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Amazing ways to be someone’s Secret Santa Claus

Secret Santa is back with sled and reindeers pulling it with full throttle and decreasing the miles in between, to make you feel special by sprinkling a pinch of happiness. In childhood, we have encounter endless stories of Santa Claus giving a gift to kids, what they ask for, for instance in “Ted” movie Mark Wahlberg ask Santa to make his teddy bear alive because he didn’t have anyone to play with, so next morning his teddy bear was alive and he was amazed, although we have ample of stories showcasing the same concept of Santa, that he had been doing this kind of things for uncountable years.

Amazing ways to be someone’s secret Santa Claus

As we all know this kind of miracle only happens in movies, not in actual life, but miracles happen in a more practical manner if you ask Santa with full of respect and a strong desire to have that in your life it definitely happens.

List of ways to be someone’s secret Santa Claus

We have an image of Santa Claus because of our ancestors and the media, but in reality, we become the Santa Claus of someone’s life by the god blessings to make them stick to the actual meaning of humanity and love and by providing help to others. We are here to tell you amazing ways to be a secret Santa Claus of someone’s life and make them happy.

Give the gifts to homeless

Just imagine, when someone finds a surprise gift beside them after waking up from deep sleep, what will be the reaction? I can tell you, they will be overwhelmed and have watery eyes, the smile that will come on their faces would be priceless, they will look up to the sky and will thank god for it. That surprise gift will give them the hope and motivation to struggle until they reach their goal, what is destined for them.

It will give new energy to them and a profound sense of the presence of that divine soul, that someone is there and nurturing them through the angelic souls. One can give sweets, groceries, warm clothes, some money, and warm food to them. This is one of the best ways to be a secret Santa Claus of someone and make them smile and happy.

Turning dreams into reality

In this world every single soul desires something and dreams every night to attain them but how many are able to get it? few of them. You can be a mediator and give them the thing they desire by the name of Santa Claus. You can be a secret Santa and give surprises to your near and dear ones like you can arrange a holiday for them to their idolized place.

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Where their desire to visit for so long but couldn’t go due to some reason, and to someone, you can give the desire cell phone they love, and to lovers, you can purpose for the marriage or for the new life with them. One most important thing that could give supreme relaxation to you is to be a mediator and solve someone’s issues by guiding them and making them stay together. This can be a wonderful idea to be the secret Santa Claus of someone’s life and embrace them with new love and care.

Planning a Christmas party

Planning a party is the oldest way to spread happiness in any culture. This thing proved right in any way like whether it’s a small party or a huge one, everyone feels revived after it, so plan a Christmas gifts party for you near and dear ones and surprise them and you can play a role of Santa for your kids, give them different gifts and tell them different tales of Santa.

Arrange some fun-loving attractive games and activities. Nothing is better than giving priceless smiles to people near you. And, you can order Christmas cake online and make everyone smile. In this way, you are not just making children happy but other people also happier. This can be an amazing way to make someone feel special and happy.

Conclusion | Amazing ways to be someone’s Secret Santa Claus

Christmas is the most awaited day in the whole world. We all believe this day is auspicious because it has optimistic vibes in it. It gives us new hopes to embark our life on a different path in a different way. The celebration reflects a new beginning and teaches us to move forward in life. To be a Santa Claus of someone’s life and guide and nurture them in your own way. We hope you liked the ways mentioned above and always order Christmas cakes online for loved ones.

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