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JoinPD com: Peardeck Login Guide Details 2024

Joinpd.com is a microsite or sub-domain on PearDeck.com that allows students to join interactive presentations created by their teachers using a code or link. 

Are you looking for a perfect platform that can assist both students and teachers effectively?

If yes, JoinPD.com is the perfect option you can take.

Joinpd.com, a sub-domain or microsite on PearDeck.com, allows students to participate in interactive presentations created and shared by their teachers using a code or link. Teachers can share the code or link via email or text. Make sure that It will be not available anywhere else.

JoinPD is a perfect platform that offers you the freedom to join presentations in progress. It is a perfect platform for both students and teachers who are willing to take virtual classes. It is a simple and easy-to-go platform that helps you take part in different presentations just by making use of a secure login username and password. 

The guide is designed to assist you in attaining secure login for both students and teachers.

What exactly is JoinPD Peardeck?


JoinPD Peardeck is a wonderful tool that is designed to allow people to connect to a presentation that is in progress. Users here have to use their JoinPD.com code to join the platform. The platform runs on the Pear Deck which enables teachers and students to take online classes conveniently. 

Working is quite simple and easier here. The teacher makes a presentation usually after signing into the JoinPD account once it’s done, he/she sends the Pear Deck code for the same through an email to all the students who are willing to take part in that particular presentation. 

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What is a Pear Deck?

Pear Deck is a dynamic presentation tool that is designated for making presentations. It is an educational platform that offers students and teachers a perfect platform to get connected. The main motive behind the development of this platform is to encourage students to get engaged with their social and personal learning. 

Teachers here can create presentations using the presentation software available on their Google Drive accounts. The platform works to create a sense of community among the students and hence builds up a positive mental attitude among them.

The students and teachers communicate here through the PEAR deck code being sent by the teachers after making the presentation. The students in turn have to sign into their Pear Deck account and have to make use of the same joinpd code for taking part in the presentation. The best thing about this wonderful platform is that it offers students the freedom to attend different types of classes irrespective of the locations they are currently on. 

The introduction of this wonderful platform has uplifted the restrictions coming up between academics. Students here can learn socially and emotionally and can build up a related community for the same as well.

How to Login to Your Pear Deck Account?

Accessing your Pear Deck account is quite convenient and easy to go on. The platform features very simple and easy-to-go navigation that everyone can handle conveniently. The only things that you have to follow up on here are:

  • Launch your web browser and then search for the URL: www.peardeck.com in the search bar.
  • Now tap on the “Teacher Login” option present there at the top of the page.
  • Once you have done the above process, the next thing you have to do is select your preferred login option such as Google or Microsoft.
  • Once done with it successfully, now provide your Username and Password in the given spaces successfully.
  • Bingo! You have made a successful login to your JoinPD account.

Join Peardeck Code (JoinPD Code)

Join Peardeck Code is a five-digit code whose main motive is to provide absolute access for the students in a presentation or virtual class on the Pear Deck. This code is generated by the teacher while making the presentation and is forwarded to the students and other people who are eager to join that virtual class or presentation. 

How to Generate Join Peardeck Code?

If you have signed in on the JoinPD as a teacher and are willing to host a class or presentation, you can make use of the following process in detail to generate the Join Peardeck Code.

  • Launch your web browser and then go to the official website of JoinPD at joinpd.com.
  • You now have to enter your presentation number in the given field. It is usually a five-digit number that is given by the JoinPD.com session.
  • Once done with it, the Pear Deck code will be generated on your device. 
  • The pear deck code thus generated expires in four days. 

How to Join a Presentation in Pear Deck – JoinPD.com?

Once the teacher has sent the pear deck code to the students, students can effortlessly use this code to join the presentation or virtual class. If you have joined JoinPD as a student and your teacher has sent you the code, you can easily join the presentation or virtual class by following the given process.

  • Launch your web browser and then go to the official website of JoinPd at www.peardeck.com.
  • Now tap on the Join a Session option given there at the top of the page.
  • On the completion of the above process, you now have to type the five-digit Access Code given in the required field. 
  • Make sure to enter the code correctly to ensure successful access to the presentation or virtual class. 

FAQs on JoinPD

How do I Create a Peardeck joinpd in Google Classroom?

It is a very simple and easy-to-go process. The only things you have to do here are:

  • Launch your web browser and then search for the URL: www.peardeck.com in the search bar.
  • Now tap on the blue button present at the top right corner of your home screen.
  • Once done with it successfully, now tap on the Invite your Class option to move further with the process.
  • The next thing you have to do is select the Google Classroom section that you are willing to invite. 
  • The names of the students will flash up on your screen once they join the class.

Who Can Use JoinPD?

The platform is available to use by both teachers and students. Moreover, it can also be used by building administrators, instructional coaches, librarians, media experts, consultants, and other administrators to manage their teams effectively.

How Do I Join PD com?

One can easily opt for the Sign up for free option by visiting the online page at www.peardeck.com. Once done you will be redirected to the page where you can select the type of account you are willing to sign up with. 

Does Pear Desk Have an App?

Yes, Pear Deck also provides a mobile application to enable smooth access by both students and teachers. The application is designed to run smoothly on both Android and Apple devices. 

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