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Comprehensive Washing Machines Guide

If you are looking forward to buying the best washing machine for your house and you want to read a comprehensive & useful buying guide? You have just opened the right door. In this article, you will be provided a complete buying guide focusing on how washing machine technologies work and what are options a consumer has in the Indian market. Below, we have tried to cover everything you need to know as the buyer from the basic to an advanced level of information.

  1. Types of Washing Machines

We can categorize the washing machines into types. The first is Automatic and the second is Semi-Automatic. Automatic Washing Machines are an advanced version of the traditional and conventional semi-automatic. You get to enjoy a lot of independence as washing and drying are done in the same container and all of it happens with a single program selection.

After that, you are free to sleep, roam or do whatever you want. In semi-Automatic washing machines, you are provided with different containers for washing and then drying off the garments.

You have to shift the laundry on your own after the wash cycle completion which is a major hassle and requires manual intervention to complete the wash operation.
Semi-Automatic washer machines are offered in only top load mediums but on the other side, you can choose from front load and top load mediums in the case of automatic washing machines. Both have their advantages and disadvantages which we will see in the later section of this article.

  1. Wash Quality

Many people are migrating from semi-automatic to top-load automatic washers because of their superior wash quality. But the case is valid for high-end impeller-based top Loaders. The price gap is not so big and these machines are quite gentle with fabric health and also effective in removing tough stains from clothes.
My advice is to go with HE Top Loaders and make sure you use only liquid detergents to experience a tremendous wash quality and wear stain-free clothes.

  1. Price Gap

In India, you will find most semi-automatic washer machines starting from 8,000 INR to 15,000 INR.
Top Load Automatic Washing machines stay between 12,000 INR to 22,000 INR.
Front Load Automatic Automatic models cost between 20,000 INR and 35,000 INR.

  1. Availability of the Features
    This is directly proportional to the amount you pay. Front-loaders are the most equipped with the latest technology-oriented features. After that, You have automatic top loaders in the list and then the last position is acquired by Semi-Automatic Washing Machines.
    On a general note, you are provided with the most required features in automatic top load machines. So if you have any budget constraints but want to utilize the most out of the appliance, it’s an easy yes for automatic top load variants.
  2. Manual Dependence
    We have already discussed that one needs to shift the load manually from the washer to the drying side in semi-automatic washing machines. Also, there are more reasons which make the appliance more manual-dependent. For example, you have no continuous water supply and you need to use a water pipe to fill the washer with water. But in automatic washing machines, you can connect a pipe at the back of the machine and the other end to the tap and utilize the continuous water supply.
  3. Capacity
    After you decide the budget and the type you want for your abode. Next, you need to finalize your decision on the capacity. Capacity should be directly proportional to the number of people you have in your family. If you are a couple or a family of 2-3 persons, 6-6.5 kg capacity is the most appropriate fit for you. If the family size is 3-6 persons, 6.5-8 kg is the ideal option. More than that, go for machines offering more than 9 kg of capacity.Capacity is one of the most important factors as it directly decides the cleaning efficiency of the appliance. If you will overload the machine, it will deteriorate the wash quality and also the durability of the appliance
  4. Wash Cycles
    If you have decided to buy an automatic washer, you must look for the list of wash cycles a machine offers. India is a country of different seasons, therefore you end up wearing different kinds of textile types and also many machines are capable of washing heavy material types like carpets, blankets, or sensitive fabrics like silk, muslin, etc. Many brands focus on this application and offer material-oriented wash cycles which help wash different fabrics. So make sure you check the list of wash cycles the machine offers.
  1. Motor Type
    There are two types of motor you can have in washing machines. One is conventional and the other one is the revolutionary Inverter motor which is better named Inverter Technology. The purpose is to reduce electricity consumption. It works automatically by detecting the load type and size and concerning the load, it runs the washing machine at the most suitable speed to clean the garments in the container. As an operator, you must have come across the condition where you wash different amounts of garments on different days or the garments with different intensities of stains in variable seasons of the year. There, this technology is really helpful and can save you from bigger power bills but I will recommend considering this as an important factor if you are buying the machine for the long term and not for temporary use.
  2. Useful Features

  1. Auto Tub Clean
    Automatic Tub cleaning is an advancement that helps maintain hygiene standards. You get notifications whenever your machine requires cleaning practices. Especially in situations like COVID-19, this feature is considered to be the most useful. Even in a regular lifestyle, getting rid of the allergens and the germs from the washer container is still a valuable choice.
  2. Rapid Water Filling
    Whirlpool is one of the brands focusing on this aspect and it does it well. Even if the water supply is in lower pressure conditions, ZPF technology from Whirlpool helps in filling the tub at a faster pace which finally results in saving a lot of time.
  3. Hard Water Treatment.
    Are you from North India? or any other location with mineralized incoming water? If Yes, I am sure you must have seen residual patches on your garment’s surface post-wash. Hard water treatment technology is designed to resolve this issue. It focuses on dissolving the detergent in water by treating the minerals with an effective treatment. The result is appropriate dilution and terrific cleaning results.
  1. Turbo Dry
    Turbo Dry is aimed at removing the extra moisture from the garments so that they can dry quickly. This is helpful mostly in the winter season where many times, we don’t get the required sun exposure.
  1. Smart Support
    Brands like Samsung and LG offer their smart mobile applications which can be used to connect to the experts from the company itself if you face any problems with the appliance. You can also troubleshoot some easy errors on your own by using the same application. It can be used to initiate commands while you are doing any other work or just don’t want to get up out of your couch.


Above we have tried to compile the most important aspects you need to consider while you buy the most appropriate washing machine for your house. I hope it helps you in making a better decision and spend wisely

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