern style, are you too leaning towards it? It’s super easy. Follow the eight simple steps and style your home in a mid-century modern way.

  1. Begin with wood incorporation:

The unquestionable fact is today’s furniture is made of engineered wood. But this style brings the wood and the timeless furniture back.

The accents and furniture will automatically take a center stage in your home. So, if you want to get a cocktail table, then shower the mid-century design that blends well with your space.

During the incorporation, remember cleanliness and minimalism are the two main factors to consider in this style. You can purchase pieces of designers like George Nelson and Noguchi, but they may go out of your budget.

In that case, you can consider buying modern-made replicas that mimic these elements.

  1. Take up a renovation project:

Some homeowners like their whole foundation but crave some mid-century modern tweaks in their houses. It’s possible with the help of an interior architect. In this style, you may require to abolish a wall to make the room airy and open. In addition to this, you can feature natural stones in your internal staircase.

Nowadays, the incorporation of a fireplace is buzzing everywhere. So, you can ask your architect to design a massive floor-to-ceiling fireplace; that too with natural stones. Even tall standing windows will give a good view of the outside. For that, you also need to figure out should I choose curtains or blinds?

  1. Don’t forget the bar:

It is a great way to bring back the old golden 50’s era. With the mid-century modern style, you will always get a chance to invite your friends and show off your barista skills.

All it takes is the opening of your creative mind. No matter it’s built-in or a bar chart, the opportunities of design are endless.

Add vintage glasses, expensive liquors, and cocktail shakers to your bar. If you’re planning for a bar cart; then, it will allow you to move it from room to room.

That will be more functional if you plan for parties and entertainment. It is something that many homeowners are opting for, so you may spot it in most of the homes.

  1. Get the right lights:

The party will look dull with ugly lights; that is correct. The right lighting fixtures will pump up your space. To infuse mid-century modern style, you can add statement lightings, like Acro floor lamps, Sputnik chandeliers, and Bubble lights.

Even unique pendant lights can grab the attention of your friends during a party or get-together.

Many artists can even custom architectural lights for you online. So, search on Google to get the best artist for yourself. And don’t go for everything matching as bold style is on the top right now.

It is another strong feature of mid-century modern style, which makes it uniquely different.

  1. Mirrors add style:

Mirrors are always considered a perfect accessory for any style. It is great to fill your wall, especially when you’re unaware of how to decorate it.

Mirrors also render an airy feeling to the room and also make space look bigger. So, you can place a mirror opposite your beautiful garden to highlight the best place in your home.

When it comes to mid-century modern style in your home, brass and wood are the commonly found materials. In design, geometric patterns with minimal curves are the popular ones.

When combined with all the points, the sunburst mirror will be an ideal option for any space. You can find it in any online store; can even go for its replicas.

  1. Attend your kitchen too:

There are plenty of ways to incorporate the mid-century modern style in your kitchen. The ’50s was not an era for open-floor kitchens, but you can still infuse it with this style. Not to mention, opt for clean lines in your kitchen space along with the wood material.

One of the best ways to attend your kitchen for the mid-century modern style is by embracing the gallery design. It is too efficient in long spaces with a counter lined up at opposite sides. For small spaces, laminate countertops will look classy as it is a decades-long affair for many homeowners.

If you want you can find ways to make your kitchen look and feel bigger.

  1. Go for neutral colors:

Earlier, the mid-century style ranged from bright shades to earthy hues. Even today; this style works with many different colors, not just pops of red or olive upholstery. You can even choose neutral colors that are paired well with bright hues. Still, there aren’t any rules.

Many prefer white paint. Why? It provides furnishings a center stage and highlights them a lot. Even pale pink is a clever choice if you don’t think it’s just a women’s color. Believe us; neutrals never go out of style.

  1. Little things do matter:

Simple and little pieces in the mid-century modern style can change the entire look of your space. One of the two things is the graphic oil canvas; it makes a bold statement.

This doesn’t mean you need to fill your walls with a lot of art pieces. Remember, minimalism is one of the criteria of mid-century modern style.

Another is the wallpaper; add it only if you dare for something exceptional. A touch of glam in your dining area or room in a graphic pattern will look stunning on the white walls.

Hopefully, this blog may have provided you with easy ways to change the look of your simple home to a mid-century modern style. So, repeat the history and enjoy the uniqueness.

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