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How to Buy and Ship from the USA to the UAE?

Because of its tradition of stability and economic growth, the UAE is a significant trade partner with the United States of America in the Middle East region.

With exports from the US to the UAE reaching over 22 billion, trade between the two countries has been lucrative. The two countries, as trusted trade partners, have also taken other cooperation measures in the field of military assistance and infrastructure expansion.

Love shopping in American stores from the Emirates? Sadly, you may have realized that many US stores do not ship to the UAE internationally. Not to worry! We’ve compiled everything you need to know.

So, let’s understand the things to know when you choose to shop online from top online brands from the USA to UAE and how you can buy and ship from the USA to the UAE.

No trade agreement exists

In 2012, a trade deal was set between the US and the UAE, among other GCC nations. This ensures that any products you export from the US are liable to full service without any loopholes. The USA and the UAE are currently trading within a structure that is negotiated by the two countries and not on a trade deal signed.

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Inspections from UAE Authorities

The United Arab Emirates is very strict about goods going into the country and will inspect all of the products passing into its ports and airports.

Officials from the United Arab Emirates Ministry of Health will carry out physical checks of all forms of equipment and supplies entering the country regarding medical equipment and medicinal drugs.

Both kinds of recreational drugs in the nation have an absolute ban. It is also illegal to sell and drink alcohol without a license that requires one to treat alcoholic items.

Goods under the IATA’s special rules must be preceded by a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for customs clearance to take effect. Alternatively, they should have a letter attached to Non-DG (Dangerous Good).

Some goods require special clearance documents

Make sure that there is a letter from the exhibitor in the UAE and their passport copy for the products that need clearance before delivering exhibition goods shipping from the USA to UAE.

If the items are on a temporary loan to the exhibitor, they are known as temporary import shipments. After the shipment is re-exported, the consignee will place a deposit to cover the specific time period that the goods will be in the country, and you will receive the refund.

The goods returned must be followed by an invoice showing the country of origin and the purpose of returning the goods. The serial number and the tracking number should also be shown; otherwise, customs would not clear them.

Samples must have an invoice describing the sample and whether it is in any way mutilated or labeled. If they believe the shipment does not meet their requirements in the UAE, the customs department has the right to check this form of shipment and apply for extra permits and licenses.

Clearing Documents

They will require very specific documentation that applies to various categories of the recipient, depending on who clears the shipment. Shopping online from brands like Azure from the USA will require such documents to clear the shipment.

The Emirates ID on the airway invoice or the Emirates ID of the individual clearing the package is required to clear personal effects consigned to only one person.

The receiver must go with an original authorization letter from the appropriate office as well as the Emirates ID of the clearing person when the package goes to the government or ruler’s office.

Make sure to know the shipping rates from the USA to UAE.

Suppose the shipment is for an organization and they have deployed a clearing company. In that case, the person collecting the shipment must be accompanied by an original letter of authorization, a visa page from the UAE signatory of the shipment, an Emirates ID from the clearing company, and a cargo ID card from the clearing agent that allows them to collect from customs. Every emirate has a particular card.

If a standing authority carries out the clearance, the authorization letter, the visa signatory page for the shipment, and a valid commercial license must be provided. Shop and ship rates from the USA to UAE vary from company to company.

Required documentation when shipping

Non-document freights to the United Arab Emirates are subject to tax, but the duty is exempted on the grounds of the free zone’s custom registry for shipments addressed to free zone businesses.

For the intent of extending this privilege, the commercial invoice for the shipping should be sent to a corporation in the free zone with declarations of the applicable HS codes and the territory of origin of the products in question.

Ensure the following when shipping from the US to the UAE:

  • The delivery order from the shipping agent should be addressed to a licensed company in the UAE.
  • Original triplicate invoice from the US exporter to the UAE importer
  • Original loading bill
  • Copy of trading licenses of the buyer and seller
  • Certificate for transportation
  • An export certificate to verify that the products are suitable for consumption
  • For processed goods, a health and phytosanitary certificate
  • For any meat products, a halal certificate. The certificate should come from an approved Islamic center in the exporting country.

Generally, you should be aware of the shipping costs before making the payment. However, you can use a calculator to find the cost of shipping from the USA to the UAE. Shipping costs from the USA to UAE can range anywhere around 24USD-50USD or even more.

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