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Best PC Cleaner Software for Windows [2024]

I tried many PC cleaner Software that people use a lot. I checked different kinds of software, like antivirus software with system optimization tools and PC cleaners that work by themselves, to see which ones can make a PC work better and faster. I looked for programs that can do many things to clean up and optimize the system, like deleting useless files and programs, making software up to date, making the system faster, making games run better, organizing disks, and more.

PC cleaner software for your computer in 2024

A clean and efficient computer can help you get more done in less time. That’s why we made a list of the best PC cleaner software or PC Optimizer for Windows which is the most well-known software in 2022. These tools will help you keep your operating system and all its associated files in tip-top shape.

Surprisingly enough, a clean and efficient computer can also make you more productive. In this article, we give some tips on how to increase your productivity efficiently while using your organizer tools or just having fun playing games online. 

Most of the time, our modern desktops look cluttered with few files that accumulate over time because we let them pile up without ever thinking about cleaning their space afterward.

So if you need to delete important stuff from your PC and keep your Windows running fast, you need to check our selection of the best PC cleaner software for Windows. 

Best PC Cleaner Software/PC Optimizer For Windows[Free & Paid]


CCleaner is a free system optimization and privacy tool that removes unused files from your computer, such as temporary internet files, cookies, and old lists of recently opened documents, and profiles. CCleaner is a well-known and the best PC cleaner software in 2024. It is also used as a PC optimizer.

It also cleans traces of your activities by deleting browser history and cache files. Users can remove system components such as Norton’s Anti-spyware, and Toolbar Cab of McAfee Security Center. 

It doesn’t remove spyware from the computer “Altogether” is a word that means “completely” or “entirely”., but it is easy to remove any traces of these programs, including configuration files. The latest version is CCleaner Portable 2.22 (build 1067). 

It has a standalone graphical user interface that cannot save settings like TCP/IP port mappings and proxy server information without storing them locally on the computer.

2. Wise Care 365

As an internet security program that combines an ordinary antivirus scanner, PC software cleaner, firewall, and identity protection, among others, this software has one of the enormous bundle bundles.

Wise Care 365 provides online safety programs for home PCs to install PC tune-ups bundled in a simple interface that can be downloaded onto your computer’s browser using remote location service technology. 

It provides the required solutions to safeguard your computer against viruses, trojans, and spyware. The service packet can also be configured via a smartphone application which probably targets customers without previous experience with internet security software. 

Another feature is self-healing, where any corrupt or unusable region is automatically repaired by simply sending it back in time and then returning to the present time.


CleanMyPC is a free PC optimizer software designed to clean out the “Crapware” or ad software installed on your computer, although it has not focused much on security in the past. There are currently an estimated 40 programs that it can delete, including RealArcade, Zango, and more. 

It is possible to configure the program so only specific applications will be cleaned out when clicked. Still, there must be a viable alternative available, e.g., a Real Arcade download helper built into an actual arcade that uses an internet connection for this feature to work correctly! 

Although it provides the best PC cleaning preferences, if you would like to select what will or won’t be deleted, you can do that. It is possible to clean out this junk. However, nothing else comes bundled with the application just free space after deleting. 

To install, run the installer, which will prompt all essential information required for the installation to proceed; once complete, start up your computer, and an empty file directory should now appear, at least temporarily wiping away some of the crap that attempted to install overnight. 

Just like Windows XP offers an easy method, the installation of CleanMyPC 2 is tricky, with conflicting instructions between newer versions or outdated installation procedures from the original.

4. Iolo System Mechanic

Iolo System Mechanic is a renowned third-party malware removal & pc optimization software that has started to offer service packs or repairs of damages caused by viruses, spyware, or trojans. The program can repair the registry system, which aids in removing damaged files from your computer’s hard drive. 

Iolo System Mechanic allows for different features such as restoring shortcut directories, cleaning boot sectors, and remedying software-related problems that failed drivers from the last updates caused. 

There is currently a price war between the popular software of Iolo and Malware Byte Solutions, with pricing at $30 versus top offers of only around 10 dollars.

The difference in prices has been attributed to similar features offered but mainly powered by online advertising networks rather than real money systems. The main downfall of this program is that it requires an ongoing license.

5. Razer Cortex

Razer Cortex is a free tool previously known as Razer Ad-Aware, which helps to remove outdated or inactive plug-in software. The program can be used either individually, though it only functions when run alone, but more suitable for cleaning huge sets of infected files at once. 

There are two versions available. i.e., the small version that will take any PC with less than 8 GB RAM or improved that brands itself up to infections-capable systems with larger hard drives. 

This versatile tool includes its system optimization features along with an element of free cloud storage to allow uninfected files to be saved anonymously for reporting by other computers cleaned remotely through the web interface or even using a smartphone application.

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6.BoostSpeed 12 Free

BoostSpeed is one of the most popular free PC optimizer Software or best pc cleaner software available. Its rights are to offer 12 different editions, including updates for Windows 10, 8.1, and 7, each version suitable along with 1460 protection means or even single working day repairs. 

