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Spectacular Places To Celebrate Christmas in Europe!

From the glittering conifers to the aroma of rum cakes, the favorite time of the year is here. Yes, New Year is almost here and festive vibes are everywhere.

When we think about grand celebrations, one name that comes to everyone’s mind is Europe. It is one of the best places in December across the world.

No other place can match the sweet scents, fairytale scenes, and the never-ending Christmas lights in Europe. Christmas in this continent is synonymous with colorful markets, Gothic churches, time-honored traditions, and snow. Europe offers endless possibilities when it comes to Christmas break. 

With the Christmas conifers up for sale, the smell of gingerbread & cinnamon in the air, and snowfall coating the rooftops, Christmas in Europe is definitely going to be a grand show.

There are rural villages, there are grand cities, and there are seaside towns, this gorgeous destination has something for every kind of visitor. Opt for American Airlines reservations to fly to Europe at budget-friendly fares. 

How to celebrate Christmas in Europe?

Celebrating Christmas in Europe is one of the best things that you can do in your winter holidays. It is a vibrant mix of atmospheric midnight masses, concerts & carols, twinkling lights, and numerous holiday cheer.

Celebrations in this continent begin four Sundays before Christmas eve, which implies the arrival of festivities. Visitors will have plenty of chances to revel in the festive atmosphere. 

On 6th December, most Catholic countries celebrate the St. Nicholas Feast. This tradition is not followed by all countries, but some countries do celebrate it because they consider it part of their culture.

The main celebration starts on Christmas Eve when people visit the Midnight Mass. Having a meal with family or friends is also a part of the celebration. 

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Add magic to your vacation by visiting these places in Europe

Here is the list of the best places in Europe where you can celebrate your Christmas to have a great time on your holiday. Every town and every city is full of lights during this time of the year. 

  • Prague, Czechia

Prague – a fairytale city of Europe celebrates Christmas with grandeur and glam. The city becomes more beautiful during this time as all streets look like a wonderland.

The magnificent architecture of the city provides a stunning backdrop for the well-known Christmas markets. Don’t forget to visit these markets as you can savor various delicacies and mulled wine.

Winter in this city is chilly and crispy, but walking down the streets is like stepping into a Christmas card. Wherever you look, you will find beautifully decorated wooden huts. 

  • Wroclaw, Poland

This 4th largest city of Poland attracts visitors from every nook of the world during the winter holidays. Delightful Christmas markets are located in every part of the city that dates back to the 16th century.

The Old Town exudes good vibes & energy, the streets are decorated with bright adornments, Christmas carols resonate in the Rynek, and Italian influences raise the diversity of the city.

Poland’s winters can be very cold and that’s why all markets have a nook where you can warm up. 

  • Tallinn, Estonia

To witness the real glow of Christmas in its full glory, visit Tallinn. Renowned as one of the best destinations to celebrate Christmas in Europe, you can have the best time at this destination. The Christmas market of Tallinn is one of the most authentic and enchanting.  Lantern-draped stalls sell everything from hand-carved wooden ornaments & woolly hats to hearty Estonian drinks and food. From visiting the Estonian Open Air Museum to attending some special winter programs, Tallinn looks like a paradise in winters. 

  • Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen is a true Christmas city in all senses as it follows some of the best traditions during Christmas. You will find the city brimming with shining lights and the festive spirit is oozed from every corner of Copenhagen.

With brilliant decorations and Christmas markets, this city radiates a special kind of atmosphere. From exploring the old candy factory to relishing the best street food, the city has a lot more than what meets the eye. 

  • Vienna, Austria

No city celebrates Christmas with such elegance and grace as Vienna does. From the streets of Kantner Strasse and Graben to the evening at Belvedere, this city feels magical during Christmas.

There is no doubt that Christmas markets in Vienna are so thriving, but Vienna has something special. When in Vienna, it is a must to explore the most beautiful and fantasy-like markets during Christmas.

Stroll around this charming city to know why it is the best place to celebrate Christmas. 

  • London, England

London is the easiest option to celebrate your Christmas and have a unique experience. Skating is one of the most loved activities in the city and the whole city converts into a winter wonderland.

Tons of festive fun, fabulous window displays, and dazzling street illuminations, make London the best city to celebrate Christmas. From relishing a heart-warming meal to shopping, from the midnight mass celebrations to the carol concert, visitors will have every bit of celebrations in London.

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With Christmas just around the corner, choose your favorite destination and head towards Europe. Plan a trip with your loved ones and have a magical Christmas this winter. 

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