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Have A Good Night’s Sleep with These Bedroom Electrical Safety Tips

Sleep is essential for your health. While experts may disagree on the exact amount of sleep needed, it is true that not enough or poor sleep will negatively affect your cognitive function and increase your risk of many diseases.

However, it can be difficult to get quality sleep when you have plenty of things stressing you out. The trick is to solve the issues you can and learn to switch off from the others. Meditation can be useful to help you switch off and even prepare your body for sleep.

One thing that you should address is the electrical safety of your bedroom. This will help you to get a good night’s sleep and it’s surprisingly easy to do.

Get An Inspection

A qualified level 2 electrician will be happy to inspect the electrics in your bedroom and the rest of your house. They will check for current drops or surges, breaks in cables, missing earth, damaged circuit breakers, and many other items.

In short, an electrical inspection will allow you to identify the issues in your home and resolve them as quickly as possible. It will also help to reduce the risk of a fire happening in your bedroom.

Fit A Smoke Alarm

Fires generally start in the kitchen or where the main power box is. But, the truth is that they can start anywhere and the more notice you have the easier it is for you, and your family, to get out safely. That’s why it is recommended that you have a smoke alarm fitted in every room of your home, especially the bedroom where you’ll find it hardest to hear it.

Having the smoke alarms linked is also a good idea, if one goes off, they all will.

Don’t Leave Lights On

If you have ever placed your hand near a light bulb you’ll appreciate how much heat they can give out. If the light is left on all night the heat of the bulb can cause issues for the materials nearby. For example, it can ignite the curtains or the t-shirt you accidentally threw on top of the lampshade. 

If you need a light on overnight use a properly approved nightlight. 

Avoid Charging

Every so often news reports emerge that tell you about the latest fire that has been started by a device charging. It has occurred with different electrical devices ranging from hoverboards to mobile phones.

For this reason, you should never leave your phone charging under your pillow, it gives you no chance if a fire starts. In fact, the best option for bedroom electrical safety is to avoid charging your phone overnight. 

Don’t Leave Your Clothes In A Pile

Many people are exhausted when they head to bed and that means peeling your clothes off and chucking them in a pile on the floor. Unfortunately, this creates a hazard. The clothes piled together are likely to give any fire support. Even if they don’t burn you are likely to trip over them in the night while panicking and trying to find your way out of the room.

Put them in a neat pile on a chest or dresser. 

Avoid Extension Leads

Extension leads move sockets and provide additional sockets. However, a coiled extension lead will get hot, increasing the risk of a fire. Alongside this, the extra sockets could mean that you are overloading the circuits. That also increases the risk of a fire.

In other words, avoid using extension cables where possible and always unplug them when they are not in use.

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