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How Reiki Energy Healing Works & Health Benefits of Reiki

If you are into alternative things, such as visiting psychic mediums and taking homeopathic medicine, you may be interested in Reiki. This bodywork uses a Japanese technique that reduces stress and provides numerous health benefits. Reiki is also referred to as energy healing, as it focuses on improving and increasing an individual’s life force energy. Although many people do not fully understand what Reiki is, it is becoming a popular alternative healing method. 

How Reiki Works

Reiki practitioners believe that everyone has a flow of energy that moves through the body. Different things, such as stress, an injury, or emotional pain, can cause energy levels to lower or stagnate in certain parts of the body. If these energy blocks are not released, over time they can result in various illnesses.

Reiki helps to remove these blocks and restore the normal flow of energy. A Reiki practitioner uses the hands to improve energy flow, which is why it is also sometimes called hands-on or palm healing. If you have been feeling low in energy, or if you visited the best psychic reader online, who informed you of potential blocks that are inhibiting you, you may want to schedule a Reiki session.

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During a session, you will either lie on a table or sit in a chair. Unlike in a massage, you keep your clothes on for this healing technique. The practitioner lays his or her hands just over or lightly on various parts of the body. These parts may be specific injury sites or general areas where there is an energy blockage. During this time, energy from the universe passes through the practitioner’s hands to your body. This energy transfer causes a warm sensation on the practitioner’s hands. Once it goes away, the practitioner moves on to the next area. 

Health Benefits of Reiki

People try out Reiki for a number of reasons. Reiki is meant to work with the body’s natural healing, so it may benefit the client physically, mentally, or emotionally. Common results after a session are feelings of relaxation and lower stress levels. Some individuals actually fall asleep during their Reiki sessions. If someone came in with a physical ailment, such as a headache, this usually dissipates during the session.

Reiki has also been shown to help manage chronic health conditions and mental health disorders. Some of these include:

  • Depression
  • Heart disease 
  • Infertility
  • Anxiety
  • Autism
  • Chronic pain
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Cancer

For many people, a Reiki session helps to clear their heads and helps them to be more focused. Some people choose to partake in Reiki sessions as part of an overall wellness program, while others go to help with a specific physical or emotional problem.

Let Reiki Help Improve Your Overall Wellbeing

For those who want to stay away from traditional medical approaches to healing, Reiki is a good alternative option that helps with a variety of health issues. If you have read your free birth chart and it mentions something about low energy or health issues, it does not hurt to schedule a Reiki session to see how you can benefit.

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