A program like this can often total up to an impressive figure of $129.00USD; however, over the years, it has proven itself by winning rewards with computer users following similar programs on offer through companies offering more limited data recovery services (around 30 days) for around $89~$100USD. 

BoostSpeed 12 offers feature-rich packages that come with cloud storage capacity to replace any unwanted components, including certain startup items, registry cleaners, and even uninstallers, which must be used with proper methods in conjunction and without physically damaging the Windows registry. 

The software enables users to effortlessly import files in all compatible formats, including making media file transfers between devices with full access through a single device or PC connection. 

The program requires no installation, so ideal alongside “Win32 open,” which needs only an administrator account once run, will quickly scan your PC HDD space also consider all installed programs accordingly, selecting ones that are not essential and will be uninstalled accordingly. BoostSpeed 12 also includes a feature that suggests additional PC cleaning resources.

7. Advanced WinUtilities

One of the more recent programs to be offered by Wintutilities itself with its name, “Advanced Windows utilities,” is a new PC optimization software option that includes an update previewer and even what it provides within this Free version, including a registry editor, file shredder along with optimizer. 

The Anti Spyware or Adaware remover may also include several extra tools such as a file decompressor, junk file cleaner, along with repair tool.

With such a wide range of features within Advanced WinUtilities, it is indeed no wonder the program has been given for this very reason it gains the ‘Add To Windows’ command. 

This means users will now be able to easily install and then run without needing any administrative access as well as available hotkeys (F5, for instance).

Not forgetting, Advanced WinUtilities’ 13 most immediate upgrades is an improved reporting area. This includes cleaner enhancements ensuring cleaner system reports with enhanced overview statistics are easily available in the same file explorer window, along with providing useful graphics for users to quickly trace how clean their PC is getting too (scanning status). 

The program is protected by the same anti-malware protection as well as version 5 to keep your computer secure from online hacking or even being hacked from other sources such as hacker tools, trojans rootkits, etc. Four multiple languages are available. Windows 10 also supports this program.

8.IObit Advanced SystemCare 14 Free

IObit Advanced SystemCare is one of the most popular PC cleaner software or PC optimizers in 2022 offered by IObit with its name and 14 editions accessible such as baby care (free), homecare (limited tasks needed) & professional management for adults, along with anti-spyware. 

Advanced SystemCare will bring to your PC top-tier safety, speed up along better performance plus boost the overall experience.

This is one of many most effective PC optimization programs depending on the free version available for this week;

In addition, it includes an Internet Security suite that features firewall protection & antivirus functions, which enables you to secure Windows PCs from online threats or maybe unsecured resources around web browsers, email attachments, etc. 

Additionally included within Advanced SystemCare Professional Edition is a tool called SmartDefrag which features a defragger as well as a manager, disk cleanup & booster along with a pre-crack scan that checks for outdated applications or old programs you might not need.

9. Anvisoft Cloud System Booster

Anvisoft Cloud System Booster is one of the most effective system optimization tools offered by Anvisoft, a Kuwaiti company. One can easily use this software for free. You’ll want to visit the official website for additional information there. 

The program comes along with an impressive interface that lets you even view your computer dashboard easily. In addition, it shows speed tests, disk usage, button crash reports & crash protection features all in a single-window interface, thereby making it very simple to use. 

The program additionally includes an HDD backup tool, system restore facility, ensuring clean registry (necessary to avoid any anti-raging features within the operating system), screen capture functions & also overall internet improvement tools. 

The application has a built-in password protection feature that helps you set visible access rights based on various levels along with enabling secure communication between PC users through cloud synchronization web services provided by the software. 

Efficient System Booster features a cache or download manager that helps you manage your system’s memory & even network apparatus according to its demand using a battery monitor, CPU clock monitor, user-friendly interface support language option of English only this is often a premium version which lets you perform selected tasks with advanced computer optimization settings. 

10. Norton Computer Tune UP 

Norton Computer Tune-Up is a paid software that has been designed to help you protect your computer from malicious software and viruses.

It helps you detect, remove, and block potential threats. It can be downloaded for free on the Norton website as well as other major download sites. Norton Computer Tune-Up is a software program that performs a variety of tasks, including running a disk defragmenter, cleanup, and registry editing. 

It also has tools to fix various problems such as hardware devices not working properly or outdated drivers. It also contains tools such as a Wireless Controller that helps you manage the wireless network and internet connection on your PC. Pick this best free PC cleaner software to speed up your computer.

Some of these features are:

  • Updating your computer’s system to fix problems such as slow performance, outdated drivers, and security vulnerabilities. 
  • Preventing viruses and malware from infecting your computer. 
  • Scanning for adware and spyware that may be on your computer. 
  • Scans for rootkits that may have been installed on your PC by an attacker. 
  • Busting other software that may be interfering with your PC.

11. Avast Cleanup

Avast Cleanup is an easy-to-use, secure manual PC cleanup software that helps you carry out a comprehensive scan of your PC. 

