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How to Split PDF 100% Using GogoPDF Online Tool

Splitting PDF is necessary for some document transactions. Some basic processes like converting Google Forms to PDF and splitting PDF are necessary for document transactions Portable document format is the commonly used platform for texts, which you can easily share and fax. But why do we need to split PDFs?

Some texts in PDF are so long that they need to be spliced to have individual chapters, separating outlines or re-editing the text. In that way, PDF can be easily understood and shared.

But there are instances in which splitting PDF makes the files unorganized and worse broken. It is possible when transferring the file from one computer to another. Good thing there are helpful ways to do the job by using an online tool.

Useful Guide to Split PDF Using Online Tool 

Here are some ways on how to split PDF easily.

Online PDF Splitting

All PDF splitting procedures are done online. GogoPDF is an online tool that allows you the PDF split process. But there are ways where online splitting platforms will automatically allow the splitting without the option of editing or choosing keywords. It may be easier on your part. However, you may need to review your context before sharing. You can remove some important texts or information using online PDF splitting.

PDF splitting is easy when done on the process you are familiar with and comfortable using. With little knowledge of some, splitting PDF is possible in different ways. These are:

Double click segregation procedure 

This method will segregate the PDF files into individual pages. The individual pages may be from specific titles, forms, or words you wanted to be separated. The chosen format or texts will form a new PDF document. This double click segregation procedure can allow you to create multiple PDF documents, which depend on your chosen unique texts. 

Splitting with preview

Some applications you can use to split PDF may allow you to review the pages. When splitting pages, you can use keywords. It can help the app identify the pages that need to be kept. However, some applications do not allow preview, but rather it does the process instantly. 

You may remove certain pages that you may think are irrelevant to your context. The problem with this type of procedure is you remove the whole page without extracting the important ones on that page.

Getting the right website

Finding a reliable site that offers the option to split PDF is a must. GogoPDF is a reliable site offering different tools or options, including splitting PDF files. The best thing about GogoPDF is it is user-friendly and free.

Choose a website that will work with different operating systems and browsers. For an operating system of Mac and Linux, check if the site will use your computer’s memory or will be processed on their system. The ideal situation is that the processing power should be on the website’s end to do the PDF splitting.

Make sure that your preferred site is hundred percent secured. Some PDF files are with legal implications which need high privacy security.

Drag and drop

Almost all online PDF splitting platforms have these two processes as a start-up. That is to drag and drop your PDF that will be spliced.

Make sure that your PDF is visible, organized, and properly named to prevent confusion from other PDF files. Choose the current location of the folder where your PDF is located. After getting it, you just need to click the drag or drop button on the website. You see it downloaded the PDF when it is placed on the square box with the name of your PDF inside the box.

Extraction process

If you can see an extraction or splitting box or word on the website, try to click that option. Different websites may allow you for various options like splitting through important keywords, pages you selected, and an automatic splitting process.

Most of these options depend on the website you chose. Some websites may allow you for all extraction options, and others may have one process. Meanwhile, others are automatic extraction procedures.

Click Split

The end process is the splitting process of the website. The splitting process may take a few to a couple of minutes, which would depend on how many pages you wanted to extract. Make sure though that you are connected to the internet and a stable one to prevent backlogs.

Check your end product

Even with a hundred percent extraction process, always check, read or scan your finished product. Make sure that the texts are according to your wanted result. Check also the lines, indentions, pictures, and graphs in your PDF if they are still present.

If the website did not properly do it, you may choose another site. Just make sure to find a better one.


It is important to make the splitting technique in PDF widely known. Understanding the process is essential to get the best results. Having a reliable split PDF website is a significant advantage. The process itself is easy and can be done through a split of time.

Try to understand that making a brand-new PDF file through splitting can create a new idea from the text. Make sure though that they do not differ the context or concept, instead, they make them clearer for the reader.

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