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How to find Facebook friends on Instagram?

Facebook is among the few major social media platforms that have been introduced in the early days of the Internet. This platform is known for grabbing a high audience and connecting them with people around the world. Recently, as Instagram has been bought by the owner of Facebook, it has been acting as a parent company and working to make it easy for the user to interact between the two platforms.

For this interaction, they have introduced many different features out of which synchronizing friends lists between Instagram and Facebook stand out. In this blog, we’ll be discussing finding Facebook friends on Instagram.

What does the “find Facebook friends” feature do?

It is difficult to find new and reliable friends on Instagram, however, it provides you with the feature through which you can find your existing friends from Facebook, here on Instagram. As Instagram is a recent application it has different automated tools helping you follow your friends quite easily. However, it is a bit different with Facebook and would be done on a manual basis.

How does it work?

For syncing your Facebook friends on Instagram, you have to follow these simple and easy features without any hassle. It will help you to increase your followers on Instagram.

Step# 1

Login to your Instagram application on your smartphone and go to your profile

Step# 2

You’ll see three horizontal dots at the top-right corner, tap that menu as it’ll lead you to a drop-up box.

Step# 3

Now after entering the menu, click on the “Discover People” tab appearing on the top. Next, you’ll find a “Connect to Facebook” option. All you have to do is click connect and sign in to your Facebook account.

Step# 4

Once you’re connected with Facebook, go back to your profile and click those horizontal dots again. Go to “Discover People” again and there you’ll find the suggestions by Instagram about your friends or people you know from Facebook.

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It should be kept in your consideration that you can’t always get the exact friend list from Facebook on your Instagram. It could happen because the friends that you aren’t able to find aren’t on Instagram.

In this case, you just have to ensure that the friends you want to connect with through Instagram are actually on Instagram, as only after it you’ll be able to find them on the suggestion list.

What are the errors that won’t let you sync your friends?

When you are trying to connect with your Facebook friends on Instagram, you may face a few errors through which somehow the sync won’t be possible. The first would be that you have followed a lot of people in a short time and Instagram imposes a temporary ban on people who do a single action many times. Secondly, those friends might not be on Instagram. Moreover, it could also be that you haven’t properly connected the two platforms. If nothing else, there could be a bug on Instagram.

How to fix the errors?

Fixing the above-defined errors is considerably easy. All we have to do is for the first case of a temporary ban, you just have to wait for that specific time after which you are free to follow anyone you want. This designated time ranges up to 3 hours maximum and it isn’t that big of an issue. However, after the ban is lifted, if you repeat such action, the ban will be extended up to 30 days.

Now for your second problem, if your friends aren’t on Instagram, you have the opportunity to invite them to make their account on the platform. You can easily send the invitation link by going to your settings and tap on the “Follow and Invite Friends” option. Now you’ll see three options inviting your friends on Instagram. You can use either WhatsApp, Email, or SMS to send the invitation link.

The solution for your third problem is to follow these simple steps for connecting both platforms. Just sign in to your Instagram and go to the settings. From there you will see the “Account” tab click on “Linked Accounts” and tap on Facebook. By following this easy process, both of your accounts will easily be connected and you can easily follow your Facebook friends on Instagram as well.

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