It can be downloaded free for personal use on its official website, where it also provides the CNET download for this anti-malware. By using Avast Cleanup, users can find all junk left within their computer along with quickly performing the necessary steps before they may fix any issues arising from the detected junk.

It boasts a very handy interface where it asks you several questions, such as what you want to do first and if there are other files not related to cleaning up that need attention too. You can then proceed with scanning your computer or adjusting replacement settings for existing stuff. 

By simply hitting the scan button, Avast Cleanup will check at least 1GB of memory on your machine, thoroughly cleansing any problems associated with malware. This easy-to-use one can be very useful for those who do not wish to waste time with complicated cleanup processes and want a quick fix. 

12. Iolo System Mechanic

Iolo System Mechanic is a PC and Software infection removal tool that can make your computer fast, and protect your privacy. System Mechanic is great for cleaning junk files left around by viruses, spyware, and other malware. 

It scans your computer’s registry to fix errors that may be causing problems in startup programs or system operations. Furthermore, this tool contains a ‘fix it’ll function to control the re-direction of error messages or objects that have been deleted from otherwise inaccessible areas. 

This free cleanup utility enables you to scan your installed programs and their associated data for available updates at startup, including Internet Explorer, Windows Media Player, Windows Update, and Adobe Reader. 

It runs in the background without interruptions using minimal system resources while protecting existing files from being overwritten with new versions. While using System Mechanic, you can customize it to repair specific folders on your hard drives (including the C: Drive) when Patches are installed, but this will take some time. 

13.Avira System Speedup Pro

Avira System Speedup Pro is another tool for cleaning up a PC and fixing problems on your PC. It scans each of your computer’s drives to promptly remove all sorts of junk left behind after a virus outbreak, as well as find areas where performance has been reduced for no apparent reason. 

This also includes finding software licenses that require maintenance but have not yet been installed or recently updated. Avira System Speedup Pro will scan your PC for software that may be slowing it down. You can then uninstall any device or program that is no longer functioning properly. It will also improve the performance of the PC in general.

14.DefenceByte Optimizer

Defencebyte Optimizer is focused on optimizing PC-related processes & which can be seen in small minute details. 

It regards any application contaminations, that don’t just get rid of but also provides an easy-to-use database where you can manually select your PC’s parts, and system files by version/date applied installers which will decrease its size and speed up the PC once again. It also helps to protect your PC from viruses and cleans up unneeded registry entries. 

Browser and desktop icons are the greatest performance killers, whether disabled or auto-start. DefenseByte Optimizer will help you fix all these issues once and for right. 

15. AVG TuneUp – Best PC Cleaner software

Make your PC faster, more secure, and easier by using AVG TuneUp PC cleaning software. AVG TuneUp finds, identifies & fixes problems that are slowing down your computer. It does this by scanning for identified file types in the Windows registry even hidden system files/folders. 

Many programs share similar-looking data which causes them to ‘compete’ with one another for valuable system resources such as disk space. –they even make it more difficult to run your system using preset programs belonging to a certain manufacturer

e.g., mess up the networking by scanning for similar hardware by sending out excessive requests.

In addition, AVG TuneUp will clean errors from most commonly used non-Microsoft file types, including Chrome extensions which pollute search queries and also form temporary internet shortcuts folders – these either waste space on computers or cause problems when you try and download files via the browser. 

16. Restore Advanced System Repair

A non-intrusive program that restores advanced system repair functionality to Windows 8+. Advanced System Repair is a small utility designed to be used together with your antivirus or security product. 

It can help clean an infected PC and fix specific problems encountered by users who are using the guest account.

For example, after installing one of those virus removal tools. History files (“Reports”) are captured to allow for easier recovery while remaining fully compatible with all standard restore methods.

Furthermore, Advanced System Repair runs fast regardless of the number of infected entries in My Computer or similar folders. If you’re using an OEM version/carrier, it does not interfere with your existing antivirus.

17. IOBit Advanced System Care 14 Pro

An advanced system care replacement utility designed to restore Windows to the state it was in before your PC crashed.

Advanced System Care 14 Pro is very similar to Norton 360 or McAfee Rescue. You must use OEM versions/carriers.

IObit Advanced System Care 14 can easily scan and diagnose most system problems. For Ex: after failed attempts by third-party applications including keyloggers and such.

According to the company’s website: “Advanced SystemCare 14  is an advanced PC care service by IObit, which acts as a security & maintenance application, repairing system errors, PC cleaner software and providing stability for your computer. The complete software package includes   – free performance scans for silent problem-free computing – and 100 percent safe online backup. 


There are many ways to keep your PC clean and protect it from malware using the best PC cleaner software. Some of the free ones are just junkware that slows down your computer, while others contain viruses or other malware. you can find more blogs using this “best free pc optimizer”, “pc optimizer Reddit”, “best pc cleaning software in 2024”, “pc optimizer 2024” & more search queries.

For this reason, we have compiled a list of 17 different PC cleaner software programs for you to choose from. 

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