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Save Time and Money on Your Home Renovation with Insulated Plasterboard

It’s fair to say that most people you talk to these days are working on some kind of project in their homes. From small decorating jobs to total renovations, there are several factors behind this surge in home improvements.

After two years of looking at the same four walls during the pandemic, there are many people itching to change things up. With the rising costs of house prices, there’s less house moving and more house improving.

Additionally, social media is changing the way people view their homes as people endeavor to create an “Instagram-worthy” home, following the tips, tricks, and hacks that circulate throughout the internet.

However, while the ideas may flow easily, the work itself may prove to be quite daunting. It’s one thing making a Pinterest board with your home visions, it’s another matter entirely when it comes to actually doing the work.

If you’re thinking about a home renovation, especially with the goal to improve your energy efficiency, you’ve likely come to appreciate just how much there is to think about, plan and pay for.

Choosing the right materials is a major decision, in which you need to factor in the time and money you will be investing. Did you know that there’s an answer that takes both of those elements into consideration? The answer is insulated plasterboard.

If your home renovation includes the improvement of brick internal walls, insulated plasterboard is the material that will save you time, money, and effort.

It is a cost-effective alternative to the specialist-required process of pumping insulation into your cavity walls. What exactly is insulated plasterboard? And how can it save you time and money? These questions will be answered in the material to follow.

What is an Insulated Plasterboard?

Thermal-insulated plasterboard is plasterboard backed with foam insulation, thus providing a convenient solution for renovators that want to save time when it comes to finding and fitting insulation essentials.

In this current economic crisis, with the rising cost of fuel and energy, you need to do all you can to improve your energy efficiency and reduce your bills.

The sandwich of insulating material and plasterboard services as an all-in-one solution that both reduces heat loss and also provides a dryline to solid internal walls.

In many ways, insulated plasterboard is truly the best of both when it comes to making home improvements concerning your internal walls. Even though insulated plasterboard does tick all the boxes, it reassuringly doesn’t compromise efficiency. 

How Does Insulated Plasterboard Save Time and Money?

Insulated plasterboard saves you valuable time. The installation of insulated plasterboard is very similar to the installation of standard drywall. It involves three basic steps. 

  1. Attach the panels of drywall to joists or studs. 
  2. Tape over the seams between panels to join them.
  3. Apply a finish, typically a joint compound, over the taped joints.

The difference with insulated plasterboard is that the layer of insulation is already attached. This reduces a step and makes the whole process a lot quicker. Therefore, if you’re working on a big project, such as the conversion of an attic, it’s going to be a big time saver. 

Similarly, insulated plasterboard saves you valuable money. It saves you from having to buy separate components of both plasterboard and insulation, as this solution does both in one go. Furthermore, the energy-saving effects of the insulation will save you money in the future from the efficiency it improves upon.

In Conclusion

Insulation plasterboard may be just the renovation solution that you need to help you save time and money, two very precious commodities in this day in age.

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