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5 Ways to Attract Makeup Influencers for Collaboration Online

Social media has become an ever-growing encyclopedia. From makeup to clothes to food recipes, every information is passed on to the millennial in a few seconds. Our day never ends without liking a certain post on social platforms.

After the emergence of these platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok), people have started exploring their skills and are grooving to the new exposure of the online world. Digitization was a mere thought, no one was sure of how it would be accepted, but now, every decision is made after reading a review of the said product online.

The ancient tactic of ‘word-of-mouth’ has received digital power in the name of influencers. Every human being wants to step into their favorite role models’ shoes and know about their daily lives.

The digital world has just made such information much more easily accessible.

People have changed their lifestyles after the inception of tutorials available on social media. The world of beauty and makeup has enhanced the fashion industry to go gaga about every tint possible in the color palette.

Women are more confident and informative about beauty products after the makeup influencers shared their knowledge online. Huda Kattan, Nabela Noor, the Kardashian sisters, and Masoom Minawala, are renowned names who made the online fashion and beauty industry glamorous. Nowadays, attire and makeup go hand-in-hand, which has given rise to personal care and cosmetics brands.

According to one of the reports from Statista, the beauty and personal care market in the U.S.A for 2020 was expected to value over 93 billion U.S dollars.

Through digital mediums, the expansion of cosmetic markets has attracted more customers to pay higher prices for a qualitative products. With shopping preferences differing across the globe, the cosmetics industry is looking to rule globally with a customer-centric model that supports both online and offline channels.

Beauty and makeup brands are looking for influencers to attract users online and become one with the trendsetters. If you are a budding makeup brand or an entrepreneur searching for creative minds, then specific tactics might lure their attention towards your product.

Now, without doing a further due, let’s look at some of how you can collaborate with the likely minds and establish a healthy digital marketing strategy.

5 Ways to lure makeup influencers for your beauty and cosmetic brand online

#1 Combination of payment and gifts

We all are lured towards gifting and payments. Who will not like the idea of earning and getting branded gifts through online collaboration? Such a brand giveaway to the influencers is beneficial to the company.


As a brand, you can ask the influencer to test and try your given goodies and make a short video or reel about it. A real-time experience shared in such a way will attract the targeted audience to the website.

You can also ask them to do a swipe-up story with the goodies and link them directly to your website.

This will automatically increase your organic website traffic, and the mass will recognize the brand. On the other hand, the influencers will be happy to collaborate with you for a longer period as you are providing them with the most feasible online option of promoting and earning the products online.

#2 Featuring on brand’s social media page and website

Everybody likes to be in the limelight. Being a makeup brand, you can offer a branding assignment to your influencers instead of payment for posting the product content online on their social media handles.

They can be your brand ambassador, and you, on the other hand, will be saving some money by roping in a micro or macro influencer in place of a celebrity face for the brand. No influencer will turn down such a glam deal for online marketing strategies.

Influencers also want to explore new genres apart from posting online content. Such branding photoshoot is an opportunity for them to unleash the experience of facing a camera and modeling for a beauty product.

#3 Specific content collaboration

As makeup brands are looking for influencers, this tactic will provide you with the most efficient creative minds. For instance, finding an influencer who is capable enough of adding a natural and cruelty-free viewpoint to your given product.

Very few influencers are good at promoting makeup products, so a brand will have a niche of such specific content creators who are equally searching for online assignments like yours. Before searching for makeup influencers, you need to be clear on your makeup influencing strategy online. The work of an influencer is to enhance your existing idea. Thus, there will always be room for more creative ideologies when working for a digital marketing campaign.

#4 Teaming up with multiple influencers

Sometimes influencers are attracted to the idea of getting to share an online marketing strategy with their colleagues. They love to brainstorm their ideas with a bunch of other creative people on board. It also gives them a comforting feeling onscreen.

Influencers will be attracted to the names of other big heads who have already joined your campaign and will not neglect your offerings. The brand will be receiving the response of varied audiences associated with the collaborated influencers. Thus, it will build a brand’s online image at a faster pace as compared to a single influencer.

Note: A brand has to make sure that they are offering the same to every influencer onboard. There has to be no conflict among the creative minds, and they have to be on the same page with each other. Your brand must not get a negative impact from such collaboration.

#5 Only gifts (Barter System)

This tactic is for the makeup entrepreneurs who have achieved their targeted audience and need to be online. Rope in an influencer and offer him or her goodies in exchange for a series of posts on their social media handle.

In this way, they will receive gifts from you, and your brand will be recalled among the audiences for a stipulated period. As a brand, you can also address the users with a discount giveaway online through the influencers. You will be dealing with micro-influencers who are still in the growing stage and are searching for brands to build their profile online.


Thus, there is an ever-growing demand for cosmetics and influencers online. There is never going to be a scarcity of online employment after the Covid-19 situation. If you as a brand are considering flourishing your business online, there is always a place to grow with a set digital audience. A proper collaboration with an apt influencer will build a healthy environment for the brand online. Experience it for yourself.


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