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What is Fortgag: Is it legal and does it give you free fortnite skins?

For gaming lovers, Fortnite is the ultimate pleasure. Having come into existence in 2017, it remains one of the most popular battle royale games among its contemporaries. Every year there is a steady rise in the number of registered users and the game is loved by all of them unitedly.

To keep the fans and users happy, the game developers make a lot of effort as well. Constant new updates are being added to the game regularly. There are more varieties than ever in the Fortnite skins, weapons and other accessories to be purchased in the game using currency.

The developers make sure to keep the game as interesting as ever and give the players a wonderful experience. 

But we’re not here to talk about Fortnite. We’re here to talk about Fortgag and fortgag.com reviews. So let’s get straight to it.

Fortgag: An introduction for the uninitiated

Fortnite is all about style and every character has one for itself. The players believe in constantly upgrading their avatars by buying new skins for them.

Skins are essentially the outer appearance of your character that you can change from time to time with an upgrade in your level in the game. While everyone wants new skins each time, it honestly isn’t all that easy. So the way to do it is you either progress in the game and get them directly or then buy them from the item shop which costs real money.

But no one wants to pay money for a game. So people are constantly on the lookout for fortgag free skins providing websites. This leaves gaps for outside stores to come into the picture and make the deal easy for you. And this is exactly where it comes in as well.

Fortgag is probably the easiest of them all. It gives free Fortnite skins in exchange for taking up surveys. So you have to answer questions in various surveys provided by the website to gain mortgage-free skins.

Honestly, that is a great deal. There is a wide variety of skins offered by this. The latest edition is Deadpool and Aquaman skins which were released when the third season of Fortnite was updated. 

How to use Fortgag?

For those who are new to Fortgag and still trying to figure it out. Here are a few easy steps on how you can get started with it.

  • Fortgag does not work on a computer or laptop, so you will either need a mobile or a tablet to access it.
  • Open their official website on your device, which is www.Fortgag.com.
  • You will see an array of skins. Choose any one you like from the countless options available.
  • Then the next step is to enter your Fortnite username and also mention the device you play on for example Windows or Xbox, PlayStation, etc. 
  • Click on the option that says ‘Claim Now’.
  • The page will redirect to a survey and you will have to fill it up for verification.
  • If it works out for you, then you will get your free Fortnite skins without having to pay a single penny.

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Is Fortgag legal?

Well, it is relatively new so there isn’t much information available about it but so far no claims have been made to prove its illegal existence. So yes, the site is as legal as it can be. you can also research fortgag.com reviews in detail for your kind information.

Is it genuine?

There are no free lunches in the world. So if a website claims that it is giving you something for free, you need to stop and think about the genuine possibilities of it. The site has to make money after all and the money is definitely coming from you or advertisements.

So if you see no advertisements on a site that claims to give away something for free, then there is a great risk that it is leaking your information; the information that you must’ve entered while browsing through the site. So what is the deal with Fortgag?

Fortgag asks you to complete some offers for verification of your account. While filling these surveys, a lot of your information is being entered in the forms which then may be passed on to third-party applications and companies.

Also, the surveys tempt you into buying or paying for services that you might find interesting, so that is another way to make money out of it as well. 

Risk Factors

So along with the risk of your data being stolen, there is something more too. Often such sites are problematic and since it asks to link your Fortnite account to it, your account could get banned or suspended as well. So far it hasn’t happened, but it is a risk you may want to consider.

All of your progress in the game and collections could be lost somehow being associated with this site. So basically it boils down to whether you want to take that risk for free skins or not.  


Fortgag is simply too easy to be true. If getting skins through a website was that easy then what is the point of playing Fortnite? Reaching levels and upgrades to work for the skins?

It doesn’t make a lot of sense. Also, Fortgag is new to the market, and although users have been experimenting with it on and off, many claim that it does work suspiciously. Some users have also reported malware in their devices after use. 

So overall, we suggest it is best to keep playing as you do, reaching higher levels in the game and then getting skins automatically. After all, skins do not change or improve the performance of your character in Fortnite, so they are only for aesthetic use.

Pretty sure you can earn them instead of relying on dangerous and suspicious websites. So to all fellow Fortniters, play for the win guys, and enjoy the new skins.

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