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Competitive Exams: Exploring The Future With Digital Alternatives

Competitive exams are an important part of life for millions of people in India. Education is a flourishing industry nowadays. It also empowers people to advance themselves and society at large. In the process of benefitting society, multiple government exam-authorities and corporations employ competitive examinations to find the right candidate for their positions. India is an expansive country and has people that live far away from many common facilities available elsewhere. Providing the opportunity of partaking in such exams may become a massive task for examination-authorities, especially in times like 2020 when a pandemic like the Covid-19 has all but halted life in India. 

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In the last few decades, with the modernization of the education industry using the latest technology, it has been possible to reach out to candidates from all parts of India for these tests, whether as online and offline assessments. Exam authorities have caught up to technology and use the assistance of the internet to conduct their exams. In preparing to stay safe, it becomes a duty for exam authorities to organize the exams online, or provide other opportunities to conduct fair and secure assessments for everyone. 

It might not be usually possible for exam authorities to ensure that every aspirant has the proper opportunity to attend their exams. To make sure exams are conducted properly though, the services of third-party exam conducting agencies can be used. Vensysco, a test delivery provider, has prior experience conducting examinations for various govt. exam authorities. They not only conduct exams but manage the whole process as well. Taking off the burden from the authorities, they handle not only the registration but also tallying the scores and displaying them. Having centers in different parts of the country, they make the examination process seamless and easy to handle. It’s understandable why any exam authority would use assistance from test management services.

Advantages of An Online Assessment

One of the major advantages of using a test delivery service is the transparent detailed analysis of students’ performance available via digital exams. Online assessments also allow authorities to customize the exam according to their needs while doing away with the manual workload. This on the other hand also ensures personal safety in covid times. Assessment services also change the outdated pattern of holding exams by providing a flexible online examination platform. Here are some more advantages of availing of such services:

  • Social Distancing – In trying to subdue the threat of the pandemic while assisting students and aspirants to move forward, it has become necessary to maintain social distancing. Whether it is for offline or online tests, assessment companies can manage all of this without any hassle, while ensuring that exams are conducted safely and securely. 
  • A Matter Of Security And Confidentiality – When exam authorities host their own online exams, they risk breaches into their system. With assessment providers, another layer of obfuscation is introduced for system breachers. The presence of these services not only ensures that the aspect of the breach is covered but also makes sure that students who attend their exams can not attempt any unfair means to pass their exams. 

The questions or sets thereof can be easily randomized for different candidates. This makes sure that candidates attending the same exams do not participate in a group cheating effort. This method can be used in offline computer-based tests as well.

  • Flexibility Of Use And Ease Of Accessibility – Due to the availability of online exams, students do not necessarily have to travel to exam centers, they can attend from the convenience of their homes. It also makes the job of examiners a lot easy, by making the whole process of marking, and tallying automated. By allowing the ability to customize their exams as needed, it helps exam authorities in saving costs from reprinting updated question sets. It also ensures that students have a smooth experience as far as question paper related errors are concerned.
  • Effective Cost Savings – Online examinations eliminate a lot of expenditure associated with the traditional model of exams. The costs of paper and printing are eliminated while discouraging the waste of paper and the use of harmful chemicals in the ink. The matter of logistics and distribution also becomes non-existent as the examination session is accessed digitally. This also ensures that all exams are seamless experiences for students.
  • Time Management – Due to the widespread use and availability of internet-capable devices and computers, a lot of time is saved by using online examinations. The hassles of the registration process, fees deposit, and admit card collection is eliminated for both candidates and staff. Digital evaluation can make the job of marking significantly easier. By the end, the tallying and declaration of results also becomes a smooth experience for parents and students alike.

Can Offline Options Be Just As Beneficial?

While an online mode of assessment is a convenience for some, there also exist many hurdles for others registered for exams due to economic or other reasons. Because of this reason, alternative opportunities for attending exams should be made available. Examination centers for computer-based tests could be made available for a smoother experience while ensuring fair exam sessions. In addition to government-provided centers, the services of test delivery companies can be used to provide students with more centers. This availability will ensure that students and aspiring candidates are given a fair opportunity.

By using appropriate security measures, as well as the latest technology, even offline exams can be kept safe from exam malpractices. Biometric security can make sure that malpractice like impersonation does not take place, while constant CCTV vigilance will dissuade students from cheating.

Utilizing the services of test delivery companies provide one of few lifelines for examination authorities in the time of Covid19. The fate of India and the rest of the world might be uncertain right now, and as such, to keep covid19 at bay, the path of competitive exams will have to change for an indefinite future. Regardless of the options and tools implemented, this will accommodate for the safety of aspirants and everyone else involved in the process, and help preserve both the health of students and the purity of examinations in Indian society.


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